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How to Protect Yourself from the Influence or Return of Spirits? Part 1

June 25, 2022


We are often asked what to do when a spirit tries to influence living persons. This is a very important question, because how we approach this issue determines whether we will succeed in distancing ourselves from the spirit or will actually further strengthen our relationship with it. This question is also important for all those who have benefited from the spirit removal process and need to know how to proceed so that spirits do not return once they have been led away. If someone has dealt with spirit possession--aka spirit attachment--their protective sheath is compromised and needs to be patiently rebuilt (more on this in the next post). The spirits will have easier access to them than to a person whose protective sheath is strong.

Spirits can manifest in our lives in many different ways, but a common feature is always the presence of strong negative emotions. Initially they may be felt less strongly, because there is still a considerable distance between the spirit and ourselves. The spirit is at a distance from our emotional body and we only slightly feel its negative emotions. You have to be very careful here and check whether similar negative emotions do not start appearing again and again. For example, if we are reprimanded by our boss at work, we might begin to feel angry with him. Usually we would experience the negative emotions of a dispute with our boss for a little while, say a few hours at the most. However, spirits may join this conflict and stir up emotional discord both in us and in our boss. This is because spirits are always on the lookout for opportunities to get close to people who already have a negative attitude towards other people and situations.

Therefore, a spirit may start bombarding us with an emotion of anger at our boss, and we may be completely unaware that this is no longer our own emotion. We may mistakenly think that we should deal with this emotion, hoping that will lead us to resolve the conflict with the boss. We can do this, but only to comprehend the nature of the emotion. Once we recognize what it is we must no longer deal with it, because it is already understood. So, if a negative emotion comes to us again and again it can mean two things. It could be our own spitefulness --we are unable or unwilling to understand our boss's position and forgive him. The other possibility is that there is a spirit near us that wants to intensify a conflict.


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This is because spirits benefit greatly when people get into arguments with each other, caused by promptings from spirits. This is because they can draw away people's energy from them. This, of course, applies to both sides of the argument, both from ourselves and the boss. In an extreme case conflict can occur on a grand scale, such as between nations. Many spirits enter into such a conflict and when they manipulate both sides, wars can occur between nations.

Returning to our disagreement with the boss, we need to know whether the emotion that arises in us--such as anger or rage at the boss--comes from within ourselves or emanates from the spirits. If the emotion intensifies as time passes and it is continually the same emotion, in this case anger at the boss, the chances are very high that we have been approached by spirits who want to draw away our energy.

We have to be careful and immediately counter such emotions, by, for example, saying to ourselves "I will not give this anger any attention, anger is a negative emotion that will only lead me to an even greater negative emotion". This has to be done every time such anger arises, and sometimes this has to be repeated many times. If you do not do this you will find that a slight irritation will turn into rage, and rage to hatred. From there it is only a small step for spirit possession to take place. Up to this point, all the power over our emotional state has been in our hands. However, when a spirit possession occurs, we can no longer help ourselves; we need someone to lead the spirit away from us.

Unfortunately, many people do not recognize this mechanism. They go through life thinking that suffering coming from the negative emotions of spirits is the result of their own emotions, which they try to resolve, unfortunately without success. We are often approached by people who have already tried all kinds of remedies--meditation, psychotherapy, or other conventional methods, but in the case of a spirit possession none of these methods will bring lasting improvement.





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