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Emotions That Attract Spirits - An Introduction

December 12, 2021


In this series we will be talking about emotional problems, our negative reactions to life events. This series is intended for people who have freed themselves from spirit attachment and are trying to prevent future attachments. In these cases, the key is not to allow their own emotions to attract back the spirits that were removed from them before.


How Our Emotions Form and Influence Us

There are many emotions that attract spirits to a person. They are all negative in their nature. Unfortunately, most of us have not yet mastered the art of perfect control over our own emotions. Various situations and life circumstances happen to us every day – all of which trigger an emotional response. If something happens to us that is to our liking, we react with positive emotions - love, joy, gratitude, enthusiasm, or peace. If the situation does not fit into our picture of an ideal life, we react with negative emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, and regret. Additionally, we often allow worry about all sorts of things and as a result they drag us down into the abyss of a negative spiral and lead us straight into the spirit world.

Our emotional reactions stem directly from our childhood, from what emotions we chose to react to various situations back then. When the same or a similar situation arises again, we react emotionally in a similar way. The energy we invested in our emotional reactions collects and forms emotional patterns – referred to as our emotional body or astral body.


How to Change Emotional Patterns

When the emotions are positive, this is a desirable emotional response. Negative patterns, on the other hand, are less desirable and require work to change. Just as we have "worked out" a certain emotional pattern, we can now work on changing it.

This is very necessary, because very often our emotional reactions are negative, and therefore we are suffering. We must refuse to accept this. The first step in changing an emotional reaction is to become fully aware that the emotion has taken hold of us.


Recognizing Negative Emotions

Unfortunately, there are still many people who out of fear of experiencing a negative emotion give in to it. They get angry, feel sorry for themselves, and more without allowing themselves to be aware that they are feeling that emotion. Those around them can see that they are angry, for example, but when asked they say that everything is fine. Only when their emotions accumulate to  a certain, critical level do they explode. So the first step is to look at your own emotions and to know what you are feeling at each moment of your waking experience.

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Determining Whether Emotions Serve You

The next step is to decide whether the emotion is desirable or not. If it is not, only then can we begin to work on not giving in to it. Such non-surrender is negating the emotion, but not on the principle of not wanting to feel the emotion. Instead, you’re coming from a place of recognition that the emotion is not the desired emotion and are making a decision not to allow it to influence your reactions or thoughts.


Taking Action to Rid Yourself of Emotions That Don’t Serve You

This is you being able to say “I feel a great emotion such as anger, but I don't give in to it, I don't allow it to lead to, for example, an argument or to blame myself or others”. During this process we have to be persistent, sometimes we have been feeding this emotion for a long time and it has accumulated enough in our emotional body to require persistent attention.

The good news is that its energy is finite and we only need to survive its "attack" by not reacting to it. This alone will already ensure that we do not energize it with additional energy. As a result, the emotion will lose intensity and will, at some point, never return again.

It happens that we have fed, for example, anger for a long period of time with a large amount of energy. In these instances, its strength has become very great – to the point where the emotion has an almost hypnotic effect on our behavior. Something upsets us and we immediately explode. Sometimes we are even able to see that the situation that triggers this emotion is not proportional to our reaction.

For example, something insignificant happens and we react very strongly (but I am not referring to the reaction coming from a spirit possession aka spirit attachment. Emotions coming from our own emotional body are much more subtle than intrusive and strikingly strong emotions coming from spirit attachments). We may also know that we should not react negatively but the hypnotic influence of our emotion is so strong that we fail to do so.

We must then find a way to distance ourselves from the emotion. The best way is to try to relax. Stop talking and acting, sit still, or lie down -- if that is possible. We can use the counting exercise presented in an earlier post. Just the fact that we stop talking or acting will raise our vibration. The hardest part is at the very beginning, when we have to break the automatism of our own emotional reactions. This is when we need to focus on awareness of our own emotions the most.

In subsequent posts we will discuss the particular emotions that attract spirits to us, and we will start with perhaps the most common one - worry.





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