Solving Addictions with Guidance and Temperance


Celebrity News Magazine, Los Angeles, March 2015 


Alcohol and drug problems are pervasive in the entertainment world. At first glance the parties and banquets with their variety of expensive drinks could be seen as the culprits. Not to mention, money and fame could make people in this industry lose perspective. But, is that what is at work in every case?

Michael was the golden boy of Hollywood. However, shortly after he became famous he started having problems. He became addicted to drugs and alcohol, and socialized with the wrong crowd. To make matters worse, he started to steal, even though he definitely didn't need to! Although he had never been a good child, the public always adored him. His fans always forgave his excesses although he continuously got into fights, abused alcohol, took drugs and cheated on his girlfriends. And despite going to rehab few times, he often came to the set drunk or high, and even got into fights with film directors and colleagues. Michael's life took a turn for the worse when he was arrested for wrecking a hotel room. As was his norm he told the police that he wasn't at fault, and he didn't remember anything. Subsequent scandals brought his career to a standstill.

Michael completely broke down once he was left on his own. He found it difficult to be himself. He could only put up the façade for the outside world. He disliked himself and what he had made of his life. Eventually he attempted suicide several times. And even though he received many sessions of therapy, his life wasn't improving. Nobody was able to help him. Family and friends tried to help, but it seemed as though he wasn't receptive to their assistance. In front of their eyes, he was slowly hitting rock bottom. He became a mental and physical wreck. He would often spend time on the streets instead of on own estate. Ultimately he left his home for good and became a hobo. He slept anywhere he could, and ate what he found in the garbage cans or what he got from other people. He wandered around town dirty and smelly.

In this lamentable state he bumped into his old friend, Susan who he had left in the past for another woman. They were together when Michael was at the peak of his career. Susan couldn't understand how, in such a short period of time, he had fallen from being a handsome, wealthy and confident man to being a pauper. Susan had moved to Los Angeles from Poland and remembered that back in her homeland there was a famous healer and exorcist, Wanda Pratnicka who could help people remotely.

She visited Mrs. Pratnicka's website and discovered there were many people similarly afflicted as Michael and more importantly they could be helped. The next day she contacted Wanda Pratnicka's office. Soon after Mrs. Pratnicka's assistant told her that Michael was under the influence of many strong ghosts (the souls of persons who died and didn't cross over to the other side of the death curtain) and they were negatively impacting his actions. Susan immediately requested and paid for a cleansing process to remove the ghosts attached to Michael.

After about a week Michael returned home as if he had never left. He showered, changed his clothes and started to visit his old friends even though he had become withdrawn and hadn't visited his friends for a long time. Michael didn't know that it was Wanda Pratnicka who saved his life. He certainly would never have found out were it not for the intrusiveness of returning ghosts. Whenever the ghosts returned Michael slip back into addiction and escape to the streets. The only solution was to begin anew the cleansing process. After Wanda Pratnicka had cleansed him several times Susan told him the real cause of his problems and who healed him.

He very willingly started to participate in the therapy. Wanda Pratnicka taught Michael what to do so that the ghosts would no longer be attracted to him. The most challenging ghost to lead away was his school friend who was a drug addict during his lifetime and who died after extensive suffering. Michael felt guilt and great sorrow over the loss of his life and that is why his friend was constantly attracted to Michael. For many years Michael couldn't forgive himself for not helping his friend overcome his addiction and wasting his life. Ironically, while in great despair he didn't notice that his own life had followed the same path. When he understood that and forgave himself the ghosts peacefully left him and never returned. Michael was free of the ghosts for good. However he had to wait many months to get his next movie role. But once again Michael began to achieve professional success.