Negative Emotional Outbursts

If you lose control of your emotions easily, if a lack of control, loss of control, unruliness, irritation, vandalism, self-destruction, peevishness, over-excitability, over-sensitivity, rage are your “normal” state, if people describe you as excitable, choleric, crank, crackpot, raving, hothead, argumentative or bad-tempered then it's very likely that you can be helped. A ready loss of control over our emotions indicates that within our energy field, part of which are our emotions, there is a ghost which can manifest emotions that are completely different from our own. What is more - ghosts are incapable of moderating their emotions or of controlling them (it's just the way their world is). Loss of control over his or her emotions can, therefore, happen to a possessed person because the ghost emanates a very powerful emotional energy which a person finds difficult to withstand. This level of emotion does not usually occur in the human psyche. Naturally, people also experience emotions but they are nearly always much weaker than the relentless emotion of a ghost which is found close to or around our physical body.

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