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Spirit attachment is very common, however it is one of the most controversial and misunderstood forms of energetic illness. The presence of spirits within a person causes numerous consequences. Sometimes it's just a change in someone's emotional / mental state, at other times in their physical health. The most common symptoms you may experience when you deal with spirit attachment:


     Fatigue / lack of energy

     Constantly feeling cold

     Powerful negative emotions

Fogginess / lack of clarity

Anxiety & panic attacks


Mood swings

Being avoided by others

Intrusive / Obsessive thoughts 

Relationship problems (constantly fighting with loved ones)

Poor memory, concentration

Frequent abdominal pains or headaches

Suicidal thoughts

Hearing inner voices, seeing images that aren't there 


Fears, phobias, obsessions

Strange skin sensations, feeling vibrations in body


Anorexia, Bulimia

Severe Allergies

Feelings of being watched, touched, even raped


Spirits are entities which previously were living people who, after death, did not pass through to the other side of death's curtain. Unfortunately, spirit attachment can be the cause of very sad and sometimes tragic experiences. Have you tried to find a solution to your problems through either traditional or unconventional medicine? Many seek a solution in their own psyches, but very often even these searches fail. No medical tests show anything. 


  Why Me? 


Some people are more susceptible to picking up spirits than others. There are many ways of unconsciously picking up spirits.  Spirits feed off, and are attracted by, our negative emotions. Most people attract them when they experience powerful negative emotions during stressful life events (ex. death of a loved one, divorce, martial separation, personal injury or illness, dismissal from work etc), hold grudges and don’t want to forgive, have feelings of guilt, use alcohol or drugs, despair greatly after a loved one who passed away, during surgeries under the influence of anesthesia, during severe illness when body is weakened, while summoning ghosts (ex. playing with Ouija Board), while living in a haunted house, or during spiritual healing practices. People raised in abusive environments, where there was no love, are also more susceptible. These are just few reasons how humans attract spirits, for more please read Wanda’s book, “Possessed by Ghosts”.


What Can I Expect After a Spirit Removal?


Most emotional problems are caused by ghosts; many physical symptoms can also be traced to ghosts. Symptoms caused by ghosts do disappear when a spirit is removed. When ghosts are removed, people often describe the sensation feeling as if someone has removed heavy chains from them; they finally feel free. Others describe it as feeling as if someone removed baggage from them that they have been carrying for years. They feel lighter, calmer, happier, have more motivation to live, more energy, and clearer thinking. Sometimes even their facial expression changes, they have a new sparkle in their eyes, and they look younger.  


Remote Spirit Removal 


You do not need to travel to see Wanda (no travel costs). Removal is always done from a distance, and there are no side effects. Most of our clients are from various countries through out the world (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Brazil and many more) which is why in all cases we use remote spirit removal. This is possible, because Wanda works in the higher consciousness.  It is safe for all parties involved. It's more effective from a remote distance because it makes the process more peaceful and prevents ghosts from fighting back.


Regain Your Harmony and Improve Well-Being 


Over the last 45 years, Wanda Pratnicka, PhD. have helped tens of thousands of people around the world who have suffered from emotional / mental disturbances and physical illnesses that were considered to be incurable. She is a unique healer in that she married a formal education and philosophy—she earned her PhD in Philosophy, an M.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Parapsychology— with a natural and innate gift that manifested itself when she was a mere child.

Her clients are people of all professions, including but not limited to housewives, students, scientists, professors, lawyers, and politicians. She has been asked for help by priests and nuns, though it might appear that they have professional help at hand. What all her clients have in common is that they were similarly unhappy, lost, or deprived of hope for the future. Many times they emphasized that she was their last hope, that they had tried literally everything. Doctors, medicines, psychiatric or psychological help were all ineffective. No benefit was derived from conventional and unconventional medicine, either.


There is No Reason to Suffer Silently, and There is No Shame Getting Help 


If you are in a situation where you can't cope you may turn to us for help. If we do not answer immediately or reply right away, please understand that we receive hundreds of emails or calls a week. We try our best to answer all emails within two business days. Also, you do not need to travel to Wanda in order for her to perform the depossession process to cure you. For her own safety, she ONLY perform exorcisms and depossessions from a distance. 



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Wanda Pratnicka, PhD, has helped tens of thousands of people around the world who have suffered from emotional / mental disturbances and physical illnesses that were considered to be incurable. Wanda’s unique ability is that she is able to diagnose and remove spirit entities, aka ghosts, from people remotely; no matter where a person is located. 


Read more about Wanda and her amazing work helping free people around the world. 


Best-selling book "Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in the 21st Century" by Wanda Pratnicka, PhD. 

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Spirituality and Health, Nationwide, USA

“Steven did not believe in exorcisms, but he allowed Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. to engage in leading away the ghost of his friend. The pain went away and he stopped having feelings of fear.”

-Spirituality and Health, Nationwide, USA


I am grateful to you for what you have done for our family. From the moment you took my husband into your care - he has altered radically. My husband has become a totally different person. He is calm, friendly, he now doesn't blame the world for everything that happens to him...

—Marilyn H.

Common Ground, San Francisco

"Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. is a particularly gifted therapist who has the ability to see if you have spirits attached to you. She is also able to remotely lead away the spirit."

—Common Ground, San Francisco


My life had become a nightmare for me and for my family and only thanks to your help have things which were tormenting my body, my mind and also my soul stopped. I am also hugely grateful to you for the help shown to my son and his family. His life was threatened several times, his nervous system was in tatters, fear and terror stalked him step by step. That was a really difficult life. [Now] An improvement is visible for which I send my heartfelt thanks.

—William R.

Natural Awakenings, New York

“All my clients were similarly unhappy, lost, deprived of hope for the future. Many times they emphasized that I was their last hope, that they had tried literally everything.”

-Natural Awakenings, New York


For many years I took my son to psychologists, then psychiatrists, including a stay of several weeks for observation in a hospital for neurological diseases. His symptoms included attacks during which he destroyed everything in the home, he shouted, swore, and after a time the attacks were directed against me as his mother... After the attacks he apologized and cried. He stopped going to school and put on a lot of weight.... Doctors gave various diagnoses, applied various medicines, but nothing helped. Finally, the doctors said they could find no illness but they gave him a disability pension.  I resolved to write you since there was nothing else left for me to do...You took care of my son. My amazement was boundless when, after a few weeks, he changed completely—the attacks ended, he calmed down, he started going to evening school. And, he has become concerned and protective towards me.

—Jennifer L.

SF Yoga Magazine, San Francisco

It was purely magical to not only meet Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. in person, but to also interview her. It was beyond amazing. She has helped tens of thousands of people around the world who have suffered from mental disturbances and physical illnesses that were considered to be incurable.

-SF Yoga Magazine, San Francisco

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