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The Common Symptoms of a Spirit Attachment - Alienation

September 18, 2021



Alienation is another common symptom of a spirit attachment. If you’ve been following the blog you know that one of the main reasons a spirit stays with a person is to feed off the living’s energy. While a kind of vampirism, it is not malicious behavior. Instead, it is merely a function of the spirit's survival instinct.

A spirit begins losing energy the minute it chooses not to go to the afterlife (while it still has the energy to do so). As it notices it is losing energy, the spirit will begin to fear death. The spirit will therefore try with all its might to acquire energy for survival. It can get this energy partly from the living, if it manages to get close to them.

This is the situation we often see in haunted houses. The ghost has decided to stay with some property. Usually this will be because the spirit owned the property, lived in it for a long time, died in it, or for other reasons claims the right to stay in it. When new tenants move into that property, the spirit is very unhappy on one hand. It is as if strangers have suddenly moved into our house and we are forced to live with them under the same roof and are unable to change this in any way. But on the other hand, this spirit sees that by staying in the energy field of the living it gains energy to live. This is how properties can remain haunted for centuries, as the living feed the energy to the resident spirits.


How Human / Spirit Relationships Foster Isolation

In order to facilitate it getting as much energy as possible, the spirit is very interested in being as close to the human as possible. After some time such a human / spirit relationship becomes more and more intimate. The spirit gets to know the human better and the human - on the subconscious level - gets to know the spirit more intimately. As the two get closer, a permanent possession or attachment can occur. It is as if the spirit circles around the living like a satellite until the living accepts it as part of itself.

This attachment ensures that the spirit is constantly supplied with new energy. Since it’s energy supply depends on closeness with the human, the spirit begins to strive to make this relationship exclusive, and preferably the only relationship in which a human is involved. Any relationships the human has with other people become obstacles in the spirit’s path – as these relationships are in direct line a threat to the survival of the spirit. Therefore, the spirit will do everything in its power to break such relationships and prevent new ones from forming. The spirit has many tools for this purpose.

We must remember that spirits reside on the level of the low astral world, where the leading emotions are anger, rage, hatred, or fear. The spirit will therefore send such strong negative emotions towards all people around in the hope that the person will plunge into a state of conflict with all their surroundings. People looking from the outside at the possessed person will feel emotional discomfort. They see him as a source of negative emotions and find themselves losing energy when near him. They will therefore avoid such person as much as possible.

At the same time, the ghost will disgust the possessed person with his surroundings, draw the person's attention to the flaws in other people, and shine a spotlight on their their weaknesses. As a result of this, the possessed person begins to create a very negative image of the people around him – and the world at large.

When this situation continues for years, the possessed person may find himself in a situation where he cannot stand his surroundings and starts to avoid the people around him. His negative opinion of the world and people leads to highly depressive states and – at times - to suicidal thoughts.


Spirit Attachment and Suicide*

Suicidal thoughts are most common in people whose spirits are very negative and who wish to liberate themselves from the human body. The spirit is very often not happy to possess the person. While it draws vital energy for him, the situation is a great discomfort for the spirit.

Every soul has its own goals and its own tastes. The spirit most often is not able to simultaneously live in a person and realize its goals. Not infrequently it wants to free itself from this relationship and urges the person to suicide - because it knows that when the person loses the physical body the relationship between man and spirit will be broken.


Spirit Attachment and Alienation

Another way to push the possessed person away from his or her surroundings is to constantly introduce conflict into relationships with other people by getting the possessed person to start disagreements.

On the one hand, this serves to drive people away from the possessed person. On the other hand, the spirit provides itself with a high level of its own energy in this way because it takes away correspondingly more energy from the possessed person if it is able to get him to enter into very strong negative energies. The stronger the negative emotion to which it induces a person, the more energy it will take from him. Very big arguments are the most "profitable" energetically for the spirit in this aspect.


What to Do If You Suspect Spirit Attachment

We should remember that if we are dealing with a family member who is constantly arguing and starting fights, they might be suffering from possession. Instead of getting angry and taking his words to heart, we should seek help for him.

We should also act in the same way when we see that our loved one has suddenly become isolated, withdrawn into himself and does not feel like having any contact with the outside world. In this way we can prevent many misfortunes.


*If you feel suicidal and need immediate help, you should call your local emergency number for help.  



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