If you are persecuted by anorexia and nothing helps, then it's very likely that you can be helped. Anorexia often happens to people possessed by a ghost which wants to drive a person to suicide and has decided that starving that person will provide it with the opportunity. Why would a ghost want the death of the person? Because it is unable to get out of the person's body. It possessed the person in order to draw the person's energy, but the person is, for some reason, unsuited to the ghost. It will, therefore, offer the person thoughts which will make eating disgusting to him or her, or will frighten them that if they eat anything the worst thing possible will happen. The ghost examines the possessed person's psyche in order to discover what that person is frightened of, and will terrify the person with the very thing he or she is frightened of most, usually death. Anorexia is often caused by ghosts.

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