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Living With a Child Who Experiences Spirit Possession

April 2, 2022


Unfortunately, there are cases in which spirit possession occurs in children. Such a situation is extremely difficult for parents because of the love that every parent has for their child. The child will often display severely negative traits that are a complete negation of the child's nature and his/her usual behavior.

Children are most often possessed by deceased people belonging to their own family. The deceased are often afraid to leave the physical life sphere and try to prolong their stay on this plane as much as possible. The spirit usually has only a short time, about forty days, to decide to depart into the hereafter. During this time, it has enough energy to leave on its own (after this time it will need the help of an exorcist). When the time limit expires, it begins to lose energy and will have to seriously consider where to get it from.


Why spirits target children?

From the perspective of the spirit, the best chances for survival in this situation are guaranteed by children. Children have boundless amounts of energy, which is what the spirit most cares about. Moreover, in this case the spirit can continue to be close to its family.

After some time, the spirit will want to participate in family life not only passively, as an observer of the child's life, but will also want to take an active part in physical life. Thus, it will seek to take control of the child's psyche so that it gains the ability to manifest itself on a physical level, using the child's physical body. We can then begin to recognize in the child the characteristics of the deceased person. Every person has certain characteristic traits - the way they move, the way they react to things, the type of gaze, and so on. We can begin to recognize these characteristics in a child. We may even be glad, subconsciously, that a part of our grandfather or grandmother is still with us. We then feel less pain at the loss of a beloved loved one.

Unfortunately, nature, the Divine Intelligence, or otherwise God does not allow the deceased to remain in the world of the living. Therefore, there will be suffering to awaken not only the deceased, but also the living, from this unnatural state of affairs.


How spirit possession affects children?

The spirit that does not go to the Light and remains close to physicality resides in a field of strong negative emotions such as anger, hatred, and fear. These become part of its life, and there is no escape from it. Such emotions will therefore, through the spirit, be transferred to the child it possessed. This will cause our previously well-behaved child to become more and more emotionally unstable, and to start displaying strong or even very strong negative emotions outwardly. We can try to calm the child down, but it will not have lasting results. The child knows they are behaving incorrectly, but there is nothing they can do about it. These emotions just remain with them. They can't get rid of them or control them.


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This behavior will lead to countless conflicts not only within the family circle, but wherever our child interacts with others. We may hear that the daycare center wants to expel our child because the daycare workers can't handle the child's outbursts of destructive emotions, or that the child is aggressive toward other children. Such aggressive behavior can be very strong; a possessed adult has partial control over it, but a child unfortunately does not at all.

Extreme situations can also occur at home. The child may lash out at household members with great hatred, especially if the possessing spirit was in a state of conflict with any of the household members during their lifetime. There are cases where the child’s behavior is not only unbearable, but the child actually becomes a real threat. We have had people come to us for help who were afraid to sleep under the same roof with a child, because the child would reach for sharp tools with the intention of using them against adults.

The spirit removal process leads to an improvement in the situation. The child’s behavior may improve dramatically. However, it can also happen that the possessing spirit is someone with whom we have unresolved emotional issues, and therefore this type of conflict develops even though the deceased is no longer physically present. In such a case, the adult towards whom such attacks are directed - verbal, emotional, or physical – must also do unavoidable work. In this instance, the path to freedom is through both the removal process (performed by the exorcist) but also forgiveness and understanding (done by the person involved).


How to approach children who deal with spirit possession?

Parents of a child who experiences possession need to remember that the reactions they notice are not those of their child, but are in fact a manifestation of the emotions of the other personality that has somehow managed to possess the child. Therefore, they should not "take personally" and be distressed by their beloved child's malicious reactions to them. The child still loves them, but the possessing spirit does not necessarily do so.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the spirit of, for example, a mother-in-law with a great desire for revenge on her son-in-law, but unable to harm him directly, will seek an opportunity to carry out revenge with the help of a child to whom she may have access. These are not, of course, malicious and deliberate actions on the part of the spirit. It simply allowed itself to be surrounded by negative emotions during its physical life on earth, and now these negative emotions demand to be discharged.

To summarize, we should remember that the physicality in which we live does not always work according to the rules of the physical world. It can be influenced by factors coming from various, sometimes ethereal, sources.





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