Understanding Exorcism Today: Do Spirits Play a Role in Addiction

Wanda Pratnicka, PhD has a unique ability to diagnose and remove spirit entities, aka ghosts, from people remotely; no matter where a person is located. Pratnicka is a unique healer and has written several books. We were thrilled to have an interview with her!

In your book “Possessed by Ghosts” you talk about negative energies? What do you mean by negative energies? 

I mean, spirits of people who lost their physical bodies, but they haven’t decided to pass from physicality to the Light. When such a spirit connects with a living person, this spirit infuses the living person with very strong negative emotions, which come from the world it exists in, such as:  Irritation, fury, hatred, fear, but also the spirits, own instincts, desires, urges and/or passions.

How does this happen, that spirits don’t pass from the living world to the Light, and what death is like?

Death, is like leaving a physical body by a spirit, in exactly the same way, everyone of us leaves our old, worn clothes. A spirit, leaves a body because it can’t learn anything constructive through it anymore. It passes then, to an astral body, which is an accurate copy of its physical body, and lives in the astral world.