The presence of spirits within a person causes numerous consequences. Sometimes it's just a change in someone's emotional / mental state, at other times in their physical health.

Spirit & Ghost Attachment

The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center is a leader in spirit attachment support and removal. Since 1968, the Center has helped individuals around the world in removing spirit entities, ghosts, and negative energy from their being. The Center provides the unique service of remotely diagnosing and removing attachments, as well as education on the spirit attachment phenomena, modern day exorcisms, and energy healing. The Center provides information through books, lecturers, media, and direct guidance.

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Conscious Community

March 2019

Healers come to their power by different means. Angela Nichole, the inspirational founder of Adventure Fit and a Reiki practitioner, nurtured hers after a car collision, where she was pronounced dead at the scene, only to be revived, then told she’d never walk again or have children. Using sheer will power, she was able to motivate herself to eventually accomplish both. That inspired her to seek formal training and certification to...

Natural Awakenings

March, 2019

It’s safe to say that Hollywood movies often exaggerate or sensationalize real-life events in the name of entertainment. When it comes to ghosts, however, films like The Sixth Sense and Ghost actually get it right, says Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. She would know. She’s one of the world’s leading lecturers and authors on the subject, in addition to being a sought-after exorcist who is regularly called upon to remove ghosts from...

Truly Alive Magazine, Central New Mexico

March / April 2019

Many cultures around the world believe in ghosts, aka the spirits of people who have died, but have not moved on to the other side of death. Polls by distinguished organizations, like the Pew Center and news sources like the Huffington Post, reveal that up to 45% of people believe ghosts exist, yet most people do not know the physical toll that ghosts take on the living. Very few people in the world have a better...

Inner Self Magazine, Australia

September / November 2018

Many people do not like to think about it or do not know enough to consider this, but there is an unacknowledged problem in the world, which mankind has struggled with for centuries: the possession of the living by ghosts. Ghosts are the souls of people who have died but who have not passed through to the other side, often because they do not realize they are no longer alive. By remaining among the living and usurping the...

Spirituality and Health, Nationwide, USA

“Steven did not believe in exorcisms, but he allowed Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. to engage in leading away the ghost of his friend. The pain went away and he stopped having feelings of fear.”

Spirituality and Health, Nationwide, USA

Common Ground, San Francisco

"Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. is a particularly gifted therapist who has the ability to see if you have spirits attached to you. She is also able to remotely lead away the spirit."

Common Ground, San Francisco

Natural Awakenings, New York

“All my clients were similarly unhappy, lost, deprived of hope for the future. Many times they emphasized that I was their last hope, that they had tried literally everything.”

Natural Awakenings, New York

SF Yoga Magazine, San Francisco

It was purely magical to not only meet Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. in person, but to also interview her. It was beyond amazing. She has helped tens of thousands of people around the world who have suffered from mental disturbances and physical illnesses that were considered to be incurable.

-SF Yoga Magazine, San Francisco

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