Czwarty Wymiar, Poland

October 2004

I cleanse people of negative energies, of curses, of ghosts which have stumbled across them or attached themselves to them and are preventing them functioning normally... I also cleanse haunted houses, or those where the ghost of the previous owner stays put and won't allow them to be sold or rented. Usually, I do this at a distance because it's quicker, more effective, but most of all it's safer for...

November 2004

Demons don't possess people - because demons don't exist! Possessions are a real occurrence, but they're actually caused by ghosts! That's the startling claim of ghost exorcist Wanda Pratnicka, who tells all in her book Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century -- and in an exclusive Weekly Universe interview! Terrifyingly, you and your loved ones may be possessed by two different kinds of ghosts! Explained...

Fortune Teller / Wrozka, Poland

April 2003

"Just as every one of us is surrounded by a large amount of bacteria and viruses, so a possessed person is surrounded by ghosts," she says. "These are the souls of people who, after death, instead of leaving - have remained. They can be angry, gentle, strangers or family members. The reasons why they have remained are many." She has helped close to 8 thousand possessed people. In 95% of cases one treatment is enough...

Creator, Poland

February 2003

We recommend the book entitled "Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms of the 21st Century" whose author is Wanda Pratnicka, world-renowned exorcist and psychotherapist. Mrs Pratnicka is very well known among those interested in esoteric studies, she has been written about in many significant magazines dealing with esoteric studies. Wanda Pratnicka is also often invited to appear on television as one of the most... READ MORE

Trybuna Slaska

September 2003

I read your book "Possessed by Ghosts". I understand that what persuaded you to write it was your desire to help people who don't know why a misfortune has befallen them. You describe hundreds of such cases. But, in your view, are all misfortunes caused by ghosts? Can't we just simply be unhappy, sad, or ill - without any input from "the other world"? It might seem that you've given me a simple and short question, but... READ MORE

Gwiazdy Mowia, Poland

September 2001

Gradually she realized that helping people and lost souls was her vocation and her duty. And thus she changed from a businesswoman who drove a top of the range car between Gdañsk and her home overlooking the lakes in Przywidz into a healer of souls, bodies and homes... No-one can accuse her of doing it for the money or for fame. Despite her financial security, her life was no bed of roses. There came a moment...

Trybuna Slaska Magazine

December 1998

There are many houses with "squatters" and many reasons why the dead have "moved in" to our homes. Invisible, they are always troublesome guests. It's even worse when they become unpredictable aggressors. I must have been four, maybe five years old. During a trip on the streetcar I saw a woman standing motionless on the tracks. I created a fearful commotion. The driver braked not really knowing what was happening... READ MORE


August 1997

The exorcist has long loose hair and is eating an apple. There are, in the exorcist's past "over ten thousand documented cases of driving evil spirits from people's bodies". The exorcist has been dealing with ghosts for twenty five years and is a woman. "It started when my mother was dying and I couldn't reconcile myself to it. One night she appeared before me and asked me to let her die. From that event on I have involved...

Dziennik Wschodni

September 1997

If someone has a negative attitude to the world, has changeable moods, is chronically ill or is excessively... fat or thin then it could all be down to evil real ghosts which have possessed them, according to Wanda Pratnicka, exorcist and parapsychologist.
Ghosts do exist - the exorcist assures us. At the moment of death a person leaves a skirt or body in the earth and becomes a ghost. Death is a passing through the curtain which separates...

Wieczor Wybrzeza Magazine

September 1997

"One can communicate with a ghost in various ways - through automatic writing, with the help of clairvoyance or clairaudience. "Ghosts, like people, are very different. A person takes their character with them to the other world. If someone was evil, unhelpful to others while alive, that's how he'll remain after death," says exorcist and parapsychologist Wanda Pratnicka. "When we die it's as if we were going through a curtain which...

Daily Lakes

September 26-28, 1997

Wanda Pratnicka from Przywidz near Gdansk, became acquainted with exorcisms when she was looking for help for someone close to her. She acquired the secrets of this knowledge in Canada among other places. She has talked about her skills and experiences on New York television. She has helped and continues to help many people by running a center for the restoration of psycho-physical equilibrium... READ MORE

News of the Day

November 22-23, 1997

You claim to be an exorcist. What is it that you do? I cleanse people of ghosts and evil energies which have overpowered them, taken them over. Is your predisposition innate or is it something you can learn? I have been an exorcist for twenty five years but I'm constantly learning, at the moment for instance I am still studying. In fact, I've been learning about this for as long as I can remember... READ MORE

Lifestyle Magazine

May 1993

In the town of Przywidz the sign over one of the display cubicles informs us that the Center for the Elevation of Human Psychic Contentment is to be found here. The Center is run by Wanda Pratnicka, a middle-aged woman wearing a short skirt. Mrs Pratnicka is an exorcist. What is it that you do? I cleanse people of ghosts since they are a great hindrance. How do ghosts get into a person? People come into the...


October 1991

All around, in the pavilion of the "Zawisza" club there is a huge crowd. The Bydgoszcz Esoteric Fair is in full flow, it is 13 June, shortly after one in the afternoon. Over one of the stands for guests and traders there is a sign with the word "Exorcist" on it. It draws people's attention. The exorcist is appearing publicly offering services without the classic spiritual supports as is usual in, say, the Catholic Church... READ MORE

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