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Death of a Loved One and the Danger of Spirit Possession

April 16, 2022


When someone really close to us dies, someone to whom we were strongly emotionally connected and to whom our whole life was connected, we may feel as if we had suddenly run out of air and the ground collapsed beneath our feet. It does not much matter whether the death was sudden or was preceded by a long illness. One might think that when death is preceded by a long illness, there is more time to prepare for it in at least a minimal way. This is not true. When death happens, it strikes us like a lightning bolt.


Experiencing the Death of a Loved One

Sometimes death comes suddenly, without warning. Then we are stunned, as if we had been thrown into an alternative reality that paralyzes us. Some people despair to such an extent that everyone around them experiences their suffering. Others may remain unmoved, seeming as if they don't care, and showing no outward emotion. Still others will blame or curse the world and God. And while there are many ways to grieve, there is one thing they all have in common - the great pain that mourners experience. Any death is a great shock, but the death of beloved young people is an even greater tragedy. Often the whole family suffers. Everyone does try to be sympathetic, reassuring, and comforting. It is good to have support at a difficult moment. Support should be provided as often and as effectively as possible. Everyone needs to experience grief as strongly and for as long as they want and need to. That is the best way to both recover mentally oneself, and to say goodbye to your loved one. However, it is important to remember that you need to say goodbye as soon as possible so that your beloved soul can pass to the other side.

Please know that after passing to the Light your beloved soul will always love you and remember you, and when you die will be there waiting and welcoming you. Often, however, we do not want to remember this at the time of their death. Our thoughts are solely occupied with a sense of loss. We do not consider how much damage we are doing to ourselves and to our beloved departing soul. We feel that we want to keep the departed soul with us as long as possible, at all costs. This is a very selfish approach that sooner or later will rebound against us.


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How to Mourn?

Every soul is given a proper time to leave. If we do not let the soul go, this time passes and it is no longer able to leave on its own. When we have come to terms with the loss, we become more willing to say goodbye, but at this point the soul can no longer leave, because the allotted time has already ended.

How should two loving people part? Should one not mourn at all? As I have already written, we should mourn in the way that best suits us, but at the same time in such a way as to not disturb the peace of the departed soul. Let the soul know that we love them very much, that we already miss them at this moment, but precisely because we love them so much, we must let go.

Someone who has allowed his heart to be clenched by despair, grief, and loneliness is a bitter person. He cannot love anyone, and is a burden to those around him. He never gives, but only takes and makes demands. A jealous, greedy, slanderous person is usually alone. Such a person is afraid of everything - old age, illness, deprivation. It is worth thinking about this often while you are still together in this lifetime.


The Consequences of Not Letting the Loved One Go

If we impede a soul whose primary goal is to pass to the Light, this will have many negative consequences both for us and for the departing soul. Such a spirit will suffer torment because it will have to be near the physical world in a realm full of strong negative emotions that will cause the spirit great suffering. This will in turn impact us, because in a close relationship such as that between a spirit and a human being, we always participate in the emotions of the other party. We will therefore be bombarded with strong emotions such as anger, hatred, or fear. This will attract to us negative people, difficult situations including financial problems, and often physical illnesses too. A living person's problems will worsen when the spirit stays with them permanently, which is when the living person becomes permanently possessed. You can read what suffering can result from this HERE.





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