Lost Souls: Misery When They Appear


Author: Ursula Seiler (Originally written in German language)


We don’t realize how the so called "empty space" surrounding us is full of equivocal beings, ghosts of the dead and other creatures, that we wouldn’t like to meet in the daylight. The experience of the Polish clairvoyant and healer Wanda Pratnicka proves, that they can be the cause of many diseases, both physical and mental in character, beginning from autism, through cancer, to schizophrenia.

There are people who died but don’t realize it. Just a few seconds before the were driving their car, happened to fall under the avalanche of snow, or lying in the hospital bed and bang, the end came – the death met them. "It’s not true", they say, "I’m as alive as always. I was incredibly lucky, I managed to survive. Oh my God, look at the car wrecked, wasn’t I lucky, that I suffered no harm?!" Or "How wonderful I ultimately conquered my disease…" They refuse to acknowledge the fact that although they are still alive, they are "dead" physically because they were told that the moment you die your inner being ceases to exist once and for all. The curtain goes down, the light goes off…

They must be alive since they feel so, moreover, they feel younger and healthier than before. This is the moment for those people to follow the Angel who wants to guide them "there" to the Light, straight through the "tunnel" of the dark astral world. But why should they go since they are alive? "No one teaches us of death, what it is and what happens to us afterwards. If we knew that while we are living we would realize that dying is a joyous moment, the moment of happiness, we shouldn’t be afraid of but await it with joy. Death and birth are the same. To be born onto earth we must die on the other side. And the other way round, to be born there we have to die here. It’s nothing else but transforming from one form of being into another" – says Wanda Pratnicka, the well-known exorcist in Poland.

Don’t worry, it is not going to be a frightening article. Wanda Pratnicka services are needed though, because people mostly forgot, they lost the link, their "religio" with Divine Light. Their ignorance keeps them in the physical world, they refuse to pass into the subtler spheres where we spent eons of time, much longer than on the earth.

When Wanda Pratnicka says that "our death is nothing else but returning home from school" we agree with her with all our heart since the Earth, as you could often read in our newspaper is the planet of learning and growth. Together with the increasing welfare over the last seventy years, we got accustomed to an easy life and forgot the reality beyond, our true home. Commercial world managed to convince us that we’ve got just one life so we should fill it with as much pleasure as possible. "We feel learning is a punishment and not the chance for promotion", says Wanda Pratnicka. "Since our attitude is resistance we can’t learn much. Repeating the same lessons all the time as a pupil who always fails to pass his exams. The longer we go to school the more we are attached to it and finally awakens in us the need to stay here forever. We forget that the only reason for us to come to the earth was learning that our whole life belongs to God. This is not the attitude of all people but of the majority. When they leave the earth, they return to God with anger, because they were forced to leave everything they had had behind." Or they refuse to pass to the spiritual world altogether. They don’t know that our mind, our soul, and what’s most important, our Divine self are still alive; that our beings live eternally; we never turn to nothingness. One day we will come back to earth, we will get another chance to live in a healthy body and the way we will live determines our future conditions.

Ignoring death in our commercial society means that many people subconsciously fear it and this is not good since what we think and know about death while living determines what happens to us afterward, determines our fate.

A "dead" one who doesn’t know that he is going to live after death as the same person, that he will just become liberated from his age, suffering and his physical body, may even despair seeing how his dear ones grieve, he may try to do everything to make them realize he’s not dead, that he’s still with them. And that’s the reason why he may miss his moment of passing to the higher spheres of vibration. Such a situation is disastrous to himself and his dear ones.

These people wander about in the neighborhood and cause harm; sometimes they do it on purpose but usually they don’t have wrong intentions. Among the potential threats they can cause to their unsuspecting dear ones are phobias, compulsions, fears and even mental diseases. It also happens that they lead the living to commit murders, make them prone to suicides or addictions they themselves had while living.

These are not speculations. Wanda Pratnicka is, as I have mentioned, the well-known exorcist, she has helped thousands of possessed people convincing their troublesome inhabitants to leave earthly plane and "go home".


The Late Train to the Netherworld

Wanda Pratnicka mentions a few reasons why people stay in this world after death, why they don’t pass to the spheres of higher vibrations:

  • Sudden death – when they are caught by death in the best time of their lives, in the accident, airplane catastrophe, in the avalanche, and so on, and they don’t realize that they have already left the physical plane.
  • The dying, that were being given strong anesthetics sometimes are not able to recognize that they have already passed the portal to the netherworld. These are people terminally ill, taking anesthetics, drug addicts or alcoholics.
  • Some people don’t want to go towards the Light since they fear punishment for their sins. They feel unworthy of mercy of forgiveness, although at the first moments after their passing away there awaits them a wonderful company of their dead dear ones, the Angels, spiritual guides and loving Light. They can’t forgive themselves and so they don’t trust God would forgive them their sins. That’s why the road towards Light seems so frightening to them, that’s why they stay in the earthly sphere.
  • Wanda Pratnicka compares this to the train going to heaven, only those souls get on, who have the ticket. "The ticket is given for free to everyone who feels worthy to go to heaven. All others are left at the station. The train leaves without them and they don’t know what to do next." Their guilt could be as heavy as murders or as harmless as the loan not paid in time. For orthodox Catholics it could be eating meat on Friday or not attending Sunday mass. If they could forgive themselves nothing would stop them from passing to Light. "Staying here they create for themselves [because they believe it] reality that becomes their purgatory or hell."

Whether a "sinner" can forgive himself or not depends exclusively on having love in his heart. If he is in despair, feeling sad or hopeless, he excludes love and so he loses faith in loving and forgiving God, the possibility to forgive himself.

When a sense of closeness was strong – as it happens between twins – the dead sometimes don’t want to leave the living ones.


There are other reasons for the dead not to be able to pass to the other side:

  • A large group consists of those, who didn’t believe in God so they don’t want to believe that our existence doesn’t end at the moment of physical death.
  • Many souls believe, that they are going to rest in their graves till the day of "The Last Judgement", when they will ascend to heaven with their bodies resurrected. But how can they wait for that day in grave feeling they are alive already? They are disoriented and so they don’t pass towards the Light.
  • Some dead were extremely occupied with what happens "after". They built stone mansions at cemeteries [very common in southern countries], so they could comfortably await the "Judgement Day". They are wandering among the graves now stealing energy from visitors. This group is strongly identified with their physical bodies. Realizing they can still exist without them is sometimes a big shock so they stay close to earth for a long time. They can’t find the gate to the other side anymore.
  • Probably the biggest group of ghosts Wanda Pratnicka has met during the decades of her experience consists of people who were over attached to earthly matters and so they can’t leave them without regret, whether these are houses, cars, food, drinks, sex, gambling, earthly power or anything else.
  • Some of them believe they can repair wrongs they made in life only if they stay close to earth. Obviously they don’t know that everyone gets a chance to do that in their next incarnation.
  • Others cannot go in peace because they were cursed or were the victims of black magic. Many people who committed suicides stay close to earth too.
  • Especially tragic is not letting the souls pass to higher worlds, because their grieving families mourn too deeply over their loss. Their despair holds the dead ones. This is why it is so very important for those who still live to know, that they don’t have the right to never ending despair, since they can turn the fate of their dead ones from heaven to hell. Ultimately no one would want to stay within the earthly sphere as a stowaway.

Ghosts soon lack energy for functioning so they hastily look for the host they could attach themselves to and possess their life energy. The easiest way would be finding such "host" in familiar environment. A wandering ghost knows that, it feels safe there. It can also return to its home, friends, cemetery or a bar, where it used to intoxicate itself with alcohol or drugs.

According to Wanda Pratnicka souls who were killed in accidents usually stay at places of accidents to relive it without end. "The reason for that is awakening of the soul, making it realize it doesn’t live anymore." In such case mourners should turn to their dead loudly and clearly, telling them what happened and that they should go toward the Light immediately. Their prayers can also help the soul to turn in this direction. Wanda Pratnicka met many ghosts in her life – as did Anton Styger, Swiss architect we wrote about a few times – that "spent hundreds of years in between heaven and earth, and some of them come from past millennia." It is the most undesirable condition!


Connected to Earth and Confused

Wanda Pratnicka calls those streams of life that haven’t passed into the other side - ghosts. In the beginning they feel very lonely, loosing their energy, having increasing difficulties with thinking. They badly need a source of energy. They can draw it not only from people, but also from venae cavae or divergent plate boundaries.

It is easiest for them though when their living dear ones let them stay close. Some people mourn so deeply, that they don’t realize their dead subtly possessed them. Active, healthy and vital people usually don’t let themselves to be victims of such vampires; the weak, ill, aged, alcohol or drug addicts, restless, depressed, tired, sleep deprived and frightened do. Their energy level is so low they can’t see they have begun to share their energy with the body of the dead soul who attached itself to them as a leech. Many of them fall into deep exhaustion especially if they are surrounded not by one but – as it can happen – a few ghosts.

Possession can take place when a living person loses consciousness through anesthetics, collapse, after accidental shock, insobriety or drug taking. "Even a small change in consciousness caused by a cigarette can be a chance for a ghost to possess a person" – Wanda Pratnicka, the clairvoyant observed. During illness, extreme exhaustion or mourning a person may be surrounded by many ghosts and the ghosts called during a channeling session can stay with their participants forever without their knowledge.

Wanda Pratnicka warns, that a possession can take place quite easily with people playing tarot cards or meditating in a wrong way. This invisible interference could also happen in moments of uncontrollable emotional outbursts like anger, rage, or hatred. Although intentions of such a ghost visitor are not mischievous, it just wants to survive.

Wanda Pratnicka has in her many decades of practice noticed that common characteristic among people possessed is over irritation, belligerence, unexpected rage but also drowsiness, lack of enthusiasm or fretfulness. These people are moody, passing from euphoria to deep pessimism. A person that was usually both psychically and physically strong doesn’t know what to do, which is difficult for himself and for his close ones. "Nowadays we call it a »bipolar disorder«". It could be a possession that we are unaware of. That is why nobody should feel guilty but look for experienced help, to liberate from possessing currents.


The Cause of Illness – Possession

In some families there is a tendency for certain diseases. It happens that a dead one staying close to the living "passes" the disease to his offspring. For example, if someone died of cancer, and his soul didn’t go to the other side, information of his illness stored in his astral and mental bodies is still present. If such a ghost manages to possess his former relative the possessed one can develop this particular illness. The ill energy of the carrier permeates to his own body of the soul, and then the illness develops in his physical body. Wanda Pratnicka had much experience with such cases. It is obviously not the main cause of common diseases in families, but is should be considered in some cases. These are examples Wanda Pratnicka had in her practice:

A young and very handsome man suddenly got a cancer and he died after six months. In Spring he joined an elite military unit in perfect health (at least this is what military doctors said). He was dead before Christmas. Wanda Pratnicka was consulted in that matter not long before his death. She saw that the cause of the young man’s suffering was a ghost of his uncle, who had died of cancer a short time earlier. The patient reckoned her diagnosis as preposterous. His family nevertheless asked Mrs Pratnicka for help and as soon as she managed to lead his uncle away from the young man, his condition radically improved. Unfortunately, his uncle’s ghost would return causing him to get worse. "This boy could have been saved if only he wanted to work on it", the exorcist says. He loved his uncle very much and even called him to come when he was getting worse. That’s why he died much too soon.

Soon afterwards his brother got cancer. Unlike his late brother he believed that the disease may be due to their uncle. He immediately turned to Wanda Pratnicka for help. The exorcist confirmed that it was his uncle’s soul possessing him. Although he missed his brother very much he wanted to live and so he obeyed the instructions. "He didn’t resist me, on the contrary, he tried to convince the ghost to leave him. The ghost was stern though wanting to take him away from this world." When his uncle’s soul would leave so did the cancer, but it was reappearing as soon as the ghost would come back. The process lasted for a few weeks, the ghost was coming back less frequently till it left for good. The boy is perfectly well now, he didn’t even need surgery nor radiotherapy. If it was impossible to save him, his cancer would be reckoned a hereditary illness, though it had another cause in his case.

There are obviously other causes of "hereditary diseases". If a family has been lacking love and joy for generations, it is no wonder that most of its members suffer from heart diseases. Where the dominant feeling is fear of everything and everyone, that can be controlled only by keeping together, the members of the group are prone to get stomach ulcers or cancer. Since this attitude is being passed form one generation to another, we can certainly call them hereditary diseases. Where in a family dominate anger, obstinacy and hatred, where people cannot forgive others, they are prone to liver diseases.

Wanda Pratnicka came to the conclusion, that illness can either be caused by ghosts that possess us or it is sent to us to make us understand we have a problem to solve. When a problem is well diagnosed and the necessary changes are made a disease ceases as soon as it appeared – even if it was considered to be incurable. "If your problem is seeing yourself as a victim, your environment will confirm it. You will feel a victim at home, at a street or at work. We can blame "others" as we used to do convincing ourselves that it is "them" that are guilty – a boss, a shop assistant, a husband or children."

Wanda Pratnicka suggest we shouldn’t turn our gaze away but observe ourselves, "look for those characteristics that irritate us in other people". It is enough to heal. If we don’t, situations and people will disturb us till we recognize the problem and solve it. When we overlook it or neglect it, we will develop diseases, that will force us to stop and reflect on those parts of ourselves that we accept the least. It is those parts that ghosts come to. The one who doesn’t accept his anger will attract many angry ghosts. An addict will attract ghosts of the addicts. Someone who constantly thinks of being ill will attract a ghost having the worst illness he fears. If we fear cancer, we will attract a ghost of a person who had cancer. If it is heart attack, we will be possessed by a ghost that died because of it. It is easy for the ghost burdened with diseases to possess us, because we attract them by our fears. A ghost just fulfills what we expect." People often say in such cases: "Well, I always knew I would get cancer one day." Though in reality it is them who developed the disease out of fear.


Mental Health Protects Us from Ghosts

"When we are healthy, we are unattainable to ghosts", Wanda Pratnicka convinces us. If we unconsciously let even one ghost to reach us, it opens the way for many. And, as I said before, they bring with them the diseases they suffered from while living. If such a ghost takes control over a body of a possessed man it can pass its disease to him. Also serious mental disorders (previously called manic-depressive disorder and now bipolar disorder) the reason for it could be possession by a few ghosts fighting with each other to dominate the body. So we shouldn’t make people possessed feel guilty but show them understanding, since we are nowadays easy victims of subtle beings through our fears, panic (caused by watching unsuitable movies) or addictions (alcohol, drugs, etc.).

It happens that "delusional" illness of a so called "hypochondriac" are nothing else but symptoms coming from a few ill ghosts that interchangeably dominate a man. Those symptoms are not imaginative then.


Seances, Fortune Telling, Tarot Cards Open a Door to the World of Dead Souls. They Can Ruin People’s Life.

The chronically ill that cannot get well are those who haven’t understood inner causes for their suffering and haven’t transformed them, though their problems may be due to ghosts that possess them. If it is only a body that is being cared for, therapy won’t be successful since the source of a disease is a possessing ghost nobody can cure. This is why such diseases cannot recede. If epilepsy was caused by ghosts, Wanda Pratnicka could cure it in every case and for good. People who suffer from allergies feel as something "gets under their skin", meaning a situation that we cannot accept and we do nothing about it. Allergies can also be caused by ghosts. When this is the case leading ghosts away will eliminate the disease once and for all. Asthma can also be due to possession though in most cases it is caused by overzealous possessive "love" from our close ones, who don’t let the suffering person breathe easily. "You can easily observe it with a child suffering from asthma whose parents are overprotective. When such a child leaves his home for a time or when it is at school, the symptoms recede returning as soon as he is back home. Alzheimer disease and amnesia can be caused by ghosts too. Wanda Pratnicka knew cases in which leading ghosts away made memory come back. If someone is possessed by one or more ghosts, his memory can be stored on a "hard disc" of a ghost and not his own. So it happens that people suffering from dementia remember what happened in their youth forgetting what they did an hour ago or yesterday. After a ghost leaves everything is saved back on our own "hard disc" although a person sometimes doesn’t remember what was happening while he was possessed.

Schizophrenics Are Most Often Possessed by a Few Ghosts at the Same Time that Control Them Interchangeably

Pain can be caused be ghosts especially when it is impossible to find physical reasons for it. It is most often felt in stomach, navel and solar plexus. Wanda Pratnicka was helping a twelve-year-old girl who has suffered from intense abdominal pain for years to free her from many ghosts and she was successful. Afterwards the girl admitted she had summoned spirits "just for fun".

Anorexia and lack of appetite can also be causes by possessive ghosts placing themselves in stomach area. A person possessed often doesn’t feel like eating or vomits immediately after eating anything. When we normally eat, but stay extremely thin it can mean that ghosts draw more energy from us than we can take together with food. Wanda Pratnicka worked with a drastic case of a woman who – being 6 feet tall weighed only 81 pounds. She couldn’t even walk without help. The clairvoyant recognized that the victim was possessed by her late grandmother. The woman denied it though because she had loved her grandmother very much. But her grandmother’s ghost was saying something else. It hated her granddaughter because in her childhood she had kicked her granny’s little dog. Now the grandmother wanted her to "die like a dog". Wanda Pratnicka talked to a woman by phone and she admitted that she had really kicked the dog though accidentally. Wanda Pratnicka had to work for a long time before the revengeful grandmother’s ghost finally left her granddaughter. Afterwards the granddaughter started to gain weight so incredibly fast that her family laughed at her saying she will beat a Guinness record in gaining weight.


Bulimia and Obesity

Eating is for many people their only joy in life! When such a person dies his addiction to food stops the soul from passing to the other side of the curtain. The ghost would attach then to someone who loves eating the same way the ghost did. A possessed person eats as long as a ghost wants to eat. The body isn’t usually able to absorb that many calories. Wanda Pratnicka experienced that with her close and good looking friend she had invited to a good restaurant for dinner. Since they ordered too many dishes and the plates were too big, her friend suggested to go to the bathroom and vomit so they can continue with eating. She admitted she has been doing that for a long time because otherwise she wouldn’t be able to keep a good figure. Wanda Pratnicka saw a few ghosts attached to her friend and when she led them away, the woman didn’t feel the need for overeating and vomiting anymore.

The reason for obesity can be feeling guilty and the need to punish oneself. It can lead to excessive weight problem. If during therapy such a person finds the cause of her trauma, she will start to loose weight surprisingly fast eating as much food as she used to. "In my opinion obesity is nothing else but enveloping ourselves with fat as if it was a thick wall so nobody and nothing can hurt us. The place within a body with the thickest adipose tissue shows us, where the problem is."


Mental Disorders Caused by Ghosts

Wanda Pratnicka in her practice came to a conclusion that most mental disorders are in reality "diseases caused by ghosts" meaning that they are due to possessions by one or more subtle beings. She has collected a few thousands of cases similar in that aspect. Almost every one of mental disorders, she says, "develops when a person not only makes himself accessible for possession but more, he literally gives his body and mind to a ghost and obeys its will." Every case has got certain characteristics. Some people can behave as usual in one moment and in the next they become someone else, completely different (that happens when a ghost takes control over them). Information about the time when a ghost dominated a patient are stored on a ghost’s "hard disc", not human’s. "It seems a bit like a person took vacation from himself. Then a ghost comes to direct his body and mind. That’s where gaps in memory come from."

If a patient seldom is himself, he most often leaves control over his body and mind to several ghosts simultaneously. In extreme cases ghosts take over full control over a body excluding its owner. Everything depends on the level of possession. Either way one person can be possessed by tens of ghosts! A lot depends also on his environment. If it is friendly and supportive, a patient has bigger chance to stay healthy. If he is left alone with his problem if people disbelieve what he’s saying, the possession can tighten its grip.

"In order to clearly present the problem of split personality I usually compare human body to a ship at sea", Wanda Pratnicka explains. "A mentally healthy person is like a captain at his ship. He stands at the rudder neatly avoiding all dangers. Such a captain doesn’t let unwanted passengers aboard. He always knows where he is and where to direct his boat.

There is another kind of a captain though. He seldom stands at the rudder leaving his ship to drift through the ocean mostly because he is full of fear. He also lets unwanted passengers aboard, where they can do what they want. A schizophrenic is like a ship full of passengers – ghosts without a captain at the bridge. A captain can stay aboard all the way, but his passengers, ghosts, won’t let him take the rudder." The passengers (ghosts) may not even know the captain is there, they may not even know about other ghosts present. Sometimes they all want to take the rudder at the same time and fight for it. When that takes place, the schizophrenic shows intense symptoms of madness. If only his ghosts recede a bit, the captain (man possessed) decides to take control over the rudder and these are times when a person seems to be cured. He can even get a permission to leave psychiatric ward. But these are times when his ghosts are on vacation and they will surely come back to dominate him. There is a chance though that in that clearer phase of his disease he will realize what causes his problem and determines to take full control over his life. It often requires long conversations that are worth the effort. People who were denied the right to decide for themselves in their childhood are often victims of such possessions.

Experts are able to lead ghosts away from a body at a distance. Wanda Pratnicka firmly warns not to do exorcisms directly in the presence of a possessed person, since it often happens that a ghost attacks the exorcist. Working with ghosts at a distance is only possible with cooperation of divine Guidance though. It is also important to gain a ghost’s trust. It must feel it’s going to be much better after leaving to the other side.

If we knew of those invisible processes people wouldn’t have to suffer this miserable existence in psychiatric wards for years and sometimes for decades. When a man is frightened though, he opens a door of his soul and then what he is afraid of can easily get him. So whenever someone tells you he’s hearing voices, you should take it seriously. Unfortunately, nowadays even doctors and priests don’t listen, they think these are just conceits. A false sense of shame is also out of place here. "Possession can happen to anyone", Wanda Pratnicka says. "Especially those who help others are at risk".


Some People Invite Ghosts

During last decades as it is usually at the break of centuries it has become trendy to read about magical half-truths.

Out of curiosity or boredom people strive to open their "third eye", awaken their kundalini energy in order to get bigger satisfaction in sex or practice black magic often connected with evoking spirits.

One can compare what they do with a madman who without any former training tries to climb the toughest K2 wall, sits at the cockpit of a jet or practices tightrope walking high between the skyscrapers. The catastrophe is programmed. Such people can end up seriously ill in psychiatric wards suffering from delusions, hopeless, feeling they will never get a chance for a normal life again in this incarnation.

Spiritual world is ruled by certain laws as much as physical world. No one would believe he could jump from the Eiffel Tower and survive. In the subtle world however many ignorant people take on such mad journeys. In order to use such powers as kundalini energy or clairvoyance in the past, one needed to go through a long and hard training to become a student, often far from any civilization, obeying his Master and even that couldn’t guarantee him success.

Even those methods which appear harmless have their traps if one cannot use them properly. Wanda Pratnicka says, "A woman heard of a healer, liberating people from their diseases with his energy even if they were living on different continents. She booked his service for her husband who had cancer. During those sessions she would sit along the energetic line to draw some of the healing energy for herself as a stowaway. What happened next? Her husband didn’t get better, on the contrary, his condition got much worse while she was falling into madness. Suddenly this woman began to see people’s auras, and also their bodies with all their illnesses inside. She got crazy and didn’t realize what was going on. She didn’t even know that her third eye was opened and whether she wanted it or not she would see people’s aura and their ailments.

This woman’s husband died at last and she ended up in a mental institution till the rest of her life. Obviously, not only those two were unaware how energies could influence them. Even the healer wasn’t trained enough nor sensitive enough to see the problem and stop in time what was going on."

Many people under psychiatric treatment turn to Wanda Pratnicka for help. Their suffering had started when they tried Reiki, played with tarot cards, took part in some magical rituals or seances thinking it was completely harmless. All those processes can be interrupted by very negative subtle beings who hurt naive people, steal their energy or possess them.

In case of serious changes of character after a close one dies, such a person can be possessed by a ghost.

Esoteric science is not to be played with. It doesn’t help that mass media present evoking spirit as a harmless enjoyment for amateurs of such adventures. Such knowledge requires we use it for better understanding of reality and ourselves. It should help us to better love God, other people and ourselves, because we did understand the meaning of our existence on the earth. Ignorant people out of sheer curiosity, explore the areas that – when you’re not altruistic and cannot recognize things properly – are even more dangerous than tightrope walking at highest altitudes.

Their fall is almost certain when they use those practices to manipulate others and get power over external world.

So beware of courses that promise you quick initiation, immediate healing or even the opening of the third eye. Some people are desperate to see elves, fairies and angels, but negative beings – ghosts dwelling in many places for which they won’t be able to close their spiritual sight – will always evoke repulsion and fear. In most cases people who were touched this way would give everything for their spiritual eyes to be closed again, but unfortunately it is not possible anymore.

Even professionals are not in some cases immune to possession. Wanda Pratnicka used to know a very good foreign healer, who came to live in Poland. They became friends. One day this woman disappeared without saying goodbye. Wanda Pratnicka saw her again after a year at the healers meeting. The former beautiful woman became a wreck, her body was unnaturally cringed, she could barely stand on her own legs. She told Wanda, she had left psychiatric ward just for a short time and she needed to get back there. Wanda Pratnicka understood this woman was attacked by ghosts.

"As soon as I came back home, I started to work on cleansing her", Wanda relates. "Although the ghost was a very strong one, it left quite quickly. I couldn’t wait to get news from my friend. Doctors usually notice my interventions after a short time, since their patients suddenly become normal. It was so in hundreds of cases. And after a few days I met my friend at the street. She was healthy and stood straight." They embraced and the woman told Wanda what had happened to her. A year before a seriously ill man came to her. Instead of directing him to a more experienced healer, she tried to cure him herself. "You told me so many times that one shouldn’t try to purify a person at his presence, but I didn’t obey. It happened in the blink of the eye. I knew at once, that I got possessed but I couldn’t do anything."

The woman’s husband didn’t believe her, he didn’t listen when she asked him to call Wanda immediately. Finally, she lost her senses and the husband sent her to a psychiatric ward for almost a year. She got injections and shock treatment there. It was only after her husband saw how quickly Wanda had helped his wife get back to "normal", he understood his mistake and the fact that if he had listened to her in the first place, she wouldn’t have to suffer that long. All this happened to the woman though she had been a successful healer for many years back. Such energies cannot be played with! The healer said afterwards that it had happened to her because she lacked humility while dealing with esoteric science.

Wanda Pratnicka warns everyone who think that out of curiosity, boredom or even hidden need to get power they can reach for magical practices. She emphasizes that "every man who wants to go deeper into the arcana of spiritual laws, must not only be psychically balanced but also just. If he goes this way even the smallest dishonesty will turn back to him as a lightning bolt. Everything that went without punishment before is going to be punished now. It is often the "masters" of different schools, tarot tellers, fortune tellers, practitioners of energy medicine and exorcists that come to me for help because they had forgotten this law." It is also another reason for which esoteric spiritual knowledge should never be forced on people who don’t want it. Knowledge makes them more responsible and everyone should be ready to take such responsibility. Otherwise it will become also our guilt.


Autism Coming from Possession

In case of autistic children who withdraw into themselves, the cause may be a dead person, that keeps them imprisoned energetically in their own world.

Autism is relatively new phenomena that is spreading all over the world as though epidemics. Of many possible reasons ZeitenSchrift wrote. Wanda Pratnicka adds a new one, she learnt as of everything else from her experience. Her first meeting with an autistic child was a five-year old Bernard who couldn’t talk but was hooting like an owl. He was running all around, so excited that he didn’t pay attention to anything. Bernard didn’t react to toys, animals nor doctors who tried everything to reach him. He was awake for twenty hours a day and when he finally got to sleep, it was just for a few minutes, then he was awake again. The boy needed to be cared for night and day.

"I thought this constant awakening could be caused by a ghost", Wanda Pratnicka says. Her suspicions proved to be right. "The child was possessed by a powerful ghost." It was born normal. The first symptoms of autism showed when he was about one and a half year old. His parents didn’t remember anyone in their family who died at this time. As soon as they had left, Wanda Pratnicka started to work on purification of the boy and his parents could see a big change in his behavior on the way home. Bernard started to behave like a normal child although he didn’t take any psychotropic drugs that day. He curiously looked from the car windows, even pointing something. This was the first night when Bernard slept through, and on the next day he behaved different. "It seemed he saw everything for the first time in his life. He was calm, interested and curious."

"The boy absorbed like a sponge everything he was missing his whole life", says his mother. But a few days later Bernard fell into his usual "autistic" condition again. Wanda Pratnicka determined that the cause of his problems was his grand grandfather, who had lost his memory after an unfortunate fall and didn’t regain it till the moment of his death. Every time the grand grandfather was managed to be led away, the boy started to behave normal; but when the ghost would come back, Bernard would fall into autism. This struggle lasted for a few months.

After some time, it was Bernard himself who started to signalize his mother when his grand grandfather would come. Wanda suggested her to talk to the grandfather and showed her how to do it. Every evening, when Bernard fell asleep she asked her grandfather why he didn’t want to pass to the other side making her son suffer. At first he didn’t answer, then she heard only him cursing, but one day the answer came at last. "I’m not doing Bernard any harm, you stupid cow, we are just playing together". He insisted that he didn’t do anything wrong to the child, and since they both didn’t want anybody to disturb them, the boy didn’t say anything. These conversations lasted for a few weeks. Wanda Pratnicka was regularly leading the ghost away, and the breaks between his returns were growing longer. When the boy went to kinder garden, his grand grandfather decided to go to the Light. Bernard is in the third grade now and he is not any different from his peers.

From that time on Wanda Pratnicka has cleansed many autistic people from all over the world. "Parents of a child from Canada I used to help informed me, that a scientist chose their child’s case as a subject of his PhD thesis and described it as regressive autism." The parents lacked the courage to tell him it was possession and that it was exorcisms and not drugs and medicine that solved the problem." In all of those cases doctors couldn’t explain why one child got better while the other didn’t. Wanda Pratnicka sees one more reason for the lack of success – she is often confronted by parents who don’t want their child to become normal, since they got used to their roles or they don’t want to resign from taking care of the handicapped child because of the financial help they get. That’s why parents should remember, that children can also be possessed by ghosts of the dead. If a child begins to show unexpected big changes in character – all the time or in intervals – it is possible that it got possessed. Wanda Pratnicka has got a lot to tell in that matter. Whenever she managed to liberate a little rascal from a ghost, such a child would immediately behave in a completely new way. Wanda Pratnicka noticed a similar phenomenon in case of street gangs and hooligans. They are usually also under the influence of evil ghosts.


Summoning Ghosts

During the last decades many people have started to summon ghosts out of boredom or just "for fun". "Those people don’t realize they are playing with matches in a barn full of hay", the Polish exorcist warns "I know such cases from my own practice when all participants of seances would faint after summoning a ghost; they were so electrified, as if a lightning bolt struck them." In a military unit half of a squad was sent to a military hospital, and some soldiers even to a psychiatric ward after that, where they were treated for five more years. "In the past the knowledge of the astral world was passed from generation to generation of the chosen ones. They were being taught how to summon ghosts, but what’s even more important, how to lead them away to the other side world. Summoning ghosts is very easy, they are everywhere and they will come gladly if only we invite them. However, if a ghost that we evoke doesn’t come, a hundred of other ghosts wait to take his place. But leading them away is an art that requires huge abilities", Pratnicka explains. "If you take advantage of ghosts they will make you suffer as a revenge. Ghosts should be respected too. Such a suffering is not "just a lesson, it causes serious consequences that can last to the end of our life."

Children and adolescents like to summon ghosts in order to feel a little excitement in their rather boring everyday life and their parents don’t have any idea what they do. In one case a few boys used to meet in a school’s bathroom during breaks and once after a history lesson they summoned a ghost of Hitler. Some other time it was a ghost of a late chemist, who was supposed to help them do homework for chemistry class. They continued the practice at home in secret, and afterwards got serious problems with learning, health, concentration and even behavior.

If a child once bright becomes apathetic and looses interests in everything, the reason could be possession due to summoning ghosts. "Such fun can end in a hospital and even in a psychiatric ward. Consequences depend on a ghost that possessed a child. If it was a ghost of a drug-addict, the child unexpectedly becomes interested in taking drugs." Addiction can be cured only when such a child gets liberated from a possessing ghost. Another symptom of being possessed is also the fact that a child suddenly begins to curse and steal, provoking fights, drinking alcohol and in extreme cases attacks its parents with a knife – a case Wanda Pratnicka experienced personally. "Every sudden change can be a sign that ghosts possessed our child. The same is true for adults."

During a meeting of healers, a thin 15-year-old boy asked our exorcist if she could help him and his girlfriend. They both looked "more dead than alive". They would wander around cemeteries at night participating orgies that were taking place there. Those two kids together with the group of twenty other young people began to summon ghosts at cemeteries. These are places filled with ghosts of the dead. After the third seance some teenagers noticed they were not themselves anymore. Under a pressure they started to do things they didn’t want to do. These were children from so-called good homes, where they had an orderly life.

The whole matter quickly got out of control. For cemeteries are full of ghosts that believed they can calmly rest there till the Day of Judgment. That is why they stayed there after their funerals. It was only after some time that they realized how awfully they were mistaken. That aroused anger among them, but they felt bonded to cemeteries not knowing how to leave earthly plane. "Many ghosts feel unimaginable rage and despair", Wanda Pratnicka tells us. So they used those young people’s bodies, possessed them and forced to desecrate graves and crosses.

It could be hard to imagine how someone could do it while being in the nonphysical realm, although it often happens. Those youngsters, children really, were literally harassed by groups of discarnate beings.

This is why a boy turned to Wanda Pratnicka with those words, "You have to help us as fast as possible before they know it." The children involuntarily changed into Satanists, who desecrated graveyards, while in reality they were just helpless victims caught in the claws of their spooky torturers. For that reason, keep far from summoning ghosts even if you do it just to find the money hidden by your late grandfather!

Among the Polish elite members once happened an unbelievable thing. A group of educated and wealthy people were "playing" with summoning ghosts just out of boredom. After a few seances wives of those rich men became totally dependent on that activity. One of them asked an alleged ghost of her grandmother about the future of her family. What she heard frightened everyone that was present there.

The woman run out and drove to the other end of Poland to take her son from a private school. They got into the car and drove another few hundred kilometres back to Wanda Pratnicka’s house. At four in the morning the exorcist heard a doorbell. There were three people outside looking as if they were freezing to death, shouting their child’s life is in danger, and that the exorcist needed to let them in. It was a winter night but their clothes were soaked with water. The reason for that was that they would pour water on themselves not to fall asleep during the long drive. The exorcist put the boy to bed, but when his parents heard about it they got mad. The alleged ghost of the woman’s grandmother had told them the child would live as long as it didn’t fall asleep! How could she let him sleep? But the exorcist didn’t let them to be caught in panic. Obviously, after a few hours of sound sleep, the boy woke up good and healthy.

His parents not only believed in a lame ghost’s joke, they got also deluded concerning the future of their family. The "grandmother" sternly ordered to immediately demolish the family’s business building. She said it was the only way to break the horrible curse thrown on their family that was just beginning to fulfill. Now, since their son hasn’t died according to a "prophecy", the woman said, "So maybe we could save the building too". Not informing her husband she had already ordered to demolish it. How is it possible that someone having both feet on the ground could become so possessed to almost ruin the family business he was developing for years just because a ghost told him so?

Wanda Pratnicka says, "The were successful people because they trusted themselves, their intuition and they acted according to it. Since they took part in seances their inner compass lost the ability to guide them. Trusting ghosts, they gave their own fate into their hands. They didn’t see a reason to question what they told them."

Unfortunately, many participants of such seances worship all the rubbish that ghosts say. "A ghost confronted with such naivety can pretend to be someone’s relative just to make fun of the participants of a séance like they play at the cost of ghosts that should be left in peace. The fact that the ghost answers our questions", Wanda Pratnicka says, "means nothing. It is very easy for the ghost which sees our thoughts and more or less knows what we want to hear, which answer would satisfy us most or frightens us. But ghosts don’t know answers to really deep questions. Only God knows them. If we don’t ask Him, we never get to know the truth."

Wanda Pratnicka discovered that a ghost who tortured those people had possessed the woman a few weeks before and regularly haunted her. He got to know what she was most afraid of and so started to manipulate her, showing her worst fears as a vision of future. Afterwards it praised itself, that it was the best fun he had for a long time. Wanda Pratnicka emphasizes that a ghost, no matter who it pretends to be, cannot give us higher perspective on life or future. A man is the author of his own fate. Ghosts can frighten us with our worst imaginings, that can even lead to their realization in life, because our feelings and thoughts have creative power.


Wandering Thoughts Cause Illness

To what extent we create our world with our thoughts we can see on example of a mother who liked to walk along cemetery lines together with her wonderful, perfectly healthy children. There we three small graves there and the more often this woman would pass them with her kids, the worse she felt. How could she have healthy children while so many others were suffering and dying so soon? One day, when they were crossing children’s cemetery she told her own how lucky they were being alive and healthy. The next day, one of them felt nauseous, fainted and had to be taken by an ambulance.

After they got home the second child fell into an unknown disease. Only the oldest boy looked still healthy. Their mother was exhausted taking care of the other two. Nevertheless she seemed relieved. She didn’t feel guilty that her children were healthy at last.

She could also feel as miserable and suffering as other mothers who had to bury their children. Wanda Pratnicka saw that her children’s illness was due to possession by many ghosts present then at the graveyard. When she cleansed those little ones, they got better. The ghosts would come back though after a few hours, bringing illness with them. They we returning because the mother transferred her guiltiness to the children.

The oldest son understood what was going on. "When my mother said we should be sorry that we were healthy, I thought no, I won’t feel that way because I would die. I didn’t want to die. But my brother and sister obeyed Mommy and so now they are very ill."

The mother stubbornly kept to her convictions even when Wanda Pratnicka explained she harmed her children and so she must send them healthy and positive thoughts to blank out ghosts. The woman wanted to suffer, she wanted to experience illness and poverty in her religiously delusional wrong conviction that she gets some kind of blessing for her heroic "bearing the cross". A few years passed. "The children don’t even rise from their beds, they vegetate, don’t talk to anyone. Their mother cares about them alone, since her husband took the healthy son and moved to another part of Poland, to save him from the same fate. Isn’t it unbelievable what extent can egoism take?"

Everything we do, say, think, feel or want creates our future. It concerns as much an individual and a whole nation. Let us not, during this time of fear confronting Covid-19 be taken by this monster! Let us resist it with unshaken optimism saying that Unity of even one man with God is stronger than anything else and that God’s vision for humanity is a new Golden Age of Faith for the man to live and work in harmony with nature ascending to his inborn divinity. For our future will let us become gods one day. The power of thought and feelings is bigger than we imagine. Let us use them and act according to them!


How to Cast off Ghosts that I Summoned?

The best way to protect ourselves from ghosts is not giving them the chance to trespass our aura. These are not becoming addicted to cigarettes, marijuana, pornography, alcohol, not mentioning hard drugs. You can protect yourself also by not watching horror movies and other frightening films. Our fear is the door leading to negative forces and beings.

First of all, however we must have a strong will, a need to liberate from evil energies or beings together with consciousness that thanks to our divine presence I Am we are always stronger than those beings coming from a land of shadow. It is sometimes helpful to talk with love to our dead ones telling them they got lost and that they are going to have much more beautiful existence in Light above those low negative spheres; that guiltiness and shame are harmful emotions because they bind a man to the plane of fear and falls. Both the "possessing" and the "possessed" have the power to leave the crisis behind any moment and choose the existence filed with love, power and wisdom.

If anyone feels strong enough to liberate other people from destructive ghosts, they should certainly adjust to Wanda Pratnicka’s advice, never to lead ghosts away in the presence of a possessed one. Otherwise it can easily happen that a ghost that got liberated will enter the "exorcist".


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