Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is the spirit removal process absolutely painless and invisible for the person possessed? 

The spirit removal process is absolutely painless and safe. You will only feel an increase in energy level and vitality, regain your interest in life and experience positive emotions again.

2. Can ghosts influence human decisions?

Of course, they can. Ghosts very often manipulate people who are possessed and make them do things they would never do in the “normal” state of mind. 

3. Would ghosts, after spirit removal process, go to the Light?

It depends on the ghost. After death, ghosts still have their own free will and can make their own decisions.

4. Can I myself help my child who has a spirit attachment and learn how to remove a spirit or soul? How can I do that?

I would not recommend you attempt to remove ghosts from the living by yourself. It can be very dangerous. You could become possessed yourself and suffer, both mentally or physically, or worse.

5. When Dr. Pratnicka removes ghosts or spirits is there any threat that new ghosts could attach? Does there exist anything like an "anti-ghosts shield"?

The duration of the spirit removal process is three months. In this period our clients learn how to protect themselves against the re-attaching of ghosts to them. In addition to the spirit removal process performed by Dr. Pratnicka, her assistants teach the clients how to deal with ghosts and protect themselves from the possession or their influence in the future.

6. Can ghosts influence your finances?

Yes, they can. If a ghost, during his or her life was accustomed to living in poverty, the person they possess or attach to can also become poor. Essentially, everything that the ghost experienced in his or her life while alive, can also become your reality, too. This concerns not only finances but also relationships, health, intelligence, habits, language, emotional states and more.

7. What can ghosts cause in my life?

Ghosts can be responsible for many illnesses, from mental to physical illnesses. They mostly are responsible for strong negative emotions, poor interpersonal relationships, life breakdowns on different levels: mental, financial, health etc. Possession or attachment can manifest itself in many ways which depends on the personality of the person possessed, one's conscious and subconscious mind, needs, emotions, etc.

8. Can the spirit removal process be harmful for the ghosts?

Dr. Pratnicka performs spirit/ghost removal in a safe way for the ghosts, too. We can not forget that we are still talking about human souls and not parasites. On the contrary. The purpose of the spirit removal process is to help these lost souls who did not pass through death's curtain. Dr. Pratnicka offers them the chance to enter "Heaven."

9. Does Dr. Pratnicka believe in God and are the exorcisms in harmony with the Catholic religion?

Yes, she does believe in God. Everything that she does is intended to help people and lost souls, who, for various reasons did not depart to God, the place where they should be after death. Exorcisms are also in harmony with the Catholic religion.

10. What kind of ghosts possess people in most cases?

In most cases, the possessing ghost or spirit is that of a family member, friend, or acquaintances of you or a loved one.

11. Why do ghosts not pass to the other side of the death’s curtain and why do they possess people?

In most cases they are afraid. They do not know what will happen to them in “Heaven”, they are very often afraid that they would be punished or they would go to "hell". Sometimes they are not aware that they are dead, and sometimes they just do not want to give up life. They must possess people to steal their energy in order to live. There are many other reasons all explained detailed in Mrs Pratnicka’s book.

12. Is it possible to determine on how long ago a ghost did enter my body?

It is rather impossible to find that out because time does not exist in the world of ghosts. Also - in most cases ghosts state that they are still alive and would therefore not be willing or able to answer that question.

13. Can ghosts persuade one to commit a suicide?

Yes, they do that very often. Ghost is an entity who passed thorough the death for various reasons. Very often they are resigned and have only little energy. If such a ghost possesses a person, he or she would have the same feelings and emotions. This can lead to depression which is a popular phenomenon in the western societies. Sometimes ghosts, being envy, persuade people to commit suicide thinking "If I am not alive, you should die as well ...". 

14. What happens to a person when the ghosts are being led off?

That person has much more vital energy, enthusiasm, regains his true nature, fulfills one's true goals and desires.

15. Is it possible that a ghost who has been led off enters someone else’s body?

Unfortunately yes, it is possible. Ghosts can choose to go to God, to “Heaven”, but can also look for an other person to possess. God offers the free will to every human soul also to the ghost.

16. Are there good ghosts around?

All ghosts who did not pass through death's curtain to the other side are in principle dangerous for the living human beings, because they need to steal our energy in order to survive. Very often they also want to steal our body to find a vehicle to fulfill their own desires like sex, power etc.

17. Is it possible to move all these ghosts to the other side once and for ever?

Unfortunately not. Ghosts have their own free will and one cannot make them do something they do not want to. One can only explain them what is the best solution for them and for the people, which in some cases can persuade them to leave.

18. Is the cleansing process always effective?

Yes, the cleansing process performed by Mrs Pratnicka is always effective. It means that she is able to free the possessed person from the ghosts whenever she wishes. You need however to be aware of the fact that she does not have the influence on the decision of the cleansed person who can attract that same or other ghosts back. That often happens on a subconscious level. That persons subconscious mind thinks that there is an advantage of being together with the ghost. It might be a desire to have sex with the ghost or the need to receive instructions on how to behave, what to decide etc. That person like any other human being has the free will do decide what is best for him.

19. Can a person get rid of the ghost on his own?

It is possible if the ghost has located himself around the humans body. It is the moment when we feel the ghosts emotions very intense mostly his fears. We need to build a distance to those emotions being conscious that they are not originating from our energy system but from the ghosts aura. It is however not possible if the ghost already entered our body. It is the moment when we feel tired and lacking energy feeling only little emotions. If that occurred only the exorcist can free the possessed person.

20. Why are some people more vulnerable to the influence of ghosts while others are not?

It depends on so many different factors that a few books could be written on this subject. I recommend you to read Wanda Pratnicka’s breathtaking book "Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in 21st Century" which explains that subject quite intense.

21. Can the cleansing process be performed for a person without his or her knowledge and would it be successful?

Yes it is very common that people decide to let perform the cleansing for their entire family. The success in leading the ghosts off in such cases aggregates to around 85%. This brings a relieve not only to the person possessed but also to the close ones. The remaining 15% want to be possessed. That happens because of many reasons, e.g. some people constantly need others around to tell them what to do. Very often a ghost fulfills the needs of the person possessed e.g. sexual desires etc. Usually we are not able to help those people unless they decide on their own that they want to break the dependency on ghosts and would decide to work on it. That happens often when people have suffered for a long time from the presence of ghosts in their lives and are eager to solve that problem.

22. Is it possible that after the summoning of ghosts some of them stay with us and so we get possessed?

Yes, it is. That is because the summoned ghosts in most cases stay with the persons who did summon them, and - as a result - possess them. What is more important - once summoned, ghosts are not willing to go away and leave the participants of the spiritistic seances. Ghosts perceive themselves as a toy in human hands and similarly want to play at the person's expense. 

23. Is it possible to check whether a ghost has already entered my body?

People subconsciously always know that they are possessed. We however have only a weak connection to our subconscious mind and our emotions after the ghost already entered our body. The indicator for that might be the worsening state of our physical and mental health without any evident reason. When ghosts are inside our body we feel exhausted, lack energy, have a depressive attitude to ourselves and our environment. On the other hand it is possible that the ghost possessing us becomes afraid of something. We then can have strong negative emotional outbursts like anger, irritation, madness, hate, which all derive from fear. When we notice such emotions in ourselves the best solution is to find a professional exorcist, who would be able to check whether the reason for that condition is the possession by ghosts.

24. Is it possible for ghosts to travel to different places or are they staying in one place which they are familiar with?

Ghosts indeed usually stay in such places. Ghosts can travel in their world but would go only to places with similar vibration. For instance - if a ghost is attached to the material world he would be drawn to people who have the same affection. Ghosts can move very fast, almost with the speed of a thought. A ghost who died, let's say in Poland could be attracted by someone from America who has a similar emotional problem (similar vibration). He would find himself after a few seconds in America and he would not have any clue about why that happened to him.

25. Is it possible to talk to ghosts who did not pass to the other side of the death's curtain? Can they hear us? Is it possible to cooperate with the ghosts of our near ones?

Well, you defiantly should not talk to ghosts, who did not cross the other side of the death's curtain. They will hear you and they will come. Talking to ghosts is equal to summoning them, which is very dangerous even if the ghost is someone very close to you. When someone dies, he or she still has a personality, but the emotions of people who did not go to God strongly intensify. The world in which the ghosts reside is a place, which is built from human emotions, desires, lusts etc. That is why we should be aware that e.g. our beloved grandma is not exactly the same grandma, who we knew during her life and that either physical or mental suffering should be expected in case that we become possessed by her. In almost all cases a help from an exorcist is needed when a ghost has not decided to enter "Heaven".



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