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Covid - The Fear of Dying

January 23, 2022


The reality of the last two years has been marked by a constant barrage of information about the spread of a disease that could bring death. This news has been, and continues to be, a major part of newscasts around the world. The planet has been gripped by reports that, for most people, evoke images of dying, either personally or those of loved ones.


Understanding Our Fear of Death

The fear of death is the most deep-seated fear that exists. It touches directly on our deepest motivations. Unfortunately, for many this motivation is the survival instinct -- the fight to maintain physical life. This instinct manifests itself in the vast majority of our daily activities - when we go to work to earn a living, when we mine the earth's treasures without looking at the damage we are doing to Mother Earth, when we argue with our neighbors about who is the owner of the pears on the tree standing on the border of our property. This instinct, or fear of death, is one of the main components of the daily battle that many of us fight.


Realms Beyond the Physical Body

We forget that our physical body is only one of many bodies that we have. This is evidenced by the fact that we are able to function normally even when, for some reason, we lose our physical body. At that point, we move on to a higher vibration body, which is our *astral body (or, our emotional body).

For most, life on the astral level lasts a very long time and is marked by an inconceivably greater level of freedom than that which we experience in the physical body. There is no need to eat, sleep, work, find shelter, dress according to the season, and other burdensome things.

Then, when the astral body no longer serves us, we pass into the body of our thoughts (or, the mental body – the so-called heaven), and then into the causal body -- from where we return to incarnation.

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*Picture of the various bodies


Unfortunately, most of us do not have such awareness. We have not yet gained absolute certainty or evidence that such further life exists for us. The physical world is the only reality available to most of us. Although this is changing as more and more people are receiving internal evidence of the existence of life after the departure of the physical body, the majority still react with fear when confronted with the death of the physical body. Previously, the only such occasions were the passing of someone we knew. The pain that occurred then was most often not the suffering from the loss of a loved one, but the suffering that came from the idea that, like them, our physical body will one day pass away from physical reality.

Connecting the Dots Between Fearing Death and Spirit Attachment

Some people are simply unable to embrace the opportunity to pause and reflect. Therefore, they tend to live in a constant state of anxiety and panic.

This naturally creates a very unfavorable situation. As we’ve discussed, surrounding ourselves with any negative emotion inevitably brings destructive results. If such anxiety is constantly with us, it will powerfully attract to us anxiety of the same kind. We will, therefore, attract beings who are very afraid of death and dying. And among the spirits of dead people there are countless who are afraid of this, paradoxically, because these beings have already gone through the transformation called death. Unfortunately for many of them nothing has changed, many of them do not even know that they have already died physically. They are still afraid of understanding that their physical body is already dead.

If we fear death, and it is the strongest fear of physical man, then we will very strongly attract the souls of dead people who fear the same thing. Spirits fear this much more strongly than we do, because the emotions of the astral/emotional world are much stronger than those we experience in the physical world. Therefore, for many of us, a spiral of ever deepening state of fear / panic is created. This leads to a wave of possession by the spirits of the dead with all the suffering that possession entails. You can read about the consequences of possession by spirits aka spirit attachment here.


Reframing Our Fears in Light of COVID-19

Now, for the past two years, the fear of death has been an integral part of our daily experience. The negative aspects of this are obvious. But what too many fail to notice are the benefits that come from living a life that forces us to come face to face with our fear of physical death.

When facing our physical mortality, we gain the opportunity to reflect deeply on the reality in which we live. We stop rushing ahead blindly in search of the next thing to buy or accomplish. As we’re reminded of the fact that the physical body is not eternal, we are given the chance to stop and reflect on the purpose of time on earth. What is it that we need to do and learn here? Generally speaking, we are to learn love, but I will not go into this topic in depth in this post due to the immensity of its volume.

The chance to stop and reflect is one of the best things that could have happened to us as humanity. It is the only way to complete freedom from fear and, consequently, freedom from all suffering. Those who move in this very direction feel that they are afraid less and less. Moreover, they feel increasingly certain of the existence of higher dimensions.


*Want to learn more about astral and mental bodies? We recommend to read Wanda Pratnicka's book “In the Wheel of Life” Vol.2 

How to overcome the fear of death?  We recommend to read Wanda Pratnicka’s book “Know the Truth and Be Free”.






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