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Why Don’t Souls Go to the Other Side After Death? Part 3

June 10, 2022


Today's post continues our explanation of why the deceased do not cross over to the other side after the death of their physical bodies.

One sizable group of souls who have not departed into the hereafter are those who have a great deal of self-blame, although they are most often unaware of this. Their subconsciousness remembers that they have done something that is wrong, in their view, and constantly seeks punishment.

This issue is largely about how we define any harm we may have done to others. For example, we might be extremely remorseful that we left our partner. However, the reality may be that we actually did the best thing for him or her. We may not have been a good match at all. The partner we "dumped" may have found someone very compatible within a short amount of time and become really happy, which we may not have known because we stopped keeping in touch.

This is indeed how a great deal of guilt is created in the world. I am not saying, of course, that every action is right, or excusable, so long as we can adequately "explain" it to ourselves. For human beings, there are clearly wrong actions that we usually take when our primary motive is solely our own good. However, if we also keep in mind the good of others, we will most often act rightly and therefore will not reap "bad" karma.

When someone who experienced a great deal of guilt during his lifetime dies, it automatically "forces" him to "atone" for it in the lower spheres of the astral world, where we stay after the loss of the physical body. This atonement can take on terrible forms, which will not be discussed here because of their gruesomeness. To avoid this, we have to constantly work through our emotional challenges, forgive ourselves, and additionally work on the emotional traumas of the past that we did not work through when they happened.

When a guilt-ridden spirit stays close to physicality, instead of going into the afterlife, it may have a very strong desire to make amends to its victims, or worse, may continue to wade into a conflict it started while still alive. This will lead it to try to get as close to humans as possible. We must therefore work on an ongoing basis to forgive the wrongs that someone has done to us. Then we both free such a soul, and we save ourselves from the great danger that we may be possessed by our previous abuser. If we do not forgive, we will be attracted to the soul of the individual who hurt us by our hidden anger, rage, maybe even hatred or fear. Previously the soul was as if at a distance, confined to his physical body. After death souls can travel to approach us anywhere and very easily.

In that case, our anger is the power drawing the spirit towards us. Although the spirit will benefit because it can draw the energy it needs to survive from us, it will also suffer greatly by having to stay in the low astral world. Of course, its suffering will then become our suffering as well, because we will experience all the emotional ballast of the spirit and it will be taking a substantial portion of our life energy.

This example shows very clearly how we are all intrinsically connected, that we are one. The fate of one person, even our worst enemy, can one day become our own. We mistakenly assume that if we have separated ourselves from him, he therefore no longer has any influence on us. This may be true, but only as long as he is physically alive. The negative emotions that have developed between us will continue to haunt us until we completely forgive the other person.

I hope it becomes clear now that forgiveness is an act that helps oneself first. There are many people who make the mistaken assumption that they should not forgive those who have wronged them. They think that their forgiveness would mean condoning contemptible acts committed by others, as if they were doing something good for their abusers. They think that condemning the abuser is the right choice. However, such condemnation only exacerbates the conflict and heightens negative emotions, thus resulting in even more suffering for both parties in the future.

It must be repeated: Forgiveness is 99% for our own good. Of course, it is in a sense an act of kindness toward those who have wronged us. This allows them, for example, to not be attracted towards us after the death of the physical body (but that's actually exactly what we want).

It is important to remember that there also exists the law of karma, and the "evildoer" will eventually have to suffer the consequences of all his/her wrong deeds. Looking at the issue of the harm done from a higher perspective, we can see quite clearly that the suffering that the perpetrator inflicted on us is nothing compared to the suffering that will come back to him in the future. Along the way, this person will also accumulate a great deal of negative energy from other individuals like himself. If we could rise for a moment above our own emotional wounding and see with a psychic eye the enormity of the suffering returning to our abusers, we would feel the greatest compassion for them.





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