If you are persecuted by bulimia and nothing helps, then it's very likely that you can be helped. Bulimia most often occurs in people possessed by a ghost which wants to overeat. The person would like to eat only as much as they need for life. The ghost, which was a glutton during its life, wants to eat to the full and more. The person knows that the amounts of food in his or her stomach would be enough to stop eating for a week. Besides which the person feels very poorly with such a stuffed stomach; some people are afraid of putting on weight. They are, therefore, torn by different thoughts. On the one hand they succumb to the ghost's suggestion to eat endless amounts, on the other they don't want to suffer the consequences of overeating. They then hit upon the thought if vomiting what they have just eaten. Vomiting is usually the ghost's idea but bulimia is caused by the ghost's desire to overeat.

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