How One Should Deal with Anxiety?


Celebrity News Magazine, Los Angeles, January 2016 


Roxanne was a very talented girl. She started her acting career when she was only eight years old. Even though she had loving and caring parents, she was extremely close with her grandmother, who passed away when Roxanne was already an adult. She continued to pursue her career even though she was deeply mourning her grandmother. She didn't eat, didn't sleep, and lost her zest for life. She was doing only what she needed to do without any enthusiasm. The antidepressants weren't helping. She got more motivated when she received a new, wonderful role in the movie and immersed herself in this project.

She noticed that she began to feel overwhelming fear when she left the movie set. She signed up for a therapy. Unfortunately, neither therapy nor large doses of medications brought any relief. She was so paralyzed by this fear that she considered staying in bed all the time. However, Roxanne really wanted to live. Hence, she ran as far away as possible from her fear but simultaneously ran away from herself.

This is how she ended up drinking and taking drugs in night clubs. Paparazzi noticed her strange behavior and tabloids started to write about it. "Famous, rich and lost." was the headline. She had a nervous breakdown a few days later. She was close to committing suicide and was admitted to a mental hospital. In the hospital, she noticed, surprisingly, that everyone around her was the same as her. Even though they are beautiful, famous, wealthy, and talented, they can't seem to manage their lives.

Until this point, she had believed that nervous breakdowns happen because of pressure to succeed, being taunted by the media, and being overworked. In the clinic, she accidentally found a book called "Possessed by Ghosts" by Wanda Pratnicka. She understood that the reason for her suffering could be something completely different than what her therapists suggested. She immediately contacted the author's office and asked for help.

This turned out to be easier than she thought it would be because Wanda Pratnicka always helps at distance, without being there in person. Roxanne felt her help almost instantly. This was an incredible experience. She lived without fear and slept peacefully. Unfortunately, things got worse after a month. She felt slightly anxious at first and eventually let the feeling of fear overcome her. However, she got in touch with Wanda's office before the panic attacks started again. It turned out that her grandma's ghost was the reason that she was feeling this tremendous fear. The ghost had returned to her.

She had seen many therapists prior to this point who had worked with her to help her deal with grandma's death. None of them, though, seemed to associate panic attacks with the presence of here grandma's soul and therefore could offer no help.

She was told that her condition was most likely caused by the death of her grandma and would improve itself sometime in the future. Meanwhile, her anxiety got worse. After reading the book, she understood that she is the creator of her own misery. She suddenly realized how she begged grandma to stay with her so that she wouldn't be alone. She was now finally able to understand that. She said goodbye to her grandma and asked her to leave. When grandma left, the feeling of fear that had bothered her for so many years left as well.


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