Ghosts Lie!


News of the Day, November 22-23, 1997


You claim to be an exorcist. What is it that you do?
I cleanse people of ghosts and evil energies which have overpowered them, taken them over.
Is your predisposition innate or is it something you can learn?
I have been an exorcist for twenty five years but I'm constantly learning, at the moment for instance I am still studying. In fact, I've been learning about this for as long as I can remember.
How did you come to be an exorcist?
When I needed help for someone close to me and could find no-one to help. I helped one person, then another, then a friend of that person. Now I am invited to various congresses and festivals.
Your profession is known chiefly from horror films. Do your clients react like the characters in the films during exorcisms: throwing themselves about, banging against the walls, howling?
No, things are a bit different with me. If I had the possessed person next to me then they'd probably look just like that. But since I do these things remotely it is all much more calm.
On your publicity flyer we read that we can expect the influence of ghosts or bad energies even in cases of hypochondria, obesity, alcoholism or allergy... Does that mean that I, having allergies, am, according to you, under the influence of bad energies or ghosts?
Not every allergy signifies that this kind of influence is operating. This is mainly to do with allergies to metals. If it's that kind of sensitivity then I am a hundred per cent certain that it's caused by ghosts. Similarly with heavy chemical substances; but that's not so with allergies to dust or pollen. You as it happens are clean, you are not under the influence of any ghost, and that's very good.
How do you check if someone is under the influence of these bad energies or ghosts?
I simply know, I feel it. It's enough for me to stand close by, I sense it with my whole being, ghosts are afraid of me and right away they attack me. Sometimes, though, I help myself by using a small pendulum when there are many people around and it's loud, noisy, a commotion.
What do you mean the ghosts attack you?
I sense their presence, their chill, their pinching, even choking, God knows what other kinds of activities, all sorts.
You carry out remote exorcisms?
A ghost is energy. I put trust in my energy and with its help I lead those ghosts over to that other dimension, where they should have found themselves right after death. I simply help them get to their rightful place.
How do people who have been cleansed by you behave? Can they be dangerous?
No. Everyone simply feels a great sense of relief, like a great weight falling off their backs. The families of such people feels like someone has come along with a huge vacuum cleaner and sucked all the bad energies out of the home. That's because I cleanse the entire environment or home at the same time. Others, meanwhile, experience it as if some good energy has come into the home, something pleasant and warm, and the thing that they couldn't cope with before has vanished. Everyone experiences it pleasantly and calmly. I have had two, maybe three very heavy cases where it did come to scenes like those we've come to know in films.
And does it happen that a person whom the bad energies have left is visited by them again?
Yes, it does, but as a rule not more often than just once. Usually, it doesn't come to a third or fourth time. When a person sees how good it is to be alone they won't allow themselves to be entered into by ghosts again.
In other words it all depends on the persons themselves?
It does. Everything depends on the person. If someone doesn't want a ghost to overcome them, then it won't happen.
Do you often come across instances of possession?
My God, there's a multitude of them. It often happens that someone is suffering from cancer and then it transpires that that was an illness suffered by someone who has died and whose ghost has annexed that person. Then what happens is that when the ghost is removed the illness, too, goes. The difficult cases are when someone in the family, for instance a granddad, remains inside a grandson or granddaughter. Then that child might be autistic or mentally ill. One autistic child, after I took away the grandfather's ghost, suddenly started to read, write, talk, perform all the normal activities which medicine regarded as a miracle. Another case was a twenty-five year old girl who couldn't walk or talk, couldn't read or write, didn't walk and couldn't sit unsupported, soiled her bed, after her grandfather was taken away she has started to learn life afresh, just like an infant. Every day I have some success, there really are very many such cases.
Do you have to see the person or is it enough to see a photo?
All I need are a person's details: name, surname, date of birth and place of residence.
And is that really enough?
Just on that basis I can assess if someone is ill or well. I have clients in the United States, Australia, all over the world. Regardless of whether someone is sitting at the same table as me or is in another continent, the degree of difficulty is the same.
What age are your clients?
Any age. Obviously a five year-old won't come to me, but his parents will. Because I do have children in my care, too. Children only catch ghosts as they grow up. Though there are children who are possessed by ghosts at birth. There are also old people, age plays no part in it.
And can one say that women are more susceptible than men?
Gender plays no part in it. Maybe men are more embarrassed and will claim more often that they don't believe in it. However, women come to me to help their husbands. Besides what happens it that if one parent is possessed the other is likely to be and then the children have to be checked, too. It often happens that everyone is under the influence of ghosts.
Can haunting be beneficial to a person, in that a given ghost looks after them, helps them, is good for them?
Let's not confuse concepts here. A guardian spirit may be a person who has passed through to the other dimension and is highly developed spiritually and may, from there, help someone. However, what I do is cleanse people of ghosts which have not passed through to that other dimension, but have imprisoned themselves within a person. They are like caged birds, they do not help people, they are like parasites, they draw out their energies, weaken their decisiveness, incapacitate them. They even pass the illnesses they died of as human beings onto them.
And can people be possessed by many ghosts simultaneously?
There may be one ghost but there may be hundreds even.
Yes. And what can happen is that one ghosts knows nothing about another, and the possessed person knows only that there's something not quite right with them, after all they don't need to know what exactly. Then again it can happen that all, or nearly all, the ghosts know about each other. It can even happen that within a person one of the ghosts is head of the others, just as it happens with people, small bands start forming. Then things are much worse because a person has an organized group against him or her.
Do you make contact with these ghosts, do you try to communicate with them?
I often have to do so when a ghost refuses to leave but I'm not talking here about doing it through spiritualistic tables but through the medium of clairvoyance and clairaudience. I ask it a question and receive a reply. The question has to be unambiguous because ghosts are very perverse. Just like with people, there are criminals among them, and those who set themselves up as being so holy they would only sit in churches. They are very cunning and they have an advantage over us in that they can read our thoughts. My consciousness has to be sufficiently well-trained so as not to let myself be tricked by them.
So ghosts lie?
That can be seen from the example of spiritualistic séances. At how many tables can the same famous personage appear at the same time? And yet it happens. At the same time we know that these more renowned, more spiritual people don't stay on as wandering spirits after their deaths. They always go up the levels. When someone wants to summon a ghost like that it's hard for it to lower its vibrations, return and make contact with everyone. A ghost which appears can hear the thoughts of the people at the table and tells them whatever it wants, claims to be whatever it wants.
Are there many wandering ghosts?
We don't have any statistics on that. Nevertheless, they have been collected abroad and from them it emerges that more or less every twelfth person is possessed. I say more or less because in pathological environments virtually everyone is. There may be one ghost in one person, and a hundred in another. I most often come across people with three, five or ten ghosts. I have a lady here to whom I have ascribed more than a dozen ghosts. There are also many ghosts in hospitals, churches, and in cemeteries.

Author: Kajus Augustyniak

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