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"Just as every one of us is surrounded by a large amount of bacteria and viruses, so a possessed person is surrounded by ghosts," she says. "These are the souls of people who, after death, instead of leaving - have remained. They can be angry, gentle, strangers or family members. The reasons why they have remained are many."

Wanda Pratnicka uses a card index.

She has helped close to 8 thousand possessed people. In 95% of cases one treatment is enough for the ghost to leave. Only in 5% of cases do ghosts not go away despite several weeks' work.

This is usually the result of the possessed person's desire to keep the ghost with them.

She knew the late, revered Eugene Maurey personally (an American healer, dowser, author of "Exorcisms"). They corresponded for many years, consulting on difficult cases. As a result of their collaboration they came to a fuller appreciation of the problem of autism. Wanda Pratnicka has healed many autistic children. In her view this disease which is regarded as a form of schizophrenia, is caused by the entrance of a ghost into a child's body.
Wanda Pratnicka is a psychologist, parapsychologist, and clairvoyant. She performed her first exorcism without the possessed person's knowledge. The person was a good friend of hers. At a certain moment she withdrew into herself, neglected her family, stuffed herself with tranquilizers. Wanda Pratnicka saw something black around the woman, something that stuck to her. She started to imagine that she was tearing that black stuff off her.
The next day her friend seemed to wake up to life. This happened 25 years ago. Today, Wanda asks God first id she's allowed to free the person from the ghost. For things do happen in which she is not allowed to intervene.

The ax-man lover
The entrance of a ghost changes a person's sensibility and personality. It leads to a multiplication of personalities, and also to apparent insanity. It can manifest itself in many ways, from simple mental disturbances to all types of neuroses, dementia, hysteria, epilepsy, melancholia, kleptomania, idiocy, religious or suicidal mania, amnesia, sexual deviations, cruelty etc. Evil ghosts try to harm a person's health, feelings, business, they take away a person's joy of life and suggest a desire for death.

The revered Maurey estimated that every twelfth person was ruled by a ghost but Wanda Pratnicka reckons that this number is much greater. Wanda Pratnicka is of the view that every murderer is possessed. One time a woman came to her. Her husband left her with two tiny children, left to earn money in the States, and vanished. A few years later her children brought in a man from the yard and said that he was going to be their new daddy. To begin with the adults laughed. After a while, however, they fell in love and started to live together. The children were adults themselves when one day the woman's husband appeared at the front door. "I came back," he said. And since he was still registered as living there, the second man had to move out.

The woman visited her lover frequently. One night, in the middle of love-making, the lover jumps out of bed with a yell, pulls on his pants and runs out into the corridor. He picks up an ax, runs out into the street and hacks the first person he comes across to death.

Everyone is in shock, and that includes the murderer. He understands nothing either. He remembers only that suddenly something ordered him to kill his lover. To avoid that he ran out. He wanted to light a cigarette, he thought it would pass. But it didn't pass. Wanda Pratnicka discovered that this man was possessed by a ghost. He is in jail now and the court case is in progress. Cleansing him (which the woman is asking the lover to have done) would be easy, but the exorcist is persuading them to hang on till the end of the court case. A possessed person often looks like someone who is mentally ill and if that's how he is assessed by the doctors and the judges, then he might get a lighter sentence.

A trap for ghosts
Highly developed ghosts go to other worlds, to higher vibrations. But ghosts are as different as people. Many hold on to earthly matters. Many don't depart because they have left unfinished business here. For example, the mothers of small children. Others are confused as if they overlooked their own deaths: they think and feel like before, but they don't have a body. A ghost like that is disappointed: I am not alive but I am! It wants to tell those close to it, but nobody hears it, nobody sees it. Terrified, the ghost permeates a body. Then it has the semblance of sensing that the body is under its control.

What often happens is that the mourners' despair makes it impossible for the ghost to leave. Right after its death "guardians" from the higher spiritual spheres come to help it get to those spheres. When the ghost does not take advantage of this opportunity, it will wander amongst the living.
Entering a body is easy but it is hard to leave it. It resorts to help from an exorcist or persuades the body's owner to commit suicide. According to Wanda Pratnicka all suicides are possessed.

The worst ghosts, however, are those of people who were bad when they were alive. These ghosts take sustenance from a desire to harm people just for the sake of harming them, or to continue indulging in sex, alcohol, drugs or whatever. Drug-addicts and alcoholics are often possessed by a ghost.

The suicide relay
Wanda Pratnicka is a distance healer. Her astral body transfers to where the possessed person lives. Without warning. In this way she looks after the possessed person's safety. When the ghost doesn't know it is being led away it departs painlessly for the person cleansed.

Her work-tool is an exercise book in which she writes down the name and surname of the possessed person, the names of their parents, date of birth and residence. She concentrates on this note for as long as it takes for her to see or sense the ghost. She sometimes bolsters her efforts with a pendulum. Then she starts talking to the ghosts. There are often many of them in one person.

She also examines the whole of the possessed person's family because usually a ghost will torment everyone. Once a woman came to her. Things started when her husband hanged himself, then her daughter did the same thing. When she had recovered from the trauma, she met a man and they fell in love. And suddenly - wham! "I want to kill myself," says the woman. "I don't know why. I have a great guy, yet something's pushing me to suicide." It transpired that it was the same ghost which had forced the deaths of her husband and her daughter.

Malodorous ghost
A ghost will often stink and leave an odor in the house. So terrible that it's hard to bear and leading the ghost away brings relief to the residents. Sometimes it will return and then the odor will waft through the home. The worse or more vicious the ghost, the more harm will it do to the possessed person.

You'll day, dish-rag!
The most difficult people to cleanse are those who won't release the ghost because they believe the dead person too much. A beautiful girl was once brought to the exorcist: she was 185 centimeters tall and weighed a mere 37 kilos. She was so weak she had to be supported. Her grandmother "lived" inside her. Wanda Pratnicka tried to explain that to her, but the girl was adamant. "You're wrong, because I love my granny very much".
The exorcist chatted in her thoughts with the granny and asked her for a letter to her granddaughter. She ordered the girl to take a pen and paper. And then these words came out from the pen: "You dish-rag! You'll die before I leave you. You'll die just like my little dog did". This was a shock to the girl. But a salutary one, for she allowed the ghost to be led away.

In another case there was no such success. The boy in question was called up in August to serve in the military special services. He went through an examination which was twice as thorough as other recruits. He was healthy. And yet in September he went down with leukemia. Wanda Pratnicka saw that the ghost of his uncle, who had also died of leukemia, had entered the boy. She tried to lead the uncle away but the boy wouldn't allow it. "No, my uncle won't hurt me," he said. Then he shouted: "Uncle! Come and help me!" In the end, the boy died.

It is well nigh a law that the thing which made the ghost die when it had a body will afflict the person possessed.

Rapists from beyond
More often than it might seem, ghosts rape people. The son of an elderly woman came to the exorcist. He had seen her several times on her bed with her legs wide apart. It turned out that she was being raped by her dead husband. Wanda Pratnicka's knowledge subverts psychology and psychiatry. It shows states or phenomena regarded as illnesses or abnormal behavior in a different light. Behind many irregularities can be seen, quite simply... a ghost. Even homosexuality is caused in 90 per cent of cases by the activity of ghosts - claims the exorcist.

The mother of a young lesbian comes to her. The girl is interested in women, would like to be a man. She lives with her female lover.
It turned out that a very powerful man, her grandfather, had taken over her body. He had always been a great ladies man. He wanted to continue enjoying them through his granddaughter. After the first cleansing the girl returned to her mother. But after a while she returned to her lover. These separations and reconciliations kept repeating themselves. The leading away of the grandfather's stubborn ghost took a year.

The ghost as thief
There was a married couple who lived in harmony for years. Suddenly, in her old age, she started to accuse her husband of stealing some of her things. She even called the police! The desperate grandfather telephoned Wanda Pratnicka. What am I supposed to do? I have never stolen any of her things. It turned out it was a ghost who was causing all the trouble. This explanation only served to infuriate the granny. And then one day the old couple are sitting at home when off the floor rises ...a pot of wine! They watch speechless as the pot floats through the room, through the front porch and flows into the yard. There were several people standing there and suddenly one of them shouted, terrified: "Look at that!" The ghost-thief must have taken fright because the pot fell to the ground with a crash, like someone had dropped it. The wine spilt out, but the ghost never returned.

Author: Agata Bleja

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