Spirit attachments can happen to anyone, anywhere.

Entity & Spirit Attachment

When the physical body dies and the spirit, due to various reasons, does not transition to the other side it remains stuck among the living. The self-preservation instinct kicks in and as a result the spirit decides to steal energy from a living person. It does this by attaching itself to the living person’s body or energetic field. Spirit attachment is NOT uncommon although it is one of the most misunderstood forms of energetic illnesses. Spirit attachment is also often referred to as entity attachment, earthbound attachment, spirit possession or demonic possession. They all describe the same phenomenon.

Common Symptoms of Spirit Attachment

How do you tell if a spirit is attached to you? If you have tried conventional and unconventional treatments but they don’t seem to help, it is very likely that you are dealing with spirit attachment. Spirits can be responsible for many illnesses, both mental and physical, resulting in strong negative emotions, poor interpersonal relationships, and life breakdowns on different levels: mental, financial, and health-related. Some are able to cope with the emotional and physical pain caused by spirits, others are completely disabled by it.



Living Now, Australia

February 2020

Many couples choose to express their love by tying the knot. Unfortunately, almost half of marriages do not last forever, and, in fact, many couples find themselves in relationships that cause deep emotional and physical pain and distress. Psychologists and self-help experts abound with theories on how couples can repair and ground their relationships, better communicate, and create more intimacy. They also explore the root...

Conscious Community, Chicago

March 2019

Healers come to their power by different means. Angela Nichole, the inspirational founder of Adventure Fit and a Reiki practitioner, nurtured hers after a car collision, where she was pronounced dead at the scene, only to be revived, then told she’d never walk again or have children. Using sheer will power, she was able to motivate herself to eventually accomplish both. That inspired her to seek formal training and ...

Natural Awakenings, New York

March 2019

It’s safe to say that Hollywood movies often exaggerate or sensationalize real-life events in the name of entertainment. When it comes to ghosts, however, films like The Sixth Sense and Ghost actually get it right, says Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. She would know. She’s one of the world’s leading lecturers and authors on the subject, in addition to being a sought-after exorcist who is regularly called upon to remove ghosts from...

Truly Alive Magazine, New Mexico

March / April 2019

Many cultures around the world believe in ghosts, aka the spirits of people who have died, but have not moved on to the other side of death. Polls by distinguished organizations, like the Pew Center and news sources like the Huffington Post, reveal that up to 45% of people believe ghosts exist, yet most people do not know the physical toll that ghosts take on the living. Very few people in the world have a better understanding on ...

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