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How self-pity leads to spirit attachment and self-destruction?

January 9, 2022


Self-pity often masquerades as self-care or, even, love for others and therefore goes unnoticed.


Example: The Beggar on the Street
Let’s take a look at a fairly common experience to spotlight how this works in day-to-day life. Let’s say we pass a beggar on the street. We can react to it in two ways. One is harmful. The other is appropriate.


Harmful Reaction
In the first case we feel pity. We feel sorry for the beggar we pass but we also feel sorry for ourselves. Why? Everything we see in another person, we also see in ourselves. Therefore, the suffering of the other person presses on our own suffering. The suffering may not be identical but it usually is very similar. We then say: "What a bad world this is, in which such suffering can exist. This poor person is certainly not coping with it now and will not cope with this situation in the future either." In fact, deep within ourselves that translates into - "God does not exist, or an evil God reigns. If God were good, He would never have brought about such suffering."


Appropriate Reaction
In the second case, we feel compassion with the suffering person. We see all his pain and think, "I can see that you are in a very difficult situation that is completely overwhelming you and creating a great deal of pain. But I know that the power that gives you life is God. He has put you in this very difficult situation so that you can learn to overcome the wrong thinking that has led to it and to gain motivation for change. I know that this situation will lead you to an understanding that will cure the faulty thinking, and that will result in a complete change in your situation." 


all pity is self pity


Understanding the Different Responses

In both cases a desire to help often arises within us. The difference lies in how we try to help the suffering person we’ve encountered.

In the first case we will try to help more materially, we will support the sufferer with money and other material means. In the second we will try to explain to the sufferer his situation, we will search with him for the erroneous thoughts which have led to this difficult situation, and we will explain to him that the world is perfectly just and creates circumstances for us in response to our own beliefs. If they are wrong the effect will be suffering. If they are in accord with Truth, the effect will be prosperity, joy, delight, enthusiasm, and from these arises all material good. We will envision him living in prosperity, liberated from erroneous thinking – because we know that thoughts manifest into experience.

As you can see these two perceptions are radically different. The first one is negative and the latter is positive.


Why How We Respond Matters
Unfortunately, many of us choose the first response. We choose to be slaves to circumstances, people, limitations, conditions we were born into, etc. This has a great many negative consequences. One of the biggest consequences is the opening of ourselves to spirit attachments.

How does this work? We attract what we think and feel. So, when we think and feel thoughts of self-pity and live with a victim mentality, we attract to ourselves thoughts and feelings that often come from the spirits of deceased people who felt sorry for themselves and others during their life on earth. This allowed the spirits to shift responsibility for their fate from themselves to others, circumstances and the world. Instead of trying to control their own thoughts, they resigned themselves to what happened to them.

Spirits now have a great need for energy, which they do not receive from any source. So they wander around looking for physical people whom they can approach and steal at least a little energy from. People who have a tendency to self-pity will attract them like a magnet.

What is often the basis of close relationships between people? One of the biggest foundations on which relationships are built is a sense of similar interests, similar emotions and similar thoughts. The same applies to spirit attachments. When such a grieving spirit comes to us we don't see them as a threat, more as a partner in suffering. It is ultimately someone who shares deeply with us our own worldview.

Such a lack of attention to one's own thoughts and emotions leads us down life's dangerous paths, narrow and strewn with sharp protruding rocks. It is much better to stop in such a situation and start thinking more and more about our own beliefs and emotions. This is the only way out of the trap we have fallen into. It is not an easy path, it requires a lot of mental effort, but it is the only way out.





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