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Worrying: Effects and How to Stop

December 26, 2021


In today's post we will discuss one of the greatest plagues of humanity - the problem of worry. Worry affects practically every human being and is a negative way of thinking that attracts fears. Fears and other negative emotions attract spirits, which need our energy. Therefore, behind these fears, the spirits of the dead are already lining up at a short distance.


The Interplay Between Our Thoughts and Emotions and Worry

In order to properly understand how harmful worrying is, one must first recognize that our fate (our human experience), depends largely on two factors - our thoughts and our emotions.

A thought is a form of vision, an image we hold in our mind. Emotion, on the other hand, is the energy to realize the thought. Not only do our thoughts and emotions create our moods, but they play a large part in the circumstances of our lives - what kind of health, financial, social situation we are in, what skills and talents we have, what kind of people and situations we attract to ourselves. Therefore, it follows directly from this that the quality of our thoughts and emotions determines the quality of our lives.


Why We Worry

We are constantly creating endless thoughts, but most are fleeting and related to small things. However, when we spend time "meditating" on things that fill us with anxiety - we worry. This is an extremely harmful habit that inevitably results in suffering.

The word "meditation" is put in quotation marks because it is not true meditation. True meditation is a state of focusing the mind on things that are positive. In true meditation, we consciously choose to approach the things we focus on and attract into our lives. In our case, worrying is a form of thinking about things that are not positive.

We worry because we believe that we can mitigate or reverse certain events if we’re able to anticipate them. Another form of worry is the inability to cope with the unknown. For example, we don't hear from our loved one who has their phone turned off, and we begin to fall into a negative loop of imagining what could have happened. Often, such a loop leads to fearful thoughts about what will happen when we lose a loved one, when he or she leaves us, how will we’ll cope with such a loss, etc.


How Worry Diminishes Our Quality of Life

These spirals of negative thoughts get their own dynamics. Because we fuel them with so much anxiety, it accumulates and only awaits the opportunity to manifest itself again. Then we feed it with a new dose of attention, giving it another power.

These worry spirals of negative thoughts not only have a pernicious effect on our well-being, they also have another side effect - the attraction of beings who have already lost their physical body and now reside in the emotional world. If they are not moving away from the octave of physicality, and this is often the case, they are being influenced by very strong emotions that we, as humanity, have collectively generated throughout the evolutionary process. Fear, rage, or hatred are extremely strong in that world. If we come into contact with such beings our anxiety will develop into something much more intense than mere worry; something we will no longer be able to control or withstand.


How to Free Ourselves from Worry and the Spirits It Attracts

The first step out of this vicious circle is to cleanse ourselves of the spirits that are transporting very large negative emotions into our emotional system (click here to find more information about the removal process). Then we will need to work on ourselves so that the negative thought spiral does not occur again.

Here we should begin by practicing the skill of not creating any imaginations. We simply try to keep the mind empty, in which no visions are formed. This is not easy and requires great concentration. However, it is the only way out of the drudgery of negative thinking.

The next step is to develop the ability to create positive visions. They will be responsible for life becoming more and more beautiful, and we will begin to gain evidence that our thoughts and emotions really do have the power to make things happen. Anyone who devotes sufficient attention and time to this subject will see that it is true, that it is the key to all success, a promise made to us by many authors of good books on positive thinking.


Recommended books on this topic: 

Wanda Pratnicka "In the Wheel of Life, Vol. 1""In the Wheel of Life, Vol. 2"

Eckhart Tolle "The Power of Now" 

Byron Katie "Loving What Is"





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