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Client Testimonials


Dear Wanda,

To begin with let me thank you for the help I've received from you. Even as a small boy I was possessed by the ghost of my tragically deceased father. His ghost was joined by other ghosts, too. Since from my earliest years I had contact with ghosts, living in both worlds - the physical and the immaterial - became normal for my subconscious and at the same time a great, unrecognized problem. The last twelve years of my life have been spent searching for a way of leading myself out of the dead end which I hadn't the slightest clue about. I suffered a lot since things were happening in my life which I didn't want at all but which were the creation of the ghosts residing within me. I was deprived of energy, enthusiasm, desire to live, and the projects I started all failed to get off the ground. I fought with windmills since I accepted that the source of my problems was my own mental state. But my chief problem was to do with ghosts. I understood that only through contact with you, through your remarks which led me to expand my awareness of the world of ghosts. I know that without you I wouldn't have been able to comprehend my situation. That's why I'm sending you all the gratitude I have in my heart for what you have done for me. If it hadn't been for you my life would be in ruins and I would probably be lying under them not knowing how to find a way out of that situation. I also thank God that He agreed to let you come to this world in order to help others.

Regarding your book Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms of the 21st Century - I consider it to be the only work in today's world-wide esoteric literature that talks in an all-embracing way about the subject known as exorcism. Since I know German and English fluently I read esoteric literature in those languages, too. Hitherto I haven't come across a work that is even remotely comparable to yours. You are absolutely the only one of your kind, and added to that you are a Pole. What good fortune and distinction has fallen on our nation! I suspect that you are met with a lack of gratitude for the work you do for thousands of people who turn to you. I hope that my letter will ensure that you will see even a small drop of that gratitude. What you are doing for others is absolutely invaluable and what you have written in your book can change the life of a beggar and a victim into the life of a king and master of his own world. I express the hope that the largest number of people possible will fully accept your assignment which will allow them to liberate themselves from the slavery of ghosts and their limitations.


Dear Mrs Pratnicka,

I promised to express my opinion about the book Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms of the 21st Century. In my view this book is like a DIAMOND of clearest water, worth any money. For people tormented and mentally destroyed over many years, not understanding what is happening to them, not seeing a way out of this mental dead-end, not knowing where to seek help, this book is quite simply SALVATION. The old truism says that hope is the last to die, that the killing of hope is mental death. This book gives what is the most important thing for every thinking organism - it gives HOPE. We start to understand what's happening to us, to see a way out, to know where to seek rescue, we start to recover to a NEW LIFE, full of HOPE for mental healing and a better tomorrow.

Dear Dr. Pratnicka,

I start my letter by sending best wishes to you and the whole of your family.

The first time I read your book Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms of the 21st Century in one go, I devoured its contents. Now I am taking bites out of it - wherever the book happens to fall open at any given moment. There are moments when I want to shout that this book was written about me.
Mrs Pr¹tnicka, your book is a TEXTBOOK for all tormented people persecuted by ghosts - it is a manual of spiritual health. Everyone should read it, it should be in every home just like a prayer book or a Bible. If knowledge about ghosts were taught to children, e.g. in schools during lessons of religion, and the ghost, though invisible, recognized as a constant element of earthly life, then very likely the number of unhappy people not to mention sick, and not just mentally ill, people would decrease radically. 

I am aware of the existence of ghosts - I have experienced it - but my knowledge of the subject was none. Maybe I've expressed myself badly: I possessed the knowledge we are fed by the media, presented in a coating of sensationalism, wrapped in horror, magic and secrecy. This approach to paranormal phenomena, instead of informing and reassuring me, caused me to feel like a woman stigmatized, I was close to madness, helpless. 
You transmitted your knowledge to me in an accessible, transparent and logical way. Now I have a different attitude to the phenomena I've experienced. I have even started to feel sympathy for those lost souls. I would never want to find myself in their situation after my death. 

By reading your book (because I keep going back to it) I have become calmer; it's true that I still wake at night but without that panic-stricken, helpless, body- and mind-paralyzing fear. I have lived through hell on earth - I won't describe the dreams full or horror (graves, skeletons, hooded figures etc.), nor the sleeping in a lighted room, in my sweat-shirt, gloves and socks to avoid injury. It's true that I still haven't become completely cleansed because after my conversation with MikeI find myself scratched again. Here I would like to thank Mike with whom I have telephone conversations that bolster my mental state. I hope that I am now closer to rather than further from liberation from the ghost who, according to my calculations, has accompanied me for more than fifteen years, and the intensity of its activities and attempts to enter my body date from three years ago. 

Mrs Pratnicka, I could write a book about my sufferings, the nightmares I have experienced from a ghost whom I did not even know in its lifetime (...).

Dear Mrs Pratnicka,

I send you my most heartfelt wishes and thank you for the help you gave my husband. About two years ago I asked you to save my husband who had been taking psychoactive medicines. All those years the doctors were helpless. I am grateful to you for what you have done for our family. My husband has become a totally different person. He is calm, friendly, he doesn't blame the world for everything that happens to him. And yet till quite recently he was terrible. I haven't lived with my husband for more than a year now, but I notice these changes in him whenever we meet. For over a month now my husband has been dropping "warm" letters to me and to our son. There are often sweets attached to the letters. This is a real surprise because it is so unlike him. My husband always used to be preoccupied, deep in depressions, his eyes were wild and his face was stony. He never beat me, but there was something there that terrified me, and I felt that I was in some kind of danger. From the moment you took my husband into your care - he has altered radically. (...)
My husband told me that he has a desire for life and he has never felt as good as he does now. He is cheerful, he knows how to laugh. For that I thank you very, very much indeed. (...)


Dear Wanda,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. You are magnificent. There are no noises in my home, my son has changed, my granddaughter is cheerful and has an optimistic attitude to the world. (...) Once again, many, many thanks for everything.


Dear Wanda,

Thank you for your informative letter. (...) I want to tell you about a decisive change in the life of our daughter. She has met a man with whom she is very much in love - indeed they are expecting a baby. My daughter has changed greatly: she has grown calmer, gentler, she is kind to my granddaughter, takes her everywhere, called her every day when she was staying here with us for a few days. Maybe those demons you wrote about really have left her, because it often seemed to me that there were demons "sitting" inside her. (...)


Dear Dr. Pratnicka,

Thank you with all my heart for the miraculous healing of my daughter, her son, and my son-in-law - probably the most afflicted by bad ghosts.
With your knowledge and power you have changed what was hitherto a hell into a normal life. That's why I am now turning to you for help for my husband. (...)


To dear Mrs Wanda Pratnicka,

I am sending my heartfelt thanks for the help you have given me. Thanks to your kindness and good will I have found health. I was for ever sad, very anxious, and there was a bad attitude to the world inside me - everything was so negative.
My house was just as my family's home had been - cold, gloomy, full of shouting and arguments. Even when there were visitors the guests would grow nervous, even when I tried to lay a generous table. In 1983 I started to be ill, the doctors unequivocally stated that there was mental illness involved. Sleepless nights, nightmares, tension all over my body but most especially my head - everything hurt. I looked everywhere for help - herbalists, bio-energy therapists, my home was re-furnished because it was found that I was sleeping where water courses crossed - all in vain. This year (1999), in the month of July I read an article in the magazine "Wrozka" ("Fortune-Teller") about Mrs Wanda Pratnicka. There was a photograph there of Mrs Pratnicka. I noticed warmth and kindness emanating from this photo. I decided to make contact, and help came almost instantly. I started to sleep, I stopped hurting everywhere, my eyes became normal. I see this beautiful world and the normal people in it. The people who used to come up to me to see a real mad woman walking in the street (the doctors' diagnosis was that I should be placed in a closed institution) look at me in amazement. Everyone says "Good morning" and they're always the first to smile at me, walk up to me, talk to me. Ferns have started to grow in my house, which never happened before - they either withered or didn't grow. It all started when my 5-month old grandson didn't like being in our house. He squealed a lot, my son and his wife had to take him away from the house. As soon as they went out of the door, the child would calm down. Nor could I go to their house because my grandson would react in the same way: he looked at me very anxiously and squealed. Tears would pour down this tiny baby's face. I understood then that these were some unclean powers at work here. Thanks to Providence I came across Mrs Wanda Pratnicka. It's simply incredible that at such a distance, without seeing the person, simply from the numbers provided one can help another person so much. Yes, yes, but this miracle has happened, I am a normal human being, my children are calm, we can be with each other. I regret greatly that it's happened so late. Certainly if it had happened earlier then my two sons would have felt a mother's warmth and taken something out of that home. What will stay in their memories will be screams, curses, arguments; what was happening to me and my home cannot be described on a sheet of paper. It's a great pity that more people don't know what an exorcist means. There would surely be less of this evil in the world. I say goodbye to you; the words thank you are simply not enough for the help you have given me, but I don't know any others.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you very, very much.


Dear Mrs Pratnicka,

(...) Yes, madam, you have rescued this person and her whole family from hell. For the work you put in to cleanse us we are deeply grateful.
That's why we strongly beg you to continue cleansing people who need your help. It is only thanks to you that they try to keep their families together.


Dear Dr. Pratnicka,

I wish to thank you warmly for the care and work put in to cleansing me and my children. It is a wonderful feeling to have open space around me. It means that I am changing. I think that shortly the reality around me will also change. I can now think freely and meditate, I can change as much as I have been given the chance to by my fate. I have finished with my role of victim and martyr. Some tiny echoes of it still reach me but they don't hurt any more. I was able to get there thanks to your cleansing. My daughter has started to study and has become a very likable little girl. For the first time in her life she has made contact with her peers and has friends. This makes me so happy because she has started to live the life she should be living at her age. (...)
What is most important is that I can act, the fear has gone - that panicky terror and now I know that everything will go well. When what I really want in my life happens (...) I will let you know, because it will be your achievement, too.
Once again, thank you very much. I send you many warm wishes.


Dear Madam,

For many years I have been taking my son for treatment to psychologists, then psychiatrists, including a stay of several weeks for observation in a hospital for neurological diseases. His symptoms included attacks during which he destroyed everything in the home, he shouted, swore, and after a time the attacks were directed against me as his mother. During them he would try to suffocate me (particularly when I was asleep) or wound me with a sharp instrument; he also poured boiling water, and punched me wearing a queer expression on his face. After the attacks he apologized and cried. He stopped going to school and put on a lot of weight, eating constantly anything he came across. He changed into a completely different person. The doctors gave various diagnoses, applied various medicines, but nothing helped. The attacks grew worse and worse and were directed chiefly against me. Finally the doctors said they could find no illness but they gave him a disability pension. When I could see no rescue and when I was completely exhausted (I had to keep watch at night so he wouldn't attack me) I found out about you. I confess that I didn't believe in what you were doing since I couldn't fathom how you could cleanse remotely. Yet I resolved to write since there was nothing left for me to do! (...) You took care of my son. My amazement was boundless when, after a few weeks, he changed completely - the attacks passed, he calmed down, he started going to evening school. He has become concerned and protective towards me. (...)


Dear Wanda,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you with all my heart for freeing us from the ghosts which were with us since 1996. You have helped my son and me. My son was visited by his grandmother and other unknown ghosts.
Of course, we were not aware of this. I could see that something bad was happening to my son, he felt poorly mentally and physically. I could see that his eyes had changed, it was like they were misty. My son couldn't study, couldn't concentrate, he constantly felt tired and looked unwell. He even went to the doctor to have tests - the medical examination revealed nothing, but things got worse. My son started to ask me if he was going to die. (...)
That was how I came to be taken under your wing. Thanks to you my son has recovered his equilibrium, has started to study, has graduated high school and he's currently started college, he has no thoughts of death, no medication. He's now looking for work. (...) I am glad that it's all behind us now. The words thank you are too little to express my gratitude for cleansing us.
I wish you much Health, Fortune, Success and a Happy New Year.


Dear Mrs Wanda Pratnicka,

I wanted to thank Mrs Wanda Pratnicka first and foremost for helping (...) to lead to the other world the large number of ghosts which were around me (a few times there were about 30).
She is also an example to me of someone who is, in my case (...) like an "Earthly Guide". She has helped to lead me in a direction (...) which I consider to be the only rightful one and which is the general concept of LOVE.
I came into contact with matters concerning life beyond the grave in a manner I'd describe as "sudden".
Being "possessed" I was directed to it by the world of ghosts (I am something of a medium).
Wanda conferred upon me part of her enormous Love for the world of ghosts and tolerance for their behavior which is caused chiefly by the situation they find themselves in, being as if suspended between two dimensions.
Wanda also shared with me a method for coexisting with ghosts. I also experienced "tangibly" Wanda's help in the shape of a very large dose of positive energy which she sent me at a time I needed it. She also tried several times, gently but at the same time firmly to "cleanse" me, "removing" the ghosts from my body, choosing the appropriate moment that was safe for me. (...)
I also know that she talked with the ghosts because she revealed details of my private life which a person living 700 km away could not know but which the ghosts transmitted to her during many conversations she had with them. (...)
I also thank her collaborators who oftentimes raised my spirits. (...)
In my view, Mrs Wanda Pratnicka and the people working with her are highly developed "spiritually" and I am glad that Destiny allowed me to get to know them. (...)


Dear Dr. Wanda Pratnicka,

I would like to thank you with all my heart for the help you have given me and my whole family. I asked you for help towards the end of 2000 with a very serious problem which was making my life difficult, indeed impossible. My life had become a nightmare for me and for my family and only thanks to your help the things which were tormenting my body, my mind and also my soul stopped. My life made sense and people close to me, particularly my wife, could believe that everything was going back to normal. I am also hugely grateful to you for the help shown to my son and his family. His life was threatened several times, his nervous system was in tatters, fear and terror stalked him step by step. That was a really difficult life. An improvement is visible for which I send my heartfelt thanks.


Mrs Wanda Pratnicka,

At the start of my letter let me send you my warmest greetings. Since July 2000 I and my family are under your care. Thanks to you day by day we are returning to a normal family life, we've all started to understand and talk with one another. My younger son had in him powerful ghosts from which you freed him. He used to wake in the night with a terrifying scream saying that a ghost with red eyes wanted to take him. Hearing this I was terrified. I had no idea what to do but I sensed those dreams of his because I used to wake just before his tearful, terrified scream. He was a hard child, rebellious, tearful and stubborn. I couldn't understand these strange dreams nor our behavior. I only felt that we were all drifting apart, saying nasty things to each other.
Thanks to you I became aware that the family and their love are the most important things in my life. Thank you for cleansing us of the ghosts which upset our family life and my children's development. I waited a long time for peace in our home. I know that I owe it to you, and I will never forget it. You are performing a very difficult task, you are healing people's souls.
You have a beautiful gift, you understand people, you know their weaknesses, their emotions, and you know how to help them.


Dear Wanda,

It was with great interest that I read your book Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms of the 21st Century. Though I have long been interested in the subject you write about, I must state that I have never before read such an interesting or instructive book on the subject, and I am very pleased to have found it.


Dear Madam,

Let me start by thanking you for the help you gave my wife. The effects which we had been awaiting for so many years were visible the same day I telephoned your office. A few days later we're noticing the first positive changes (signifying a return to normalcy) in my son and my mother.
Now I refer to the last sentence in the book "Possessed by Ghosts". The subject matter of the book has interested me for years since I have been affected by the problem of possession, unfortunately painfully "with all my body", for about 30 years. There is no doubt you deserve to be thanked for writing the book, for systematizing knowledge on a subject being "rediscovered" after centuries, for uncovering the unseen world, for enabling many people to solve their lives' problems which had hitherto seemed insoluble (...).


Dear Wanda,

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the book "Possessed by Ghosts". While I was reading the chapter on illnesses I started thinking about myself and my own illness. I am someone who is under the constant observation of an oncologist and I am in the high-risk group of people. This is because my parents suffered from cancer. My mother had a mastectomy. I also have problems with cysts and I was advised to have my breasts removed but I refused. Recently a tumor the size of a large mandarin appeared under my armpit, which was very irritating and unpleasant because I couldn't lift anything and blouses hurt me. I started to wonder about myself??? What could I do, how could I help myself and was the cause of this fact my dead mother? I started to talk to her and in my amateur way to ask her to leave. Imagine my surprise when, during the leading away of my mother's ghost, the tumor went down to the size of a plum. I was as pleased as a child, I couldn't believe it, it was impossible! I showed my daughter that I didn't have the tumor - she was astonished. The next day I had an appointment at the doctor's. After examining me, the doctor said that I have a slightly enlarged lymph node. As I write this letter to you I have nothing wrong with me, I am happy and very glad. I can't believe that I could have done this thanks to you - thanks to your book for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it hadn't been for the book I would never have discovered that an illness can be caused by the presence of a ghost.
Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dear Madam,

How I have been waiting for a book (Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms of the 21st Century) like this! I have been searching book-shops for years trying to find such a work. Unfortunately, apart from works about eastern religions, I have found nothing in our cultural background.
I myself deal in bio-energy therapy and I have frequently experienced the phenomena you describe, the so-called contacts with the invisible world, the energies of people who have departed.
People need explanations and help so much but at the same time they are very afraid even to talk about the subject. But now they have this book!
It is written in very clear and simple language, supported by numerous examples from your own work. It's true, everything you have written is true. Your perceptions are true. I'll give you an example from my own family. When I asked you for an assessment of my family, you told me very precisely which ghosts with which emotions were with us. I wanted to make contact with these ghosts and through my friend, a medium, it was very successful. During the conversation with them they revealed what they expected from us, at the same time claiming that THEY are there for our own good, they support us (such is the level of their awareness) and that they have to be with us!
Wanda, these were the very same ghosts that you recognized - it was uncanny. You have a miraculous, magnificent gift from God, thanks be that you are with us.
I'll describe one more case which moved me greatly. A few years ago my friend lost her husband. She despaired greatly, she kept calling him to her. I tried to help her, I explained, I begged her to let him depart because I could clearly sense his presence (and at the cemetery I had clearly seen him). Nevertheless, she claimed that there was something wrong with me because the priest won't confirm it and tells her not to listen to such nonsense. It's a pity this book wasn't there then! It's a pity, too, that people are so terrified that they don't take the helping hand you offer them and remain plunged in the huge despair that engulfs them.
Once more I'd like to thank you, dear Wanda, in my own name, my family's and all those brothers' who are hiding waiting for help, and when they do experience it from you they will never thank you out loud nor will they tell their acquaintances about their recovery because they don't believe in these things..

But still, things are changing and TOMORROW belongs to people like YOU.


Dr. Pratnicka,

I'm writing because I received your book "Possessed by Ghosts" yesterday, for which many thanks. I cannot express my gratitude for everything that you have done for me.


Dear Wanda,

I have been strongly affected by your book "Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms of the 21st Century". I am happy that I have read it.
Reading this book has helped me tidy up and understand what has been tormenting me for a long time. For some time, when I matured (to the level of wanting to "do away with" my limitations) I sought a "teacher". I read books, I took part in various workshops, including those dealing with spiritual healing. Certain subconscious propensities came to the surface. With all this, however, I felt there was something missing, e.g. a consistency of terminology, or explanations of the type "accept it as a matter of faith and don't question it".
The basic knowledge presented by you on the subject of the influence invisible reality has on the visible goes to the heart of things, and the simplicity and consistency of its presentation inspires trust. Once again, thank you for the book which helps towards a deeper union with Mother Earth, countering tendencies to "fly away". Your view on reality allows us to recover peace and reminds us again and again of the need to trust in a Higher Order of Things. This book exposes the potential sources of "invisible" perpetrators of discord in our life, giving us strength to act!


Dear Wanda,

I am so glad that your book Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms of the 21st Century fell into my hands. I had talked to you over the phone and even then you ascertained that there are many ghosts within me. I must confess that I sincerely believed you and started to cry with joy because at last "someone" would help me.
I talked to several people about it and they all criticized and mocked me, what did I believe, this was pure deception. If I had been mentally ill then they might have believed me, but I am normal so this was all garbage. However, no-one could persuade me because no-one knows what's in my head and what's happening to me, for how long and how many pills I've been taking daily just so I can function in some way.

Mrs Pratnicka,

I am just reading again your book "Possessed by Ghosts". The book arrived in my home when I was vainly seeking help for myself. 
Clarity, the truth, not resorting to verbal manipulation or intellectual complications are undoubtedly the qualities of this book. There is no doubt that this is a very deep book containing great wisdom, presenting a problem afflicting the whole of mankind resulting from wandering "in the darkness", from ignorance, and inappropriate thoughts and actions. 
You write with heart and you wish to help only those who wish to help themselves. In essence this is a book from beginning to end about love. To learn, to forgive oneself and one's neighbors is, after all, an inseparable part of true love. It is a kind of guide from which every one of us can take advantage. How can one live to be always aware of one's own emotions? It might appear that that's quite simple and indeed it is for people who are always reconciled to themselves. Unfortunately, more and more frequently the majority of us is immersed in sick emotions and in addition we're very afraid of looking into ourselves. 
With all due respect to ghosts but our weaknesses are a kind of Eden for unwanted guests. 
Thank you and those close to you for writing a real book. That's how I experience it. 

I assume that you haven't been made a professor, because who would nominate you, but that is no reflection on you. A person who is "on intimate terms" with God doesn't need any titles. Best wishes!

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