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The Dangers of Summoning Spirits

November 27, 2021


Today's post will be dedicated to the topic of summoning spirits.

Deep inside, most of us feel that the world doesn’t end when our physical existence ends, as we live on many levels simultaneously. At any given moment, any one of us is occupying the physical, emotional, mental realms at the same time.

One notable piece of evidence into the fact that most of us believe we occupy more than the physical realm is our affinity for watching film productions that explore the unseen world and its impact on us. These productions are sometimes really good, but most often they are very misleading. This is because – like most forms of entertainment - they sensationalize and cause fear. Rather than educating viewers on how the spirit world works, they quickly veer into “horror movie” territory.

To save you the trouble of sifting through the sensationalist films in search of true explorations, we have collected the best productions in the form of recommendations in the "Recommended Movies" tab.

There are many people who seek out instruction guides when they become inspired to get in touch with the spirit world. The retail and toy industries feed into this by producing millions of game boards for communicating with spirits.

In this post, we’ll discuss the dangers involved with such contacts and explore how these endeavors inevitably end in future pain and suffering.


Astral Level Encounters: Conscious and Unconscious

After the death of the physical body, a person leaves their physical body and his conscious mind passes into the so-called astral level. Despite the fact that the astral world is made up of emotions, it is just as real and tangible for the person who has passed on as the physical world is for those still living. In fact, we are in the astral world every night when our consciousness disconnects from the physical body and passes into the astral world.

For most people, such a journey is not conscious. The emotional body operates according to the emotional tendencies previously delineated for it by the human being. Only after we leave the physical body in the process called "death" do we consciously enter the astral world in our emotional body. This reality becomes the experience of every soul, no matter whether it has decided to leave to the hereafter or to remain near the physical world. Souls who do not want to leave to the other side of death's curtain make life very difficult for themselves and it will have many negative consequences for them. This hesitancy almost always brings them an incredible amount of suffering.

Communication with spirits will, therefore, run between the emotional body of the living and the emotional body of the spirit whom he will attract to himself. It is, organically, an unconscious process for the living. The spirit however remains fully aware of what is going on. Spirits who have not chosen to leave the so-called low astral world (the realm located closest to the physical world) do not receive energy from any source. Therefore, they need humans to energize them and are very interested in making contact with the living.

The unfortunate reality is that while the spirit benefits from this arrangement, the human receives all the negative emotional burdens of the spirit. These emotional burdens frequently include strong emotions of the low astral world (such as anger, hatred, envy or fear). This is why people who come in any way into contact with spirits show emotional instability manifesting itself in strong mood swings. These mood swings are little more than the effects of negative emotions that bombard the psyche of a living person.


Conscious vs. Unconscious Attracting of Spirits

Although we attract spirits constantly with our own emotions, this is an unconscious process. When we engage in this unconscious process, we are given protection by the Universe. On the other hand, if we attract a spirit with the intention of contacting it, we lose the right to this protection because the connection was borne of our own free will. Because we have received our free will from God himself, it is fundamentally holy and therefore causative. So if we have the will to think or do anything, it will have to happen, sooner or later, it's just a matter of striving and time to make it happen.

Those who engage in spiritualist séances, even if they are complete laymen, have an obvious desire to contact the spirit. This leads to many unpleasant consequences. The most common consequence is attracting spirits who do not want to leave.

One can, of course, lead them away and be successful. Unfortunately, spirits often quickly return -- even if the person no longer has any desire to have the spirit with them. The spirit here invokes its right to stay with the person. Its right comes from the fact that it was attracted to him at the request of the person. This was the will of the person.

As a result, such a person suffers from a number of symptoms presented in the "Symptoms" section, but their removal process/exorcism is an arduous and long-term process. In these instances, the spirits simply do not want to leave. The spirit benefits greatly from the fact that it possessed the person. It receives energy from him/her to live and therefore it cares a lot about such a relationship. The human, on the other hand, loses energy and suffers torment.

The only solution out of this situation is to cleanse the person again and again. This can sometimes go on for much longer periods of time than in the case of a person who has attracted his or her dead mother or grandfather with his or her own emotions.

I hope that reading this post will persuade you, dear reader, to give up the thought of calling ghosts. For many people it is just fun, but it most often has tragic consequences. And for the advanced ones, I would like to give this advice - there is no point in knocking down open doors, after all, inside each of us knows that ghosts exist.




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