Suicides and Murders

Below are excerpts from Wanda Pratnicka's book
"Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in 21st Century" 

In our normal state of consciousness there are defense mechanisms, like sensors, warning us that someone is trying to break into us. But there are situations where people lose control over themselves and aren't aware of themselves. This happens after the consumption of alcohol, drugs, in any alternative state of consciousness (even after smoking a cigarette!), after the loss of consciousness, a strong blow to the head, during an operation when we are under anesthetic. That's when a ghost can take charge of our body without our knowledge or permission. (...)

Sometimes their dear ones, friends, acquaintances won't interfere with their life judging that what someone does is their own affair and that everyone has the right to live their lives any way they want to. Sometimes this stems from general indifference. Most often, though, it's because people are so preoccupied with themselves, their family responsibilities, their work that they don't notice that the person next to them is in need of help. After prolonged struggles with the ghost residing in the body of someone we know we come to the conclusion that the possessed person has upset us so much with their behavior that we have had enough of them, and it would be best if they vanished from our sight. This is exactly what the ghost wants most of all - to have the possessed person completely to itself. What the ghost does to us we ascribe to the possessed person's malice, and they in turn think exactly the same way about us. We don't realize that there is an enormous gulf between us and the possessed person which is completely filled by the ghost which is pulling all the strings that are, of course, invisible to us. We move away from the possessed person, and they from us. The ghost doesn't need to bother about us, the possessed person sinks further and further into hopelessness, gets the ghosts suicidal thoughts and is just one step away from deciding to commit suicide and releasing the ghost from the unsuitable subject. It starts to prove to the possessed person that their life has no point at all. How? By making everything vile to them. Whatever they may do is wrong. This isn't constructive criticism aimed at pointing out errors which can be put right. The ghost wishes to persuade the possessed person that they are worthless, garbage, not even someone but something that has no value. The ghost is also constantly projecting suicidal thoughts on the possessed person. It's most difficult for the ghost at the start when a person still has a lot of awareness and knows that they can achieve something, are loved, accepted etc. When a ghost arranges or stumbles across some psychological low it exploits the opportunity since then it will be much easier for it to immerse a person in depression. If, despite all these procedures from the ghost, the person continues to have support from their family or friends the ghost would have huge problems in transferring his suicidal thoughts and persuading them to commit suicide.(...)

It can happen that a ghost will try to persuade someone to commit suicide and the person doesn't respond. It might then persuade the person to murder. In many countries the punishment for murder is the death sentence and the ghost knows that. It is all the same to the ghost how it is released from the unwanted person. The eventual effect will be that person's death and freedom for the ghost.(...)