Exorcisms and Possession


My Talisman, November 1997 


The Taureg people of Niger believe that ghosts occasionally possess women causing them to suffer from diseases of the heart, the soul and the liver - "the seat of all emotions, particularly love and anger". The ceremony of exorcism aimed at driving out the ghost from a woman's body is a veritable parody of the courting ritual. Its success is dependent on the lasciviousness of the men taking part who treat the woman in a manner which in normal circumstances would be regarded as insulting. The ghost usually goes from the mother to the daughter. And the Tauregs secretly believe that possession is a sign of a secret love.

"Invisible energies destroy life"
In my childhood I was afraid of darkness and of ghosts. I would lose my breath if someone suddenly switched off the light on the stairs. I stopped going into the cellar even in daylight.

Today I am the boss of a company but once I was a hair's breadth away from becoming a patient in a psychiatric hospital. I was healed by an exorcist to whom I had to be almost dragged by my desperate family. I discovered that the ghosts of dead people were taking the energy from me that I needed to realize my own aims. They couldn't rest in peace, for which the people close to them prayed, and they looked for a body they could annex. I was to be their sacrifice.

A ghost wants to get inside me!
When you feel cold shivers, the unseen look of someone standing behind you - it's him, the Ghost that wants to penetrate you.
There are many ghosts circulating round us. All that's needed is the right mood to sense their presence. They're like monsters that have nothing to do with the image of the body they have left. 

Human beings of flesh and bone should not be home to the ghosts of dead people after their deaths. Ghosts should leave for the other side. They don't always want to.

Some ghosts stay aware and await an opportunity of their own. Others use bribery, claiming they will fix something or other. They have their scores to settle. They can be cruel.

Are you possessed?
A person carrying someone's ghost is tiring to his surroundings. He'll often be treating neuroses, taking sedatives, drinking, sometimes taking drugs. He suffers. He may feel that he has a split personality.

It's often the case that he'll be relentlessly trying to fix something, exhausting people with his views, writing letters, demanding replies. Someone else's ghost will be activated inside a person when he is overtired, desperate or ill. It's easy then to be possessed.

A small boy withdrew into himself to such an extent that he was taken in for medical observation. The doctors diagnosed autism - I made a different diagnosis: inside him was his grandfather. The boy is now regaining contact with his surroundings and the family, though it values the biological and physical sciences, put their faith in an exorcist. She talked to the ghost of the obstinate grandfather and persuaded him to set his grandson free...

Anna befriended the beautiful Eva whom, at first, she liked to touch and then started to fondle more and more brazenly. Her advances became only too apparent. When Anna's parents heard that their daughter was a lesbian, they went crazy. Their view was that their daughter was all right and that it was Eva who was sowing evil which provoked her to extreme behavior. I uncovered something different. Inside Anna was the ghost of a man demanding sexual relations with a young woman. That's why when she was with Eva Anna's voice became male and something was pushing her towards her friend.

The ghosts of people who during their lives saw their deaths as a hideous process of disintegration, rotting and the cold of the grave do not depart for the other world. Neither do those people who did a lot of harm in their lives and are afraid of punishment. Nor do those who don't accept their deaths and want to live on.

Then they drift aimlessly. They perceive people as little points of light, they want to get inside them. An exorcist can help everyone, but not always quickly. Once I may release an evil ghost as if with the touch of a wand, another time I have to fight it. At such times I may be attacked but I'm not afraid of these powers.

The dangerous ghosts are those that pressure people to suicide - usually these people are possessed by a ghost which is furious with the person because, even though he or she allowed it to enter their body, they now resist its will. To a ghost a superfluous being is like a superfluous coat and it will pressure it to commit suicide. Many people feel intuitively where the haunted places are. They don't know, they don't understand why but they feel the chill of a presence, an undefined fear. Then they seem to see a door-handle drop or an armchair bow under someone's weight. I know that a ghost won't do it because moving objects requires enormous strength, but a ghost will move a chair through a person which it has possessed.
Ghosts have their favorite places to stay - which we perceive as exceptional. They stay in churches, some houses, cemeteries... they draw energy from meandering animals... they lie in wait... they will not leave a person voluntarily. Only exorcism will help.

It should not be feared or regarded as chicanery. If life's complications can not be explained rationally then what remains is the mystery of examining the spiritual state, cleansing the person of the intruder and liberating them from a tragedy. I believe that while we're still living it's worth getting to understand death's path and the removal to a better world.

Fortunately - aside from ghosts which don't want to leave and act destructively on people, forcing them to perform incomprehensible or unworthy acts - there are guardian ghosts. One should pray devoutly for such a guardian angel.


Author: Maria Czyzyk

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