Looking for love in wrong places

Are You Seeking Love in All the Wrong Places?


We deeply crave human love. We want to be desired or adored by others. However, life often shows us that the more desperately we seek love, the less we receive it. My friend recently experienced this firsthand. Today, I will share her story and show you how she dealt with the emptiness in her heart due to the lack of love.


A Troubled Relationship

My friend went on vacation with her husband, brother, and mother. Her relationship with her mother had been tumultuous for most of her life. As a child, her mother often left her, broke promises, was greedy, and even kicked her out of the house several times. Despite the pain inflicted during her childhood, my friend, now an adult and independent, managed to forgive her mother. They maintained contact, met occasionally, but their relationship was more diplomatic than warm.

After returning from vacation, my friend was filled with resentment and anger towards her mother. During the vacation, her mother continuously complimented her husband and brother, expressing pride, admiration, and love for them. My friend waited for her mother to acknowledge her, to appreciate her achievements, but it never happened. As we talked and analyzed her emotions, it became clear that beneath her desire to be noticed lay a deep longing to be loved by her mother. She felt that she had never received her mother's unconditional love, the kind of love a mother has for her child, willing to sacrifice everything. She desperately wanted someone to love her intensely, and who better than her own mother?


daughter and mother realtionship


Are You Seeking Love in All the Wrong Places?

Have you ever gone through a similar situation? Have you ever longed for someone's love, a kind word, a kiss? Maybe you desired it for years, or even your whole life, and the person never showed love. What follows is immense pain that can affect many areas of our lives.

We often blame the other person and fail to realize that the problem lies within us (as it was with my friend). First and foremost, we should never expect or rely on someone else's love, regardless of who they are—mother, grandfather, sister, husband, child, friend, etc. We mistakenly think that because someone is our relative, they SHOULD love us. We impose roles on them that they do not have to fulfill.

Every human is just that—a human. None of us are perfect; many live in significant ignorance. This makes people generally unstable. They can love us and be willing to sacrifice their lives for us one day, and hate us the next. If we are dependent on human love, pain will often accompany it because people are unpredictable and carry many unresolved traumas. Thus, our task is never to depend on others for our well-being. Our attitude should be: "If they love me, that's fine; if they don't, that's fine too." We approach this neutrally, without expectations.


The Power of Self-Reliance

Notice how much you gain with this approach. No quarrels, no resentment, anger, or sadness. You are not a slave to anyone. It brings you immense freedom and incredible strength.

Do not expect love from others, but give as much love and compassion as you can. I know your ego will tell you it is unfair because living in a capitalist country teaches us that there is always "something for something." However, in the spiritual world, it is the opposite—give, give, give, and expect nothing in return. The universe is very fair, and you have probably heard that what you send out will return to you multiplied.

I would also like to mention that our task is to get closer to God. By loving God and deeply trusting Him, we know that His love is sufficient for us. We are constantly surrounded by His love, and once we open up to His love, we will no longer crave human love, which pales in comparison to divine love.


god loves you2


Please do not misunderstand me: I do not condemn human love. It is beautiful to see two people in love. But it must be True Love that expects nothing in return, that does not seek fulfillment, self-worth, financial benefits, escape from loneliness, etc., in the other person. It does not serve as an antidote to our fears.

If you have never received love from your parents, spouse, child, or friend, I hope that after reading this article, you understand that expecting love from another person always leads to suffering. It is a prison you created and entered yourself. However, the door is always open, and you can walk out whenever you decide that divine love is the most important. God will always love you, whether you want it or not, whether you think of yourself as a good person or not. His love is always within you, and without it, you wouldn’t even be able to take your next breath.



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