Aggressors from the Beyond


Trybuna Slaska Magazine, December 1998 


There are many houses with "squatters" and many reasons why the dead have "moved in" to our homes. Invisible, they are always troublesome guests. It's even worse when they become unpredictable aggressors.

I must have been four, maybe five years old. During a trip on the streetcar I saw a woman standing motionless on the tracks. I created a fearful commotion. The driver braked not really knowing what was happening. Nobody saw any obstacle. The car moved on, considerably more slowly than usual. After two, maybe three minutes another image. This time I saw a child lying on the tracks. My earlier, apparently unjustified hysteria had saved the little child from an accident. At the time I didn't know what had really happened. I didn't appreciate that I have the chance to see what, as a rule, the human eye can not see. Later I made this contact consciously and voluntarily. Though it has to be admitted that "the invisible" often demonstrate their presence by themselves. For me personally these kinds of contact are not troublesome. But many people have had their lives thoroughly messed up by them.

Half-way departure

Attacks of wild anxiety, sudden but systematic feelings of faintness is a sign that a "departed delinquent" has taken its place close to us. An uncle or a great grandmother who died years ago may not have been willing to leave our company. It can happen that those who have been sent to the last resort remain in the form of a troublesome energy. They will manifest themselves by the shuffling of footsteps, they will impose a weird thought, an obsessive fear or the desire to commit suicide. These attacks from nowhere, if they are not unmasked in time, will torment their victim more and more. These lower energies, which is what they are, were once normal human beings. Old habits and familiarity keep them hanging on to where they once lived or spent time.

Emission needed now

It's not easy to get an emission order for these "squatters". It can be dangerous. We often contribute to our troubles ourselves. A few months ago two adults brought a semi-conscious girl to my house. During a spiritualist séance one of the summoned beings announced that if they let the daughter fall asleep she will never again wake up. The victim of these thoughtless parents had not closed her eyes for two days. She was kept awake by all sorts of means, including pouring ice-cold water over her. Bearing in mind that this was happening during the winter it's not hard to guess what consequences these enforced baths threatened. I instantly put the girl, overcome with exhaustion, to bed. Everything ended happily.
It can happen that the ghosts summoned during a spiritualist séance remain. Unnoticed, they soak into the energy fields around us. If not removed in time, they will force themselves into our consciousness. And their appetites are certainly huge.

Write out a return address

Hundreds of clients asking for help are participants of séances whose main feature is table turning. With some it all ends in just hysteria - an erroneous but equally destructive conviction about attacks from the beyond. Frequently, however, they are not mere illusions. A relative summoned to give answers will respond to the summons. He will willingly answer all possible questions. And the fact that he transpires to be a completely different ghost is something else. He will say exactly what we want to hear. They decipher the signals from our subconscious faultlessly. They can read our desires and dreams.
Getting rid of delinquents from the beyond is difficult, can even be impossible. It's not easy to make contact with them. It is even harder to persuade them to move out of where the departed stay as a rule. Once it was the victim of an automobile crash. Death was instantaneous. The dead man didn't have time to become aware that his life had reached its end. He stuck with his family stubbornly. There was also a woman who was passionately attached to the saucers and cups she had spent her whole life collecting. Death did not eliminate the love she had for the trifles she'd spent years collecting. She therefore remained in her home. Its new tenants sensed a strange alienation. They simply didn't know why they lacked all desire to do anything. Every day they were tormented by attacks of fear.

Battle for the body

Ghosts are the same as the people were when alive. Passions, customs, feelings do not die. Along with their arrival the battle for the body begins.
Sometimes it's the occupation of the whole person. It can be that they are like leeches stuck to us and they feed on our energy. There are also those who penetrate into a person. What we're dealing with here is a haunting. The ghost of a very evil person can bestow on us actions which can expand to a truly demonic level. American, German and French statistics say that one in twelve or fourteen people have experienced an encounter, more or less dangerous in its consequences, with the beyond. During my 25-year practice I, too, have had to contend with hordes of wandering "other-worlders". All I need is the address where the unwanted tenants have installed themselves. However, the help of a spiritual guardian is essential. He or she is the one who helps them to pass through to where they should find themselves as quickly as possible.

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