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A note from the author about "The Know the Truth and Be Free":

I am addressing this book to everyone irrespective of race or religion because one day we will all deal with our own or someone else's death. We should adequately prepare for this event, especially when we are sick, elderly or have someone in our family who is rapidly approaching the transition we call "death". If you have lost a loved one and have been grieving then this book is perfect for you. The wisdom contained here will also help you to heal from past traumatic experiences that followed the passing of loved ones. Most people fear death. Do you realize that the fear of death is the cause for most, if not all, misfortunes in this world? It is not caused by death itself, but rather from a lack of information on this subject. Therefore, knowledge about death while you are alive is as important as the air that you breathe. By familiarizing yourself with this text you will stop living your life with constant frustration. If on a deep level of your being you adapt to guidance from this book, you will get rid of your fear of death once and for all. And having rid yourself of this fear you will begin to make different, more conscious choices. Then it's not out of the question that you will become amazingly wise and happy.






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