Testimony of Wanda Pratnicka, lay exorcist


The Fourth Dimension, October 2004 


I cleanse people of negative energies, of curses, of ghosts which have stumbled across them or attached themselves to them and are preventing them functioning normally... I also cleanse haunted houses, or those where the ghost of the previous owner stays put and won't allow them to be sold or rented...

Usually, I do this at a distance because it's quicker, more effective, but most of all it's safer for the client.
The distance from the client is of no significance. People call me from Australia, America, Asia because I helped their friends or relatives. Most often it's mothers, wives or parents asking me to help their children or partners.

But it has happened that children have come for help for parents who, for instance, abuse alcohol... That's often caused by "the invasion" of some ghost. Similarly in cases of attacks of fury, tormenting the family, or diseases diagnosed as schizophrenia or... insomnia.

In order to start working, I must have as much information as possible about the person needing help. That's why I ask those close to them to supply me with their names and surnames, date and place of birth, place of residence. Then I make spiritual contact with that person and I check if an "alien energy" really is interfering or messing about or if there are other reasons of a more prosaic kind.

Normal ghosts - usually those which aren't aware that their bodies are dead because they died suddenly or stupefied by analgesics - when they have it explained to them that the time of their stay on earth is over and they should depart to a higher plane - do leave easily.
Whereas the souls of people who feel themselves to be unworthy of passing on to higher levels of energy, have a sense of guilt about the things they did on earth, or have a general fear of going to God - remain in the homes or houses like they were imprisoned there and one has to work hard to send them where they belong after the death of their bodies.

Sometimes people ask to be cleansed but without sending the ghost to the Light, leaving it at home so it might protect them... What has to be remembered is that even "ghosts that are friendly by nature" can be a great trouble in the home... They often "clean up" at home, hiding items that are scattered around, they move objects.

They often "clean up" at home, hiding items that are scattered around, they move objects. Very angry ghosts, on the other hand, can be recognized by their exceptionally unpleasant odor. The stronger the negative emotions are that drive the ghost, the more it stinks in the home though the cause for the smell cannot be found. People tear off the wall hangings, tear up floorboards, take down walls, but the unpleasant, persistent smell stays there, while misunderstandings between the people living there grow, the levels of aggression rise... and often there are attempted suicides or other huge tragedies.

Often women come to me who have scratched faces, necks, backs or breasts. When I ask them (for I can see this through their clothes) if they are being raped they burst into tears and tell me what they have struggled against for months and sometimes even years.
It's bad enough when the rapist is just one ghost. But often others come, too, similar to the initial ghost in their energy. If during its life such a person was, for instance, an alcoholic then after death the soul will tend to keep the same astral company.

Women who are abused in this way don't really know where to seek help. Often, their accounts are taken by medical psychologists as hallucinations, obsessions, sexual fantasies. I have managed to help many people who have been tormented in this way and lead off many ghost-rapists.
Not long ago a woman came to me asking me to cleanse her son, a drug addict. She was convinced that an alien ghost was resident in her son's body. The boy was behaving very aggressively, his voice kept changing, as did the expression on his face and the color of his eyes.
I started to work with him remotely and I managed quite quickly to send an old drug addict to the Light who didn't realize that following an overdose his body had already been resting in a cemetery for a long while.

The boy changed unrecognizably and shortly afterwards introduced several people from his drug-taking circle whom I also managed to help.
That always gives me great pleasure...

The longest struggle I had lasted eight months and it was with the ghost of a grandfather who was entering the body of his granddaughter. Alina was a psychology student, and she looked like a sweet blond angel. At the same time she was capable of unexpectedly behaving like a hooligan in the street, getting drunk, swearing like a trooper.
What made her acquaintances wonder was the language she used at such times. It was not just vulgar and aggressive, but she expressed herself like a man.

Then she wanted to change sex, she started to seduce a girl-friend at her student lodgings. As it turned out, her grandfather was a great womanizer. The ghost wanted to fulfill his desires, to live through his "beloved" granddaughter.

I explained to his soul that he was destroying the life of this beautiful and good girl, that he will make her unhappy if she changes sex. Then it was like he was coming to his senses, and he let himself be conducted to the God...

Many tragedies could be avoided if people knew where to look for help. I believe that every parish should have a priest who knows how to conduct exorcisms.

I call my activity cleansing and conducting souls, but I do not object if someone calls me an exorcist because what I do is the lay equivalent of church practices.

Collated by Wilhelmina Musur

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