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The Common Symptoms of a Spirit Attachment - Personality Disorders

October 2, 2021



Personality Disorders and Spirit Attachment

As we’ve explained many times, the soul of a person who did not transition to the other side will wander in the afterlife – staying close to the physical world. Unfortunately, remaining near to the physical world forces the spirit to stay in the realm of low human feelings such as anger, hatred, jealousy or fear and this causes great suffering. The emotions of the astral world are extremely intense, hence the great suffering of the spirit.

A spirit on this level is very disturbed emotionally. It is as if it were constantly in a state of monstrous argument, or extremely strong conflict. If it succeeds in approaching the living one, it will influence him with such emotions by projecting them upon the possessed one.


A Spirits’ Thought Life

Given that we’ve covered the correlation between spirit attachment and emotions extensively already, we will focus on the thoughts of the spirit and the effect these thoughts – or this mental condition – has on the possessed person.

The soul after the death of the physical body has identically the same personality it had when alive, in this respect nothing changes at all. The spirit will therefore have its own way of looking at everything in life --- along with its own opinions.


Under the Influence of a Spirit’s Mental Condition

By influencing the possessed person all these thoughts will be transferred to him. This is one of the things that result in their being a distinct difference between being possessed and being free. When we are possessed, the thoughts and habits of the spirit are added to our own set of thoughts and habits. With possession, the spirit is not always the dominant force. Sometimes the physical body will be managed by the human psyche, sometimes by the spirit, and sometimes it will be a mixture of both. As you can imagine, this produces incredible confusion in the possessed person and those around them.

Our loved ones are usually the first to discover that there is something "wrong" with us, that we are not really ourselves. The people around us are well aware of our habitual reactions and will be quick to notice the dramatic changes that happen when we are influenced by the spirit.

There are some people who have honed the ability to observe themselves, which is a very useful and necessary habit. When they are approached by a spirit, they notice it and are – often - very confused because they don't know what is really going on. They are expressing outward thoughts and habits that they know very well were not there before and alarmed by the experience. They can even become very frightened by this, thereby strengthening the influence of the spirit on themselves. For we remember that the more we fall into negative emotions, the greater the chance that we will attract some being from the astral world to us.


Fear Spirals and Spirit Attachments

When such a situation escalates and we fall into a spiral of fear of spirits, we attract them even more strongly. In turn, this leads to an escalation of the negative emotion with which the spirit comes to us. The degree to which we become disturbed depends on how quickly we are able to leave this fear spirit. The longer we remain in it, the stronger the emotions projected onto us by the spirit become as we obsessively listen to the spirit’s disturbed thoughts. We are then in danger of beginning to outwardly exhibit notably psychotic and paranoid behavior. From there, it is only a matter of time before we’re diagnosed with schizophrenia or other mental disorders.


Relax Into Freedom

The way to deal with this problem will be to take care of our relaxation level. We must be able to relax on demand. Life constantly bombards us with new challenges. Unless we’ve learned how to relax our bodies and minds, this will put us in a state of constant tension, or stress -- which is very harmful to all bodies - mental, astral and physical. A tense physical body is primarily a suffering body, but this also leads to diseases.

Being able to relax on demand is therefore an essential skill. There are many methods for this and everyone should definitely look around to find their favorite one.

We have previously outlined a very effective method of counting backwards in the following post - What can possession teach us? Part 2. The advantage of this method is that - at the same time - we learn the much-needed skill of concentration. As with everything, sometimes weeks or even months of practice are needed to master this method.

We can also achieve a certain distance from our own emotions if we manage to remember that in stressful situations we should switch off for a while, sit down or lie down and try not to think about anything for a while.

This is of course very difficult, because our mind has, in a very, very long history of our human evolution, developed the ability to be in constant motion, to recognize as many signals coming from the outside as possible. Nowadays, however, such dynamics no longer serves us.

Today is the time to exercise absolute control over it, to develop the ability to temporarily suspend the thought process. For people who are possessed, but also for those who have freed themselves from the possession, this skill becomes a necessity.


Why Mastering Our Thoughts is Critical

Of the three bodies - physical, emotional and mental - the body of thought, or mind, has the fastest vibration, and higher vibrations always control all lower vibrations. This is why many sages of our world teach us, quite rightly of course, that our thoughts create our reality. What is important for us is that our mind is responsible for choosing our emotional state, because it is our thoughts that set our feelings in motion.

When we worry about something, for example, a vibration of depression or anxiety will quickly come to us. The mind, if it is not controlled, chooses our emotional states for us, which of course is very undesirable for our well-being.

For we know that low emotional states, such as anger, rage, etc., attract beings from the astral world to us, who further strengthen these states. The ability to stop, or at least slow down, even temporarily, the work of the mental body is therefore essential, and it is worth devoting any amount of time to the aforementioned counting-back exercise or any other relaxation method.




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