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A Little Known Cause of Chronic Fatigue

August 8, 2020


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder characterized by extreme exhaustion or lethargy that does not go away with rest and cannot be explained by an underlying medical condition. For the medical world, the exact cause of chronic fatigue syndrome still remains unknown.

Some reports estimate that approximately thirty million people worldwide suffer from chronic fatigue and ninety percent of people who suffer from CFS are not diagnosed. Twenty-five percent of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome feel severely ill and are unable to function. Chronic fatigue can affect everyone—even children–however, more women than men experience CFS.

According to Harvard Medical School, “Chronic fatigue syndrome begins suddenly, often following a flu-like infection or an episode of physical or psychological trauma, such as surgery, a traumatic accident or the death of a loved one. The illness lasts for many months or years, and only a small percentage of people recover full health.”  

In addition to fatigue, many people experience reduced concentration, loss of memory, frequent headaches, muscle pain, enlarged lymph nodes on their neck or armpits, sleep disorders, and lack of enthusiasm.  

Over the last forty-five years of freeing people from spirit and ghost attachments, we have discovered that the majority of people who reach out to us for help suffer from chronic fatigue. Lack of energy is a frequent indication that one is dealing with spirit attachment.

When a soul doesn’t transition to the other side, it will eventually become weaker and weaker. As a result, all spirits that remain among the living must find a source of energy in order to function. Most spirits don’t know how to recharge their own energy, so they are forced to steal it from the living. At first a spirit might draw small amounts of energy from various people until it permanently attaches to one specific human being.

Individuals who are physically healthy and emotionally strong resist spirit attachments to them. Spirits recognize this fact, so they will look for people who are emotionally and physically compromised because they are a much easier target. This is why spirits often select people who are sick, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, sleep-deprived, or are suffering from depression. A sensitive, attuned person will notice a drop in their energy levels right away and be deeply affected by it. Other people might blame the weather or stress, and believe that they will recover eventually. Unfortunately, once a spirit attaches itself to someone, it won’t leave on its own. To make matters worse, once a spirit is attached to someone, it is much easier for other spirits to become attached to that person. In fact, it is not uncommon for several spirits to be attached to a single person. As more spirits attach to someone, less energy remains for that person.  


Freeing yourself of spirits is a step to a better more spiritually enlightened life 1


People who are dealing with spirit attachment and lack of energy share some of their experiences here:

“I am only thirty years old, but I feel like I am sixty. I am tired even right after I wake up. I drink a lot of coffee and take various supplements, but they barely help.”

“I have a hard time staying awake during the day and can barely concentrate. My brain is foggy. Most of the day I experience pain and pressure in my head. My performance at work has been severely affected.”

“I was used to being able to accomplish so many things during the day, but now I am mostly bedridden and live on disability. I rely on other people to help me because I get easily overwhelmed. I experience intrusive thoughts that don’t seem to be mine.”

Most people suffering from chronic fatigue remember the amount of energy they used to have  and realize that they are currently functioning on a very low supply of energy. However, most don’t know the reason why—spirit possession is the last reason that they would consider to be the cause of their ailments.

Spirit attachment can happen to anybody and it has nothing to do with age. Since children wear their hearts on their sleeves, it makes it easy to determine whether they could be dealing with spirit attachment. Such children will behave differently. Most will suffer low energy, sadness, depression, isolation, have frequent crying bouts, experience constant stomachaches or headaches, and be unwilling to play with other children.

Luckily, a person’s body recuperates quickly after spirits are removed. Their emotional health also improves quickly as well. Many people describe having spirits removed as if heavy chains  have been removed. They feel lighter, calmer, happier, have more motivation to live, have clearer thinking, and they no longer experience constant fatigue.

So, if you are finding that conventional and unconventional methods are failing to improve your fatigue, it is always worthwhile to check to see if you might be dealing with spirit attachment.




1. For more information, please read Wanda Pratnicka’s book Possessed by Ghosts, Chapter: How it influences us?.

2. To learn more please visit the Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center online. To request a check-up or remote healing, please visit our check-up and healing page.




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