Understanding Anger and How it Harms You


Common Ground, San Francisco, April 2017

Understanding Anger and How it Harms You

Anger can be highly destructive. This is not just for the person who is having anger unleashed upon them, but also for the person getting angry. Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. independent scholar and book author, teaches that anger can be the root cause of illnesses, mental disorders and spirit attachments.

Dr. Pratnicka is a particularly gifted therapist who has the ability to see if you have spirits attached to you. She is also able to remotely lead away the spirit. This is a remarkably common occurrence and has little in common with the way it is portrayed in most horror films.

In her bestselling book Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in the 21st Century, Dr. Pratnicka explains that if you have a spirit attached, you may be suffering from anxiety, depression, deep emotional pain, low energy levels, a long-term physical symptom, major illness or psychological disorders. Spirits can be the cause of lack of harmony at home, problems in relationships and unexplainable medical disorders that the doctors cannot diagnose with scientific tools. Spirit attachment is one of the most unknown, controversial, misunderstood, and disregarded form of energetic and spiritual illnesses. Most people who suffer due to spirit attachment believe that the things that have happened to them are unique and resist talking about it fearing they may be perceived as mentally ill.

How then do these spirits attach? Anger is one of the many reasons which she described in her book Possessed by Ghosts. Dr. Pratnicka explains that anger is a ‘low-resonating’ emotion which allows spirits to get attached because it opens a kind of energetic doorway. Spirits often attached to people already short of energy or unconscious, for example: sleep deprived, overworked, under influence of alcohol or drugs, under anesthesia etc. Once inside of a person’s energy field these lower levels spirits intensify the symptoms.

This idea is easy to explain but can be challenging to practice. I went through a cleansing with
Dr. Pratnicka, and I found that I was suddenly free from the anxiety, depression and emotional outbursts that had plagued me intermittently for many years.

It is possible that aggressive behavior is really the behavior of a spirit which is attached, whether it is an abusive spouse, mood swings or alcohol-fuelled rages. There are stories of people who have no desire to act disrespectfully towards their family, let alone become abusive, but it is the spirit which is driving them to act that way. Most people don’t know that they have something attached to them. Therefore, it is always worth to check whether negative symptoms are caused by presence of spirits. If there is a spirit problem, neither therapies nor drugs will be effective to treat what we are struggling with.


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