Mankind’s Constant Struggle


InnerSelf Magazine, Australia, September / November 2018 


Many people do not like to think about it or do not know enough to consider this, but there is an unacknowledged problem in the world, which mankind has struggled with for centuries: the possession of the living by ghosts. Ghosts are the souls of people who have died but who have not passed through to the other side, often because they do not realize they are no longer alive. By remaining among the living and usurping the energy of those they inhabit, ghosts, aka spirit attachments, become the cause of many common conditions, such as anxiety, depression, suicide, mood swings, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, cancer and other physical ailments.

For the last few decades I have removed ghosts, aka spirit attachments, from tens of thousands of people remotely around the world. A lot of my time is also spent speaking at spiritual events and healthy living expos in the U.S. and Europe. Below are a few of the questions that I am asked the most.


Q: When did you first realize you had a gift?

WP: When I was eight years old in Poland I was riding on a street train and saw a woman on the tracks. It appeared as if she was trying to warn the train of some kind of danger. I yelled and pleaded for the conductor to stop. I was so insistent that he eventually stopped the train, but he and the other passengers saw nothing on the tracks. Of course, they were angry and irritated by me.  A little while later, I alone saw the woman, obviously a spirit, and again I begged them to halt the train. The conductor ignored me, but then he saw something on the tracks.  When the conductor got out of the train, he found a baby bundled on the tracks. It was cold, but still alive. If he hadn't have stopped it never would have survived.


Q: What was your family’s response to your abilities?

WP: They were conservative Catholics in Poland. They alternated between not believing and seeing my psychic abilities as a curse. To this day I regret that my parents didn't understand me and that I had to struggle with my world on my own.  Today, however, I am able to realize that they simply wanted to shield me. They saw my abilities as eccentricities and hoped very much that I would grow out of them.


Q: What changed that for you?

WP: I realized that being able to see spirits and communicate with them is a gift and the ability to be able to help relieve people of so much pain and misery is a wonderful reward. 


Q: What are the most common ailments caused by spirit attachments?

WP: Two of the most common ailments people come to me with are chronic fatigue and emotional disturbances.

Chronic fatigue is one of the most common signs that a person has a spirit attachment. Ghosts steal energy from weak people, sick people, old people, and people in a state of alcoholic or narcotic dependence, sleep-deprived people, anxious, depressed or frightened people. In other words, people who are already short of energy themselves.

Ghosts’ energies are centered around emotions, passions, and desires. They are incapable of distancing themselves from these states. If a person often experiences negative emotions like anger, hatred, envy, jealousy, vengeance, desire for revenge, or aggressiveness, then it's very likely that they have a spirit attachment. Once I remove the spirit attachment, these negative emotions disappear.

Other common ailments that can indicate a spirit attachment are intrusive or racing thoughts, anxiety, addictions (alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex), being overweight or underweight, depression, suicidal thoughts, and mood swings. Many times, my clients emphasized that I was their last hope, that they had tried literally everything. Doctors, medicines or treatments were all ineffective.


Q: How does the spirit detachment process work?

WP: I run a diagnosis first. I do this remotely. If I find a spirit attachment issue, then I conduct the removal process, which involves three months of working with the person possessed, but mostly the time is spent helping the spirit resolve its attachment and to move on from the living. Many people call me a psychologist of souls because I help the spirit attachment come to grips with letting go of the living.


Q: You are also a licensed therapist with an M.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Parapsychology and PhD. in Philosophy. Obviously, this education is not needed for what you do. How does it shape or influence your work?

WP: My formal education and psychotherapy training combined with my natural and innate gift allows me to better understand and help those in need by understanding how their minds work and how to counsel the living and the spirits as well.