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Are You Struggling with Tough Decisions in Life?


Sometimes, life places us in situations where we're unsure of which decision to make. It often seems that no matter what choice we make, either we will suffer, or someone else will. In today’s post, we will provide some tips on how to navigate life’s tough decisions. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will have more clarity and peace of mind about which path to take.


Are You Struggling with Tough Decisions in Life?

If you consider yourself a "spiritual" person, you likely strive to avoid hurting others. You may even prefer to suffer yourself rather than let another person suffer. This mindset can lead to situations where you allow yourself to be exploited, manipulated, or deceived. Such behavior may have been learned from your parents, especially your mother, as women are often more inclined to sacrifice themselves than men. Additionally, you might have adopted this from religion, which frequently instills the belief that we are sinners who must atone for our sins.

The most challenging decisions are often those that involve people we care about. We crave their love, acceptance, sex, money, and other forms of validation. Deep down, we often sense that they are not treating us fairly, but we choose to remain silent to avoid hurting them, to prevent them from thinking negatively about us, or worse, to stop them from leaving our lives.

We constantly hear about such situations from people who seek our help. For example, a son might drink and steal money from his mother, but the mother cannot bring herself to kick him out, fearing he will sever all contact with her. Any decision she makes seems wrong: either she loses contact with her son, or she pushes him further into addiction.


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True Spirituality and Self-Care

Being spiritual does not mean allowing others to walk all over us or do as they please with us. True spirituality requires firmness and taking care of our own well-being. People often confuse this with selfishness, but it is not the same. Our duty is to love ourselves and not allow anyone to harm us. If someone does harm us, we must look within to understand why we invite such suffering into our lives. The cause always lies within us, not outside.

There are times when we must show someone the unpleasant consequences of their actions. Understand that this is necessary because it is through these consequences and the resulting suffering that they learn they made a mistake and will think twice before repeating it. Otherwise, they might believe such behavior is acceptable and continue it thoughtlessly.

Similarly, when it comes to speaking the truth, even if we are directly asked, we often hide it to avoid hurting the other person. We say things like, "Oh, it's nothing, it doesn't matter, everything is fine." If our intuition tells us to share our feelings, we should definitely express them.

In such cases, many people may start to feel guilty. Guilt can tell us various stories: that we have hurt someone or that we are cruel. Please understand that guilt is a negative emotion and comes from the ego. Just as anger is toxic, so is guilt. Do not let it control you or guide your actions.


Maintaining Inner Peace

Guilt or any other strong negative emotions lower our vibrations and make us more susceptible to possession by spirits. It is precisely in those moments when we are highly stressed, constantly dwelling on the past or future instead of being present, that spirits can latch onto us and start stealing our energy. When people call us for help and we try to find out why spirits have attached to them, it often turns out that the symptoms of possession appeared when they were experiencing something tragic in their lives, and emotions took over.

Therefore, always strive to maintain a sense of peace within yourself. Also, before making a difficult decision, ensure that you feel calm inside. If you are overwhelmed by emotions such as regret, anger, a desire for revenge, or sadness, postpone making the decision until you have calmed down and rid yourself of these emotions. A decision made under the influence of negative emotions is usually a wrong decision.

When you are faced with a tough decision and every solution seems senseless, you can ask God for help at that moment. Simply turn to Him and say, "God, please resolve this matter in the best possible way for everyone involved." After saying these words, just trust that it will happen. Trust that God will take care of everyone and resolve the matter in the best possible way.



I hope the information in this post helps you in making difficult decisions. Know that whatever decision you make, God is always with you. Even if it turns out to be the “wrong” decision, you will face the consequences but become much wiser for it. Therefore, it is a win-win situation regardless of what you decide.



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