How the Dead Disrupt Relationships


Living Now, Australia, February 2020  


Many couples choose to express their love by tying the knot. Unfortunately, almost half of marriages do not last forever, and, in fact, many couples find themselves in relationships that cause deep emotional and physical pain and distress. Psychologists and self-help experts abound with theories on how couples can repair and ground their relationships, better communicate, and create more intimacy. They also explore the root causes that can cause strife in a marriage. However, one cause that is rarely discussed is that conflicts within a marriage may be caused by one or more persons in the relationship being under the influence of a spirit attachment, aka ghost. To explore this notion, I reached out to a thought leader in the world of spirit attachment, the Wanda Pratnicka Center.

Over the past 45 years, the Wanda Pratnicka Center has helped tens of thousands of people around the world who have suffered from emotional, physical and mental disturbances and physical illnesses that were considered incurable. Many of these people were spouses who previously underwent conventional and unconventional treatments, and couples therapy without any positive or lasting results. Some were able to cope, although unhappily so, with their pain; others were completely disabled by it. The co-founders of the Center, Wanda & Mike Pratnicka, and their team have been able to help such people by removing spirit attachments (the souls of those who have died) from them. Dr. Wanda Pratnicka—who earned her PhD in Philosophy, an M.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Parapsychology—described spirit attachment in her book “Possessed by Ghosts” as “when the soul of someone who has died permanently attaches itself to a living person, then suddenly a person (a child or adult) who was once healthy and happy starts to experience constant anxiety, panic attacks, depression, intrusive thoughts, powerful negative emotions, mood swings, insomnia, lack of energy, poor memory and many more negative symptoms.” 

Mike Pratnicka, who handles many of the day to day spirit removals, especially those affecting couples, adds that spirit attachment is often the cause of things in one's relationship going inexplicably wrong. Below, I pose specific questions so that he can help our readers understand this phenomenon.


AC: Is there a frequent common indicator that helps you discover if spirit attachment is affecting a marriage?

 MP: Yes. A common phrase one might hear from a spouse who is under the influence of spirit attachment is, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what overcame me” or “I don’t know what got into me.”  In our experience, this is a good indication that spirits have taken control over your spouse and caused them to act out.  Another phrase we hear by people seeking our help is: “My husband or wife is not the person I married.” They describe their partner as loving and caring in the past, even though that loved one is now aggressive, disconnected, depressed or exhibiting mood swings.

AC: Are spouses under the influence of a spirit attachment conscious of their behavior?

MP: Sometimes people don’t remember what they said or did under a spirits’ influence. They promise to change and be better, but as long as spirits are attached, that will be impossible and the bad behavior will happen over and over again.

AC: What makes some couples more susceptible?

MP: We are more susceptible to spirit attachment when we have experienced traumatic events or live under stressful conditions. For example: if you have a stressful job and you are constantly experiencing anxiety or are not grounded, it puts you at risk of attracting spirits. People are also most at risk when a loved on has recently died.

AC: Why is that?

 MP: We are more susceptible to spirit attachment when we lose a loved one because a part of us does not want to let them go. Or we have unresolved issues with the deceased (e.g., they hurt us in the past and we still can’t forgive them). Such emotional states can attract spirits to us.  People who often consume alcohol or have an addiction to drugs are also highly susceptible.

AC: Have you ever experienced a case in which both spouses had a spirit attachment?

MP: Yes. Recently, the mother of a woman reached out because she was seeking help for her daughter and her daughter’s husband who were both behaving erratically. When both people in the relationship have spirits attached things can get very ugly. They will constantly live on the edge, arguments break out for no reason or they don’t talk to each other for weeks. There can be lots of hostility, including physical abuse. Suddenly, there can be substance abuse, too, even though they had never used alcohol or drugs before.  Most couples in this situation, experience great financial losses.

AC: If someone fears spirit attachment is the cause of their distress, what steps do you recommend?

MP: Dealing with spirit attachments is dangerous and should never be done in the presence of the spirit or by anyone who has not been trained. I suggest reading “Possessed by Ghosts” by Wanda Pratnicka, Phd, or reaching out for a remote check-up at


By Ann Carrillo

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