Special Mission - To Rescue the Living and the Dead


The Stars Speak, September 2001 


Gradually she realized that helping people and lost souls was her vocation and her duty. And thus she changed from a businesswoman who drove a top of the range car between Gdañsk and her home overlooking the lakes in Przywidz into a healer of souls, bodies and homes... No-one can accuse her of doing it for the money or for fame.

Despite her financial security, her life was no bed of roses. There came a moment when she realized that she can't concentrate on her own experiences and suffering, but that she ought to bring help to those who need it because that was why she was born.

Today she knows that she has brought her knowledge and her skills in from previous incarnations.
She realized it clearly when, along with a couple of friends, she found herself in an old church. Each one of them had a vision which was just like the others' visions. They understood that they had met over many incarnations and now they also have much to work through and they must not keep to themselves the knowledge that they have.

"I know that I have strong spiritual protection," says Wanda Pratnicka. "That's why I take on cases which appear to be hopeless. Naturally, I start by checking whether I really can help or if I should send the person to some other therapist or doctor." Our conversation is interrupted by a phone call. The healer carefully jots down in a fat exercise book the name of the person needing help. She asks for the names of the parents, the exact address, date of birth. Then she says:

"Please wait a moment while I check if I'll be able to help."
A moment later:
"Yes, indeed, there really are ghosts in your apartment. I'll cleanse it. Has someone in the family died recently? Please give me their name, surname, relationship..."
After a short pause she can state:
"No, it's not him. He is with God. Please ask yourself who it could be."
Suddenly, she asks:
"But who lived in the apartment before you moved in? Somebody there took his own life!"
"The soul of the previous tenant is still in that apartment.
He did not leave because he's afraid of the punishment for taking his own life. Please don't worry, I'll cleanse the apartment and lead him to the Light."

Wanda Pr¹tnicka turns on the answer phone and suggests we take a walk by the lake so we can talk in peace. She puts several fat exercise books away on a shelf.
"That's my archives," she explains.
On the pier, which cuts into the lake like a huge triangle, we choose a bench at the side. From here we can still see the green wall of the forest and the frisky fish and the sun slipping into the water.
"This is where I paint, this is where I regenerate, and this is where I bring clients who have lost the feeling that life has any sense," says the therapist.

I discover that when she helped a neighbor's son of drug-addiction, the woman's friend living in Germany turned to her for help with a similar plea. Then a friend of that friend came to her.
He came specially from Hamburg, sat down opposite the healer and, with an ironic expression, said:

"Inside me I've got this little drunkard. So? Can you deal with him, too?
Maybe you can invite him to leave my body, eh? If you're so powerful then by all means give it a try!"
She took all the details she needed from him, while he was still there she checked to see if it really was a case of a "ghost-intruder" and announced she would work on him at a distance.
"And why not directly?" the client asked.
"Because those are my work methods and the principles of health and safety," she replied, calmly.
After some time a messenger brought her an enormous bouquet of flowers and the agreed payment. This was an acknowledgement that she had succeeded, which she already knew, but what pleased her was that her client wrote a letter in which he informed her:
"Before I met you I was a terror in the family. I messed up every event because I needed to get blind drunk and I usually trashed the apartment or the public place where the event was taking place. Now it's all past. Thank you."
"The ghost of the previous owner of the garage had attached itself to him. The man in question had died in a car crash after alcohol abuse. When I made the ghost aware of the fact that its body had been lying in its grave for more than a year and that it was hindering the work and life of the man who had bought his garage, it let go of him very easily and wandered further up."
Many nervous breakdowns, insomnia, depressions, fears and addictions are caused by wandering ghosts or the ghosts of people close to us who are not aware that their bodies have already died.

When such a ghost moves out of the body, the tumor vanishes quickly.
"Similar things happen with mental illnesses. After all, even psychiatrists use the term 'multiple personality syndrome' or 'split personality'. The majority of instances of schizophrenia and paranoia is simply possession or domination of the body by another spiritual being," the healer explains. "What I do is to cleanse a person from such beings. But when the need for it arises, I help sick people with their physical ailments. I managed to pull a friend of mine out of a tumor in the large intestine, thanks to which she avoided a serious operation. I have helped in such seemingly mundane cases as, for instance, pneumonia or a heart attack. But increasing numbers of people are phoning from all round the world asking for help for those close to them who are subject to hallucinations, anxiety attacks, depressions, addictions, psychoses.
I work at a distance and the effects of my work are noted in these exercise books. I deal with my clients for as long as necessary. Sometimes a week is enough, but there was one occasion when I had to work as long as 8 months to lead away a ghost which kept coming back. The same applies to the cleansing of houses and apartments."

Hanna Nowakowska

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