remote spirit release



The first step with clients is to perform a remote check-up to see if you or your loved ones actually do have a spirit or ghost attachment. By collecting certain information from you (first and last name, address and date of birth), it allows Wanda to see whether you have an attached spirit. We will respond to all requests with your results within 2 business days.

THE Spirit removal process

Once it has been determined you have a spirit attachment, you can request a spirit removal process for you or your loved ones. Wanda’s 12-week program provides removal sessions every day combined with counseling on how to deter spirits from being attracted in the future. Many people show improvement after just a few weeks, sometimes even days.


Wanda is an exceptional psychotherapist. Her ability to read the person’s subconscious patterns, allows her to know much more about the clients and about their problems, than they know about themselves. If you are struggling with the feeling like your success or happiness is blocked and require therapy but not a spirit removal, please contact our office to schedule a private consultation with Wanda.

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