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What Can Spirit Possession Teach Us? PART 1

May 8, 2021


In the Universe, everything that happens in life serves a higher purpose to teach us something. Each of us is constantly learning how to get closer to the place in our heart that gave us life—our divine inheritance.

However, these lessons can sometimes be uncomfortable and painful. Suffering is a signpost showing us our weaknesses and imperfections. So, rather than running away from these difficult lessons, they are worth looking at it, learning from, and improving oneself. Noticing one's own suffering helps to understand its causes and it is the first step to remove them forever. Suffering is not man's destiny, but instead, it is a transitional phase that will ultimately lead to happiness and freedom.

The phenomenon of possession/spirit attachment, which is connected to various kinds of suffering, also falls under this principle. The first affliction of every person who is dealing with spirit attachment is a reduction of their energy level—a person will have only a limited portion of their daily energy available to them. However, the list of afflictions is much longer. You can read about all the common symptoms of spirit attachment here.

We can learn a tremendous amount from the presence of another soul in our energy field. The first lesson is to gain the ability to find comfort and joy in being alone with ourselves. With a higher understanding of this aspect of ourselves—our Higher Self—we can all find a way to be more comfortable with ourselves. This higher aspect is always joyful, fulfilling, and produces a desire for good for not only ourselves, but for everyone around us as well. Our Higher Self is extremely powerful, compassionate, loving, and wise. Everyone deserves to always be in the close presence of their own Higher Self. However, to reach this high level, we must learn to wisely manage our relationships on a human level.

Sometimes we are forgetful and we yearn to continue to have relationships with loved ones who are no longer present. Let's assume that our wife, husband, mother, father, child or one of our siblings dies. It is natural to continue to have strong emotional ties with them, but those ties must end after they leave the physical world because they no longer belong in the world of the living. If we insist on their continued presence, the soul of our beloved person will remain with us, but it is their destiny to go to the other side. When the spirit of a loved one continues to stay with us, they will become dependent on our energy, and this will ultimately turn into a possession.

Being connected with another soul causes us to feel great discomfort because this other soul has a very different plan for life than we do. Spirits have different desires, aspirations, and an entirely different emotional world. However, its emotions will soon become our emotions, and its desires and aspirations will become ours as well. This is because we are no longer a separate soul following our own energy. There is another soul with us—or rather within us—that have their own set of desires. We will become one being containing two different souls.

It will then be very difficult, or even impossible, for us to recognize which emotions/thoughts are our own and which are those of the other soul. We will feel a constant split. We will want one thing and the spirit will want something radically different. This represents the possibility of great suffering, but also of great learning potential as well.

We need to understand that we can only achieve joy and happiness by being completely alone, by being connected only to our Higher Self. This is a difficult lesson to learn because many of us have become accustomed to being constantly connected to a person on an personal, emotional level. This happens when the basis of the relationship is some kind of shared emotion or a shared way of looking at life. We can still be connected to someone on an emotional level, but we must always be aware that we are doing it—it cannot be an automatic process. Otherwise,  when a person close to us dies, we, out of sheer reflex of desire, will not let them go to the other side where they belong. But only after the soul passes to the other side will they experience true peace and happiness, never by staying with us.

The problems arising from the above will not affect us if we have honored the departed with only love from our heart. Such love should only be concerned with the welfare of the other being, never with our own. We should not dwell upon what we are losing, but rather, what we should do so our beloved is well and at peace. Such love gives freedom, even if the consequence is the departure of our loved one.

In summary, we can assure you that by freeing ourselves from spirit attachment, we learn to be independent and to take responsibility for our own choices and lives.



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