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Why Don’t Souls Go to the Other Side After Death? Part 2

May 28, 2022


An important reason why the souls of people do not go to the hereafter after losing their physical bodies is some form of addiction. Every addiction stems from the habits we mentioned in the last post. An exceptionally large number of people who suffer from some form of addiction are not aware that they are addicted, even when the negative consequences of the addiction constantly affect them. This is a denial of the facts, an unwillingness to admit to ourselves that we have a problem. However, the problem we have with addiction on the physical level is nothing compared to the problems we face once we have only an astral body. It is this body that the spirit uses when it puts away the physical body.

Most of the substances that we become addicted to in the physical world have no equivalent on the astral level. There are no cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. This means that we are unable to act habitually, such as smoking a cigarette several times a day. If you are accustomed to indulging in any substance, consider what would happen if you suddenly could not use it EVER AGAIN. Most people who are addicted to cigarettes become very impatient and anxious when they cannot smoke just one cigarette when they want to. Now imagine how you would feel if you had to multiply this feeling a hundred times over. Hence, it is our duty to make sure that right now, on the physical level, we become completely independent of all kinds of negative habits, such as addictions.

Souls with addictions suffer a great deal after the laying aside of the physical body. They try to find a substitute for the substance they crave, which automatically attracts them to people who are using that very substance in the physical world. This is like a situation in which we are very, very hungry, so we are drawn to a restaurant where people are eating all kinds of delicacies. However, we can only look at these delicacies and smell them, which increases our appetite even more, and our torment becomes even more severe.

For the people to whom such an addicted soul is attracted, this also has very unpleasant consequences. Firstly, such a "starved" spirit will stay close to a person, thus automatically drawing energy from them. Secondly, the very presence of the spirit in our aura will increase our own appetite for the substance we are addicted to. The next stage is possession, which is a natural consequence of such constant proximity to the spirit. When a possession occurs, the addicted person loses all boundaries. They want to repeatedly imbibe the substance as much as possible, as the spirit demands this with unimaginable lust. Every one of us has seen such people, who are perceived as social outcasts. Not everyone, of course, ends up like this, but every addict with an addictive spirit attached suffers much, much more than they would solely because of their own addiction. We are not just discussing substance addiction, of course, but also addiction to sex, pornography, work, gambling, computer games, and so on.

We will now consider the next group of souls who are reluctant to depart to the afterlife. These are souls who cannot admit to themselves that a new chapter in their lives has already begun when they lost their physical body. Such souls constantly circulate among their loved ones, who are usually horrified by the fact, that they have lost their loved one. These family members have a lot of grief, despair, and fear about what will happen to them next, and how they will cope. If the spirit reacts to these emotions, and grief and despair have a great power of attraction on the spirit, then it will, as it were, "attach" itself to its loved ones. Therefore, it is often the loved ones who are responsible for the fact that such a soul is unable to leave. For some time, the spirit looks at its loved ones and tries very hard to let them know that it is still alive, and that they are all worrying unnecessarily. When it sees that this is to no avail, it simply sits by their side, wishing at least to comfort them.

However, this desire for comfort must end as soon as possible for the spirit. The time remaining for the spirit to depart into the afterlife is short, usually only forty days after the death of the physical body. Also, loved ones need to recover from the tragedy as quickly as possible so as not to burden the spirit with their emotions of grief, longing, and despair. Remember that the spirit in the astral world feels these emotions directly, which is a much, much stronger experience. Grief is a negative emotion; hence it will cause great suffering for the spirit. So, useful advice to the living who have lost a loved one is to grieve, even intensely, but there must come a point at which it ends. Otherwise, we will be responsible for our loved one staying with the living, which is a very painful experience for the spirit. In addition, there is the danger that it will draw energy from us. It can also possess us with many painful consequences for us. You can read about what awaits us when we experience spirit possession here.





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