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Radiance Magazine, Los Angeles, January - February 2016 


For more than forty-five years you have helped tens of thousands of people around the world. How would you describe yourself and what you do, Wanda?

I am a psychologist, parapsychologist, spiritual teacher and book author. People also refer to me as a lay exorcist and healer. I had psychic skills from birth. I saw and knew things others couldn't see and know. In the beginning, I never thought of becoming an exorcist. However, all my life people of all ages have come to me for help, comfort, understanding, and advice. Today, I am a therapist for ghosts or entities, if you will, and for people. They both need the same care, understanding and the same dose of love. I help ghosts who are ready now but who were undecided after death to pass through to the other side of death's curtain. These ghosts or entities who don't know what to do with themselves I help them come to a decision.

What is an exorcism?

An exorcism is about freeing people from ghosts or entities, but often it is the other way around, freeing a ghost/entity from a living person. Looking from the outside at an exorcism performed by me, you would see it's about breaking a bond, or breaking chains with which two souls (alive and dead) are welded to each other. It's also about bringing a soul to the Light who doesn't have a physical body. Many things create this bond - feelings of guilt, unresolved matters, lack of or unwillingness to forgive, similarity of interests, common addictions, etc.

Who are ghosts/entities?

Ghosts or entities are people who have physically died, but haven't yet passed to the other side of a death curtain to Light. They overlooked their death and wander among the living.

How can we overlook our death?

It is easy to overlook one's death, since after the death of the physical body literally nothing changes for us. We still live as we did in our physical life, seeing, hearing, and feeling in the same way. Because religion often tells us something happens to us after death, we associate death with a corpse lying stiff and insentient. However, since we still can hear, feel, smell after death -we are in a shock, thinking we probably imagined our death. Even if you had a terminal disease or were very old and aware of your impending death, you would probably still doubt you had died after it happened. It's even possible to commit suicide and doubt you have died. Most souls think: "I probably recovered or a miracle happened and I didn't die." Unfortunately, this happens in most cases.

In your book you wrote that ghosts/entities can attach themselves to the living which could result in the tragic consequences for both parties. How can we recognize when someone is under the influence of a ghost/entity?

There are many symptoms and they are all listed and described in detail on my website. They occur individually or in groups. Sometimes a spirit/entity attachment is barely noticeable (although loved ones are often able to see a change in the possessed person's behavior), and sometimes it is very intense - the person is unable to function. Everything depends on the person's sensitivity and what type of spirit/ entity is attached to them. Symptoms could be in the form continuous or regular headaches and/or abdominal pains, constant tiredness, exhaustion despite an adequate amount of sleep, a feeling of heaviness, constant apathy inclusive of depression, unjustified fears (from small to great), mental noise, rapid or changeable moods, a lack of control over emotions, and even financial problems. Serious physical illnesses could also occur (depending of the cause of the possessing ghost's death) and/or mental illness. Sometimes spirit/entity attachment would "only" manifest itself through constant waking up at night (insomnia), sensing someone's presence or pressure to do various things.

You don't need to have direct contact with a possessed person. All you need is their first and last name, address and date of birth to lead away a ghost/entity attached to them. How can exorcism perform in such a way and be effective?

For me, as an exorcist as well as for ghosts/entities, time and space don't exist. When I want to talk to a ghost it does not matter where it is - in the next room, a block away, or on another continent. I have the same contact with it as if it were sitting right across from me. Because I can perform exorcisms with the same effect or even better from a distance, I stopped performing them next to the possessed person. It is a safe, stress-free method for my client and myself. My clients are people from around the world and, in this way, I spare them stress, time and money if they had to travel to see me. Personal details can be provided to me in various ways - via email, phone, letter or fax. I successfully have performed thousands of exorcisms at distance and have proof it worked. My clients feel the effect of my work by feeling relieved. They often tell me it feels as if I have taken away a heavy burden they have carried, sometimes for many, many years.

How often do you deal with cases of spirit/entity attachment and who is the most at risk to become possessed?

I deal often with cases of spirit/entity attachment. Some statistics report one out of every 12 people has an entity attached; other statistics claim entity attachment is even more common. Entity attachments are more frequent in pathological communities-entity attachment concerns every member of such communities yet in conscious families, entity attachment concerns single members. One can get entity attached at any age; it doesn't matter if it is a child, adult, or elderly person. It doesn't have anything to do with sex, education level, or social status. Everyone can get entity attached to them. Both men and women of all professions, including actors, professors, doctors, judges, politicians, priests, nuns, students, and homemakers turn to me for help.

Your first book Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in the XXI Century became a bestseller in your homeland Poland shortly after its first publication and has been published in many languages. What motivated you to write this book?

My clients motivated me to write this book. It is a reply to the endless questions asked by people who turn to me for help. They often believe things which have happened to them are unique and only happened to them. They wonder why they are suffering so much. They think maybe they did something bad and are being punished. Or maybe it's a curse or black magic. I also wanted to, at least in part, soften people's fear of death, and teach them to not detain those who have died, but allow them to depart in peace and most of all, after they leave their physical body, to fully consciously and trustingly direct themselves towards the Light, into the hands of a loving God. I wish everyone this with all my heart.


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