The Seven Primary Reasons for Spirit Attachment

The Seven Primary Reasons for Spirit Attachment


 For spirit attachment to take place, we need two parties—human and a spirit—to attract one another (think in terms of "It takes two to tango"). Consciously, nobody would choose to attract and draw spirits into their life. This is typically an unconscious act. Below we list some of the common ways of how people could attract spirits.



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Grief has to be experienced as intensely as possible, but we must allow the deceased person to depart. Most people don’t realize that our intense grief and despair can contribute to a soul’s decision to refuse to cross over to the Light and stay among the living. This is a very selfish attitude, which sooner or later, will turn against us. Grief and despair will not allow the soul to leave the world of the living even though it has every right and the energy to do so. We don’t take into account that it’s very hard for the departing soul to leave everything they loved, the people they lived for, and the daily pursuits and interests that gave them meaning. The spirit becomes torn, as they simply don’t know what to do—stay amongst the living or pass over to the Light. Every soul is given the appropriate time for their departure. If we don’t allow them to pass to the other side, as time passes, the soul will no longer able to depart under its own power.

A spirit who has decided not to pass through to the other side will most often return to the family that they have recently left behind. The spirit will eventually attach themselves to the members of the household where they once resided and draw energy from them. The bereaved are usually so devastated by their grief and loss that they won’t notice that the spirit has attached themselves to their energy. And when they do finally realize what is happening, it is often too late to free themselves from this connection.
It should be noted that most cases of spirit possession take place shortly after a death of a family member or a close friend.

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Spirits feed off, and are attracted to, our negative emotions. Most people attract spirits when they are experiencing powerful negative emotions during stressful or traumatic life events (the death of a loved one, divorce, personal injury or illness, dismissal from work, etc.), hold grudges, don’t want to forgive and/or have feelings of guilt. People that were raised in an abusive environment (or are currently in an abusive relationship) where there was no love are also more susceptible to attracting spirits. In such a loveless environment, often the entire family will suffer from spirit attachment. A large percentage of people who knowingly or unknowingly identify themselves as victims and go through life feeling powerless will become susceptible to spirit attachment. This is because they blame others, feel sorry for themselves, have frequent urges to cry and are generally in a dark place.

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If a person is addicted to anything (drugs, alcohol, pornography, work etc.) while living, death will not liberate them from this condition. Such a spirit is not able to pass further into Light due to being attached to physical urges and needs. The desire to satisfy their addiction becomes stronger after the loss of their physical body because they cannot experience their addiction in an astral body. This is the case with alcoholism, for example, since alcohol is a physical substance, and a spirit abides on the level of a different vibration, not physical, but rather, in the astral body. To satisfy their desire for alcohol, the spirit must find another living person who is inclined to consume alcohol. Such a person will allow the ghost come closer to “drink” from the living person’s intoxication. Even if an addict doesn’t have ghosts at the beginning, ghosts will eventually attach themselves to an addicted person eventually. Often times, a person who was not previously prone to addiction, but have stopped the spirit of a loved one that was an alcoholic from passing onto the light, could suddenly become an alcoholic themselves.

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Summoned spirits generally end up possessing people who have participated in any form of beckoning games. These cases of possession are often extremely difficult to heal. Spirits feel as if they were “invited,” so they have no intention of leaving. Summoning games are unfortunately very popular among young people. We receive many requests for help from people who have played with an Ouija Board. It can also happen that spirits may not possess people immediately, but instead, may remain in the house where the séance was carried out. Another member of the family, without suspecting anything, may become possessed. At the beginning, a visitation may be difficult to detect, especially if the spirit is of an agreeable disposition, but once the channel has been opened, other spirits will be able enter until there are so many of them, that a person can no longer cope.

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Spiritual practices can be compared to fire, in that when it is used in the right manner, it can keep our house warm and cozy during the winter months, but when used in the wrong way, it has the potential to burn our home down to the ground. Therefore, any kind of spiritual practice should be approached with extreme caution. The most common repercussion of a spiritual practice that is being performed incorrectly, or with ill intentions, is spirit attachment. Practices that are designed to speed up spiritual development, or to gain psychic abilities, are particularly dangerous when it comes to spirit attachment. Other spiritual practices that could contribute to spirit attachment are those that involve abusing substances that temporarily alter a person’s state of consciousness or provide an out of body experience. When a person travels out of their physical body, a spirit can easily take advantage of the opportunity and steal it from them.




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When we think of haunted houses, what often comes to mind is an old, abandoned and frightening property that we're scared to approach, let alone live inside. Such extreme cases of haunting are exceptional. There is a whole range of visitations, from insignificant, completely harmless ones, to the very severe. Some disturbances by spirits merely make peoples’ lives more difficult, whereas there are those which make life completely impossible. Ghosts often seek to attach themselves permanently to people (including children) who reside in haunted houses. The living will become apathetic, lethargic, and quick-tempered. Sometimes they may even become physically ill. We receive many phone calls and emails each week from people who believe that there are ghosts in their home, but after taking a closer look, we find that ghosts have already possessed them instead. Now, not only will they feel negative symptoms while being at home, but also anywhere they go.

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Wanda Pratnicka's book Possessed by Ghosts, chapter: Haunted Houses




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Spirits seek to draw energy from the weak, sick, tired, sleep-deprived or elderly people. In other words, people who are already short of energy themselves. That’s because they are not in any kind of condition to sense the spirit’s activity and respond to it appropriately. Spirits will take advantage of the living during the times when we are not in full control of our body. For example, during a surgery when we are under an anesthesia, spirits can use that opportunity to steal our body from us.
Therefore, it is always important to ask God to protect our body before we undergo any type of surgery.