Battling with Real Ghosts


Dziennik Wschodni, September 1997 


If someone has a negative attitude to the world, has changeable moods, is chronically ill or is excessively... fat or thin then it could all be down to evil real ghosts which have possessed them, according to Wanda Pratnicka, exorcist and parapsychologist. Ghosts do exist - the exorcist assures us. At the moment of death a person leaves a skirt or body in the earth and becomes a ghost. Death is a passing through the curtain which separates the living from the world of the dead.

Are all ghosts the same?

They are very different, just like people. A person who was good in this life will be a positive ghost after death, and vice versa - a scoundrel or criminal will be a negative ghost. Both kinds, however, can cause problems. Every human being ought to make their own decisions about themselves, but real ghosts weaken the possibilities of deciding our own fate.

In your view, why do ghosts possess people?

There are several reasons. Firstly, some ghosts are lost, they don't know what to do with themselves. They then incorporate themselves into living people. This applies chiefly to the souls of people who died suddenly, not fully aware, e.g. during an accident or when drugged. Then they visit others, causing many problems. These ghosts are among the worst since they can force a person to commit crimes, suicide or murder.

Your task is to release a possessed person from ghosts. How do you do that?

I don't have one single method because every ghost is different and will react differently. However, I always do it remotely, without seeing the possessed person. I connect with the ghost. If I assess that I'll be able to deal with it then I try to carry it to the other side of "the curtain". It can sometimes take several months.

Are there real ghosts which cause you particular problems?

It's undoubtedly hardest dealing with the ghost of a very close person, e.g. a father or mother. A real ghost like that is connected to the person possessed by emotional ties, the family home, it feels very comfortable.

Can it be said that someone is more or less susceptible to possession?

Everyone can be possessed, but it has been confirmed that ghosts will more often come to people who are sick, mentally weakened, experiencing "a low", or who have limited awareness as a result of alcohol or narcotics.

How can one protect oneself against "evil forces"?

The only insurance is a strong will. If some anxiety or fear appears, one has to be determined and tell oneself "no, I won't give in to it". Prayer can also prove to be effective. One must think positively because thought is an enormous power which, unfortunately, not everyone appreciates. Thank you.

Author: Mariusz Mroz

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