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Why Don’t Souls Go to the Other Side After Death? Part 1

May 14, 2022


In today's post we will consider the question of why souls who have already put aside their physical bodies do not pass to the other side, but continue to stay close to the physical plane.

In order to understand this properly, it is essential to understand that the majority of people form habits which, once established, determine our entire life. These habits are always formed for a specific purpose; at some point in our lives we decided that it would be beneficial to adopt a particular habit. For example, let us consider the daily habit of going out for a drink in the evening to a bar or pub. We decided that it would be definitely positive for us to be among people, in an environment where we would have the opportunity to get to know them better. There is nothing wrong with this. Moreover, the evolutionary processes may even lead us to this behavior. The problem is that along with the positive aspects there are also negative aspects, such as having to have a drink in a bar. Alcohol is a negative substance, a type of drug that alters our consciousness. So, together with the positive aspect there is a strongly negative aspect/habit.

Habitual action gives rise to a force that binds us to this activity. Over the years this force grows. It may happen that we build up such a force of habit that we cannot easily break free from it. Many of us know, for example, that if we are used to brushing our teeth two or three times a day, we feel uncomfortable if we are unable to brush them. We will try to find a way to brush our teeth, even though conditions may not be appropriate. It is similar with many everyday matters. This is how our emotions work - we have many such repetitive emotional patterns, and it is the same with the mental sphere, where we have habitual patterns of thought.

If we do not fully control these individual habits, and there are not many people who can, we become dependent on habitual, automatic actions. In that case, what was once beneficial for us develops into a force that we cannot control. Restoring control is of course possible; we just have to start behaving in a reverse fashion on the earlier habit and this reverse force will accumulate and one day can balance out the original force. Then we will be free of that habit. However, this is a tedious process. If we have performed the same action 1000 times habitually, it will take a great deal of effort to reverse it using the opposite force.

We now come to the habit called living in physicality. Most of us see the physical world as the only world that exists. It is true that during sleep we live in the astral world, but most of us do not remember what we did there. We are not yet sufficiently aware of what the emotional world is; we are not precisely aware of it. This is even more true of the mental world.

Most of us, therefore, do not pay attention to things other than the physical realm. After we put down the physical body, commonly called "death", our consciousness passes from physical consciousness into the consciousness of our astral body. While passing into the astral world, however, many do not understand that the physical world has already ceased to exist for us. Recognizing this is not easy because the astral world is a faithful copy of our physical world. So, we begin to do what we have been doing: washing in the morning, eating, going to work, or to university, and our usual routine. This is where our habits, all the small and big ones, continue to control our lives, because habit is largely emotional in nature. And just as we did not exercise control over habits in physicality, on earth, we still do not exercise control over them while residing with consciousness in the emotional body. And because up to this point the consciousness of the physical world was the only awareness we had, we settle down in close proximity to it rather than exploring the grandeur of the astral world. We settle into the reality in which we have lived so far. We think we see our loved ones, friends, and colleagues, but we don't really see their physical body. We see their astral bodies, which are in appearance an exact copy of the physical body. Of course, we see the character of these individuals, that has not changed at all, but it is no longer an interaction on the physical level, but on the astral level.

One may ask how this is possible? Well, many souls take a long time to realize that they are in fact on the astral level, and to confront the painful recognition that the physical body left them long ago. Sometimes this is even very painful, because the ever-present fear of death constantly distracts us from recognizing this fact. In general, it can be said that the less the fear of death, the easier the acceptance of the new astral conditions of life and the greater the chance for a very good life in this world. If we are very much afraid of death, we will have to laboriously pass step-by-step through the levels of fear. They form the lowest part of the astral world, and this gradual process will involve great suffering.

In the next sections of this series we will delve into other reasons why the souls of people do not leave the realm close to physicality, and we will discuss the consequences for these souls and their loved ones who still remain in physicality.






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