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When You Sense Invisible Beings - Spirits Outside Physical Body

October 31, 2021


Whether you’ve experienced a spirit attachment before or not, their presence rarely goes unnoticed. When we allow spirits to be near us we will quickly become aware of their presence, as it manifests in different ways. The more we understand about what spirit attachment feels like, the more able we are to successfully free ourselves.


Stages of a Spirit’s Influence

There are a number of ways in which a spirit’s presence can manifest. Generally, we say that there are two stages of a spirit’s influence on us.

• The first stage refers to the period in which the spirit resides outside our physical body. At this point, the spirit’s emotional body is “only” influencing our emotions.

• The second stage refers to the period when the connection with the spirit has become so deep that our emotional body and the spirit's emotional body have merged. We then say that spirit is in our physical body because we can no longer distinguish between our own emotions and thoughts and the emotions and thoughts of spirit.

The primary difference between the two stages lies in whether we wind up physically or emotionally depleted. When the emotional bodies of a person and spirit merge, we no longer feel the emotions of the spirit so intensely, but we are very physically weakened. This is when the spirit takes most of our energy.


A Spirit’s Influence on You

In this post we will focus on the first phase of the spirit attachment. The fact that the spirit is not completely connected to us does not mean that its impact isn’t profound and detrimental. In this stage, the spirit can greatly influence our psyche, our emotions and thoughts.

The more sensitive a person is, the more strongly they feel the emotions (and, to some degree, thoughts) of those around them. These people already have a higher consciousness and, therefore, are just more attuned to the emotional nature of their surroundings.

Such people will, because of this sensitivity, come into contact with spirits more frequently than those who are less attuned to the world and consciousness around them. Generally speaking, these people don’t realize that they are communicating with spirit energy. Instead, they simply feel some foreign emotion (spirit energy) but assume it’s their own emotion. Since the spirit’s emotions come from its own psyche and ours come from our own psyche, this confusion leads to a great deal of misunderstanding and inappropriate reactions.

Let me give you an example of how this works. If you’re one of the especially attuned people and you’re approached by a spirit who emanates strong anger energy, you’ll suddenly begin to be angry as well. Once this happens, a spiral of negative emotions can evolve. We feel the spirit’s angry emotions and introduce our own negative emotions like anger, jealousy, envy, hatred or fear. And, inevitably, these destructive emotions cause you to suffer.


Separating Your Emotions from Spirit Emotions

Thus, it is extremely important to understand the source of the emotions we feel and to be able to determine if they’re our own emotions. If not, we can assess whether they belong to the living people around us or those of a spirit who for some reason has come close to us. Under no circumstances should we give in to these negative vibrations.

The next step will be to recognize whether the emotion is coming from us or from the outside. In this way we will become increasingly aware of the world of emotions around us and be able to respond correctly.

The beauty of this is that if we recognize the source of a negative emotion as being outside of us, we don't actually have to analyze it in any way. It's not ours and we can reject it immediately. This may not be easy at first, but it will become easier and easier as we progress in our efforts.

If the emotion is ours, then we should definitely deal with it. It comes from our own energy system, from our subconscious. There are largely misunderstood experiences from the past, perhaps even from early childhood, which need to be recognized and healed.

If, on the other hand, the emotion is coming from the spirit, it is necessary for us to firmly demand peace and calmness from ourselves, even though the intensity of the spirit's emotion may overwhelm us. If this does not help, it is worthwhile to stop acting, talking, or even thinking and feeling, to lie down or sit down for a while and relax.


Spirits and Our Psyche

If we have not yet developed the above skills, it may be that spirits begin to affect our psyche and senses. Spirits can be heard, seen or felt. All these forms are undesirable and we should distance ourselves from these phenomena, not "partake" in them. As our powers grow, we will be able to respond to spirits in a different way, but at first it is essential to keep our distance.

When the spirits are near, we will feel their presence. It may even happen that we hear, see or feel what the spirits hear, see and feel. We may think we are going crazy because the situation we are in has nothing to do with what we are experiencing internally. Don't be afraid of this. Try to relax to gain some peace and distance.

There are people who are so closely connected to spirits that they perceive everything that the spirit is going through. Due to lack of awareness, such people often assume that this is their own perception. They think they are clairvoyant and are looking into the depths of the astral/emotional world.

However, the truth is that they are only seeing the perspective that the spirit has at that moment. Some of these people consider themselves to be very special because of this “power”. This is very dangerous, however, because this feeling of uniqueness comes from our ego. We are making ourselves feel superior because of this “special” ability.

Not only is this detrimental to relationships, but it can lead to an even stronger attachment to the spirit. This happens because we then see its perspective as something desirable, valuable. This, of course, is not the case. We only see a very subjective perception of spirit based on its illusion. For the spirit does not see the truth. Truth appears only when the soul looks at the spirit world from above, as if from a bird's eye view. One must therefore beware of such "uniqueness" and, above all, be aware that the above-mentioned phenomenon can occur at all.

In part three of this series, we will discuss further cases in which invisible beings influence our perceptions and lives.




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