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Unexplained Anxiety Caused by Spirit Possession: Mark’s Story

April 29, 2022


Many people who come to us for help do not realize that it was shortly after the death of a loved one that their lives started to turn into a nightmare. At first glance, you might think that it turned into a nightmare because they lost a loved one, but the opposite is in fact true. They never lost their loved one, because he or she remained with them and eventually possessed them. We would like to present to you the case of a client who recently came to us. To protect his privacy, his name has been changed.

Mark had always had a positive outlook on life, and even though he had a stressful job he had a smile on his face every day. He felt proud to be able to provide a comfortable life for his wife and children.

One day while he was commuting to work, he suddenly began to feel extremely anxious. He developed chest pain and experienced muscle spasms. Initially he thought he was having a heart attack and dying. He was finally able to call an ambulance, which took him to the hospital.

Tests at the hospital showed no signs of illness and the doctor determined that Mark had had a panic attack. A week after leaving the hospital Mark had another panic attack and ended up in hospital again.

Further tests revealed no illness and the doctor recommended that Mark see a psychologist.

From then on, Mark's life turned into a nightmare. He constantly suffered from irrational fears. At times when he was feeling a little better, he was afraid of what might happen if the fear returned at any time. It was a vicious cycle. Because of the constant irrational fear, Mark performed worse at work, isolated himself from other people and became depressed. A few years passed until Mark found out that the cause of his emotional problems could be spirit attachments. It should be noted here that among many other symptoms, unexplained anxiety, depression, emotional pain, and chronic fatigue are very common when we are dealing with spirit possession.

After talking to our assistant, he suddenly realized that he had had his first panic attack two months after his mother died. Mark could not come to terms with her death. He often talked to her and cried out to her why she had to leave. He also drank alcohol to soothe his nerves. As a result, Mark unconsciously did not let his mother go to the other side and thus allowed her to possess him. During the removal process, his mom's spirit continued to return to Mark for some time, and the panic attacks returned as well. Mark had to work on accepting mom's death and forgiving her for, as Mark said, "that because of her own stupidity" she had to die. Today, Mark is free from spirit attachments and from his constant irrational fears.

Such cases are quite common, especially when a very close person dies. The spirit usually tries with all its might to tell its loved ones that they need not worry, that it is still alive and well. If we do not pay attention to this attempt at contact, the spirit may remain too close to physicality for too long and then not have the energy to go into the afterlife, to the Light. It is not uncommon for our own grief over the loss of a loved one to bind them like chains to us. It is therefore necessary to go through the mourning process as quickly as possible, even very intensely, but there must come a point at which we complete mourning and let the soul go. This must happen within a period of 40 days after a person's death, because the soul usually has only that much time to depart into the Light on its own power.

Sometimes there are some unresolved issues from the past between us and a loved one. In that case it is particularly important to express any unresolved grievances while they are still alive, or if that is not possible, to forgive without physically speaking to the person who has hurt us. It is also necessary to forgive ourselves if we have hurt someone. This can be done by placing an empty chair across from us and imagining that person is sitting on it. We can then have any conversation we wish with him or her, and his or her subconscious will surely hear it. This works for the living as well as the deceased.

If we have a truly loving bond with someone, we will always feel a closeness with that person. We will see this person in our sleep, and when we think of him or her while awake, we will feel this person returning the heartfelt affection we send them. This is on condition that we have previously let this soul go. True love always gives freedom to the other person and do not what is best for us, but what is best for them.

More on this subject can be found in the book Possessed by Ghosts.





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