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We recommend the book entitled "Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms of the 21st Century" whose author is Wanda Pratnicka, world-renowned exorcist and psychotherapist. Mrs Pratnicka is very well known among those interested in esoteric studies, she has been written about in many significant magazines dealing with esoteric studies. Wanda Pratnicka is also often invited to appear on television as one of the most outstanding experts on exorcism in the world.

Pratnicka's book is exceptionally popular because the knowledge contained in it has never before been published by any author in world literature. The book deals with the subject of the unrecognized problems of a great number of people. No-one has ever before embraced this subject in such a thorough and comprehensible way. At this moment (a month after its first printing) a second printing of the book is being made.

Pratnicka has, from her side, done what she could - she has written a book and sent it out to her clients , of whom she has several thousand. Now she is gathering its fruits. Every day she receives a huge number of telephone calls in which everyone thanks her for writing the book and publishing it, often crying with emotion as they do so.

It was written to let those who need to understand, but what we hear during the telephone conversations we mentioned exceeds our fondest expectations. She has helped in a quite unexpected way people who it would seem were in a hopeless situation. For example, the parents of an alcoholic had for years, in secret from him, asked for help in cleansing their son of ghosts. Pratnicka had, naturally, exorcised this man and the improvement had been very apparent but unfortunately, after some time, things had returned onto the old tracks. The mother had always asked for discretion so that the son wouldn't find out about Pratnicka's help. There were frequent arguments in the house and she was terrified by the thought of what might happen if he found out about her intervention. She feared that he could hurt her in an attack of rage. We sent the book addressed to the mother and "by chance" the alcoholic son received it. He phoned Pratnicka and ardently asked her to help him. He said: "Mrs Pratnicka, I read your book. I found out from it that I am an alcoholic and why all these things are happening to me. Now at last I understand what's going on here. At last I know that I can take things into my own hands. Till now life kept slipping out of my hands. I simply couldn't comprehend the reasons for my behavior. Every time I resolved that I would never again take alcohol into my lips then I instantly got drunk and was furious with myself for letting everyone down. Now I am aware of my problem and it's much easier. Thank you for that." How many people are there in Poland like this alcoholic? Drug addicts, schizophrenics, people possessed by ghosts, who could be helped in the same way? Very many, but first they have to find out that help is possible and the nature of their problem.

This account is about an alcoholic, but people talk the same way about virtually all other problems. Every moment they're phoning and relating how this book has changed their consciousness and their life. The most entertaining is when they report how they spent all night photocopying the book or how they waited impatiently in a long line for the opportunity of reading it. Or when they order several, or even dozens of new books.

This book has been read by people in virtually every walk of life, including many doctors and everyone is agreed that it is magnificent. It has also been read by literary critics, writers and poets. Their opinion, too, concurs. They claim that its simplicity astonished them - the way it's written which, apart from its contents, is one of its strong features.

At the moment the book is being translated into English, for the American market, and into German. There are translations being prepared in Spanish for all of Latin America. Having heard the opinion of experts who have read it, we are convinced that it will be a huge success and it would be a great mistake if everyone abroad knew it and read it but in Poland only a handful of people (maybe aside from Mrs Pratnicka's clients) knew about it. My view is that we should ensure that this book be known first and foremost in Poland and only then abroad.

What makes Wanda Pratnicka so special is her exceptional uniqueness. The majority of cases of visitation by real ghosts are treated the same day, remotely, whereas an exorcist priest needs for each case an average of 2 to 3 years. Added to this is the unusually high effectiveness. I should also mention here that Mrs Pratnicka is a psychotherapist of world repute. Most mental disturbances are treated in just one session whereas a traditional psychotherapist needs anything from 6 months to several years of regular sessions. Mrs Pratnicka is undoubtedly one of the greatest living Poles.

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