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Possessed By Ghosts

Wanda Pratnicka's "Possessed by Ghosts" describes an unacknowledged problem with which the majority of mankind is struggling: possession by ghosts. If you haven’t found other explanations or a cure for your ailment, you will find enlightenment with the book “Possessed by Ghosts”, and if you are merely interested in the unique spiritual abilities of healers like Wanda, you will find this book intriguing and hard to put down. A MUST-READ for people who struggle with spirit attachments.


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In The Wheel Of Life Vol. 1

In In the Wheel of Life Vol. 1, Wanda Pratnicka discusses your soul and explains what caused you to come to Earth. As a result, you will come to understand the goal of your own and other people’s lives. Furthermore, you will find out how the distant past influences your current life, which will help you to look at your life from a new, fearless perspective and free yourself from illusions that you have accepted as the truth until now.


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In The Wheel Of Life Vol. 2

In In The Wheel of Life Vol. 2, Wanda Pratnicka describes your Life from the perspective of many incarnations and gently leads you step-by-step from life here and Earth, through so-called death and all levels of existence that follows, and into the next life in physicality. This book will help you realize what we commonly call death is not the end of life, but a transition from one state to another, which will free you from both fear of death and life.


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In The Wheel Of Life Vol. 3

In In The Wheel of Life Vol.3, Wanda Pratnicka discusses the time when humans came to Earth due to their own free will to join with other souls and create a wonderful, Light civilization. This civilization created a great power and peace and complete satisfaction emerged from their activity for millions of years. Looking at life from the perspective of Light civilization you will learn how to live a more fulfilling life and recognize your own mistakes.


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Know The Truth And Be Free

In Know the Truth and Be Free, Wanda Pratnicka helps you to get rid of fear of death once and for all. By having rid yourself of this fear, you will begin to make different, more conscious choices. This book will also help you to deal with someone else’s death and consequently heal from past traumatic experiences that followed the passing of loved ones.


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