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When You Sense Invisible Beings - Introduction

October 16, 2021


We live in a world in which we are surrounded by a myriad of subtle energies, yet we tend to focus very little of our awareness on them.

Our consciousness is mainly focused on our own physicality and external body – since this is where our soul currently resides. When the soul no longer sees a possibility for further development during an incarnation, it decides to break the connection with the physical body in order to pass to the astral (emotional) body. There we assimilate the lessons we learned during our life on earth.


Perceiving The Astral World

In most people, the astral / emotional bodies (the sum of all our emotions) are well developed and can be used as a means to perceive the reality of the astral world. This process can happen to anyone on earth, because our vibrations are constantly increasing.

Our vibrational levels increase constantly, so the boundary between the subtle astral world (the world where spirits reside after physical death) and the physical world becomes thinner and thinner. We are therefore able to experience increasingly subtle energies. Like anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to this.

One of the primary problems revolves around the fact that the astral world (the world where spirits reside) is inhabited by quite a few souls who have already got rid of their physical body but have resisted the call to ascend to higher regions of the astral world. These souls remain "chained" to the lowest regions of the astral world – those closest to the physical world in which we reside. Lost and confused, they wander without understanding the world in which they have found themselves.


Understanding the Astral World’s Purification Process

These souls are in the process of purification. During this process, the negative emotional energies with which they surrounded themselves during their lifetime (anger, rage, hatred, self-pity, jealousy, envy, fear, etc) are removed and the soul is purified. The Catholic Church calls this place Purgatory.

This place was not created by anyone. Any time a soul decides to remain near physicality (which is a very poor decision based on fear), it chooses to stay in this region. If, instead, it made the choice to go higher, it would receive a great deal of help from our enlightened elder brothers residing at higher vibrational levels.


Recognizing How This Process Impacts Us While We’re Alive

Awareness of the existence of such a situation is important to us – even while alive. Many of us are beginning to recognize some of this reality with increasing regularity.

Looking at humanity, we have a small number of very primitive people and a small number of enlightened souls who are very powerfully leading humanity towards full development. These groups form each side of a very wide spectrum of development.

Most of us are already developed enough to come into close contact with the astral world without any problem, but most of us do so in an improper manner. This happens when we drink alcohol, smoke too much tobacco, take drugs, of which the most widespread, and therefore also the most dangerous, is the cannabis available in the form of marijuana.


Factors Associated with Increased Awareness

1. Our vibrations are going up along with the vibrations of the earth, which is currently going through a transition to higher vibrational levels.

2. The number of advanced souls (those with the ability to perceive higher energy fields) incarnating on earth is increasing as a result of the long process of their evolution.

Contact with the astral world may be a very pleasant, liberating experience. Since the astral vibration is much higher than the physical, we experience more freedom and begin to see more of existence than just the physical.

The process is a little like getting rid of the fear of death because we then see - quite clearly - that physicality is not all we have. We can consciously see that when our body is gone, we still exist.


Seeking the Astral World Through Stimulants and Psychoactive Substances

Unfortunately, encountering the astral world through stimulants almost always ends in addiction. Once we experience it, a compulsion forms and we strive to repeat the state of astral freedom. People often start their journey into addiction with marijuana, under a false assumption of harmlessness. In many instances, these individuals move on to more dangerous drugs. As addiction progresses, they follow a very fast path to the end of their present incarnation.

Thousands of tragic cases have shown us that this approach leads to an early death. This means a wasted incarnation, but also great trouble in the astral world. Such a confused, drugged soul remains chained to close regions of the physical world for a very long time and often looks for other addicts with whom it will be able to experience a substitute of addiction.

These psychoactive substances cause our astral body to weaken and become easily accessible to spirits residing close to physicality. Then contacts with the astral world begin which results in many painful symptoms.

There is also a group of souls who came to incarnation with partial or full consciousness of the astral world. We don't have to speak about those who have full consciousness, they know what they do and how they have to act in order not to fall into the astral snare of illusion. All others must learn this, and their way certainly does not lead through the world of stimulants, but through the constant directing of their own attention to the consciousness of their own emotions. Only through such continuous work, incarnation after incarnation, can we learn to use astral matter better and better.

This page is intended to help all those who have already opened their astral eyes and have unknowingly fallen prey to spirits that try to survive by attaching themselves to incarnated people, which feeds them with energy to live.

In the next part of this post we will go on to describe the various phenomena that take place when our astral eyes are already opened a little, but not enough to understand this world well, so that all those who have attracted spirits to themselves will be able to free themselves as soon as possible.




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